Sweet Sakura




M.BIRDIE – Miolla Look @ Kustom 9
Clothing & Accessories gacha, items rigged for Maitreya

Half-Deer – Forest Sonata @ The Arcade
Decor gacha

Rainbow Sundae – Ethereal Blush & Lashes @ Harajuku
Lash and blush appliers in 6 colours each


The Arcade: 1st September to 30th September – website – flickr 
Au Lovely – 10th to 24th September – flickr
Lootbox: 20th September to 20th October – website – flickr 

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Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
[theSkinnery] Francesca (Catwa Applier) milk // Collabor88
{S0NG} Glass Eyes // Lootbox 02 – Catwa Applier RARE // Lootbox
*Rainbow Sundae* Ethereal Blush CATWA – Add Me! // Harajuku
*Rainbow Sundae* Ethereal Lashes CATWA – Add Me! // Harajuku
*N*SakuraPetals on face #1 (lootbox) // Lootbox
*N*Sakura_Pipe #1 Rare // Lootbox
.TeaBunny. Dainty Star Choker – Onyx // Lootbox
220ML – Candy Sweet Shop – Unicorn Cupcake // The Arcade
e.marie // Crystal Headband // Au Lovely
`M.BIRDIE / Miolla look. Hair RARE // Kustom 9
`M.BIRDIE / Miolla look. Skirt5 Maitreya // Kustom 9
`M.BIRDIE / Miolla look. Top5 Maitreya // Kustom 9
Insomnia Angel . nail 5 // Au Lovely


Toiz. (7) babysky wall
brocante. vintage coupe (c/m/nt) / blush RARE // The Arcade
+Half-Deer+ Forest Sonata – Books (Light) x // The Arcade
e.marie // Catpack – White // The Arcade


A stolen moment




M.BIRDIE – Wendy Shirt @ Kustom 9
Shirt in two styles and 9 colours each, rigged for Maitreya, includes customisation HUD

Monso – My Hair Hyewon @ Collabor88
Unrigged mesh hair

LAQ – Rain Head @ Collabor88
Bento mesh head, matching skin appliers also available in 9 tones with or without brows


Collabor88: 8th August to 6th September – website – flickr
Whimsical – Open 18th August to 18th September – website – flickr


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CUREMORE/ Stellar Piercings / NOSE – Side Star
CUREMORE/ Stellar Piercings / NOSE – Star Septum
e.marie // Coffee Tumbler – Cafe
EF: Juno Necklace // Collabor88
LAQ Bento – Rain 3.05
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
ANATOMY – Swirl Eyes – Albino RARE OMEGA // Whimsical
*Rainbow Sundae* Gentle Brows LAQ – Add Me!
toksik – Selva Shorts (Maitreya) // Collabor88
[monso] My Hair – Hyewon // Collabor88
`M.BIRDIE / Wendy shirt v.1-8 Maitreya // Kustom 9


taikou / bamboo tree (cluster) // Collabor88
taikou / bamboo tree (single) // Collabor88
taikou / afternoon hideout // Collabor88
Stormwood: Fireflies ~ Natural
[noctis] Twigrune1 // Whimsical
[noctis] autumn candelstick 1 dark // Whimsical
[noctis] autumn candelstick 2 dark // Whimsical
[ keke ] light string white
{vespertine}thrift store bear planter – sansavieria
+Half-Deer+ The Mad Scientist’s Bird – Steel-Red
..::THOR::.. 8- The Broken Bicycle- ground version



A lovely mix of sweet and girly things for you today, starting with some pretty new hair from Blues called Yuki, a very sweet style with twin buns on top and the cutest fringe. You can find this hair at Lost & Found which has just opened for a new round. Also at Lost & Found you’ll find these awesome bunny glasses by Belle Epoque which come in a ton of pastel and bright colours.

My scarf with bunny head accessory is from the Muff with Bunnies gacha set by Naminoke, out now at Wayward Winter. There are black, white and pink versions to collect with six styles in each colour, mine is the white rare. The scarf is unrigged so you can fit it easily and the little bunny is so adorable.

Some décor from Wayward Winter to share with you too, the fabulous star projector and projector wall, kitty frame and standing books are by .tree, a new brand from Pr!tty creator, Karla Marama. There’s a lot more pieces to this set so make sure you check it out. The star with wrapped lights is by Atooly Home, also at the event.

Half-Deer are at this round of The Kawaii Project with the lovely Coming Up Roses set which includes the chair, dressing table, side table and rose garland you see in the picture. The garland comes in two versions and several colours and the furniture also comes in mint.

The pretty storage boxes are by Fancy Décor for Kustom 9, they come in lots of pretty colours and patterns and there are matching filing cabinets also available to kit out your SL office.

Moving on to The Epiphany, Amala have a lovely gacha set called The Minimalist Set, pieces I’m showing here are the vintage camera, be happy clipboard, mail basket, diaries pile (exclusive) and the cactus terrarium. Other pieces in the set are the rare desk and desktop computer, potted cactus, frames, heaters and drawers to name a few.

My white rabbit friends are from Cureless and Nefarious Inventions’ gacha, Alice in Monsterland. I don’t know how they manage to be cute and slightly evil at the same time but they do! The creatures in this set all come with a hold pose too so you can snuggle them ❤

One last new release to mention, the tall box and magic book by keke for Shiny Shabby. Elegant and beautiful in typical keke style, simple yet detailed with a touch of sparkle, these pretties are definitely must haves.

I’m wearing…

@ The Epiphany…
Zenith – Magic Lolita – Winter Coat Sky, Magic Book Bag Sky
Remarkable Oblivion – Wonderland – Rabbit Ears

@ Lost & Found…
Blues – Yuki Hair
Belle Epoque – Bunny Glasses – Blue

@ Wayward Winter…
Naminoke – Muff with Bunny – White #6 RARE

@ The Season’s Story…
An Lar Poses – The Fiona Series – Two

Coco – Doll Body, Doll Head 001D, Corset Piercing Legs White



@ The Kawaii Project…
Half-Deer – Coming Up Roses – Chair (White), Desk/Vanity Table (White), End Table (White), Garland A (Baby Pink)

@ Shiny Shabby…
keke – Magic Book, Tall Metal Box

@ Wayward Winter…
Atooly Home – White Star w/Wrapped Lights
.tree – Starfield Projector, Starfield Projection Wall, Lit Hanging Kitty Frame, Books

@ Kustom 9…
Fancy Décor – Storage Boxes – Flora, Geometric, Pink
Kalopsia – Bright ‘n’ Boho – Rug – Colours

@ The Epiphany…
Cureless & Nefarious Inventions – Alice in Monsterland – White Rabbit
Amala – The Minimalist Set – Vintage Camera, Be Happy Clipboard, Mail Basket, Cactus Terrarium, Diaries Pile

Haikei – Dusty White Skybox


Event Details…

The Epiphany – Open until 2nd February websiteflickr
Lost & Found – Open until 1st February – website – flickr
Wayward Winter – Open until 31st January websiteflickr
The Season’s Story – Open until 31st January websiteflickr
The Kawaii Project – Open until 10th February
Shiny Shabby – Open until 10th February
Kustom 9 – Open until 10th February




I have an absolute ton of fabulous decor to share with you today. Kalopsia are on fire this month and have lots of new releases including this lovely wooden house at Shiny Shabby. It’s a wonderfully quirky shape with a curtain door, stove and a ladder up to an upstairs platform. I’m also showing off their French Rustic Decor set at Lost & Found and the Rustic Dining Set at LTD: The Event.

Fancy Decor have also been busy, the screen cabinet you can see inside is at Shiny Shabby and the Cinder Block Stand at Lost & Found, this stand also comes in other colours.

Another item from Lost & Found is this fabulous fuzzy pouf by cinphul, part of the Fuzzy Collection which includes lots of other decor items such as lamps, a screen and vases. The pouf comes in light and dark versions and I just love how fluffy it looks!

I’m wearing yet another new head from Genesis Lab, this is the gorgeous Rita available at Kustom 9. This is a gacha head which comes in smile, open mouth and rare blinker versions. Other items in the machine are makeups, skins and freckles. I’m sure you’ll agree she’s a real beauty!

All my accessories today are from The Harvest Collection Gacha by Moon Elixir which is out now at The Fantasy Collective. I’m wearing the Acorn Choker, Autumn Leaves Crown, Beaded Pinecone Necklace, Branch Necklace and Mushroom Necklace. There’s even more pieces in the set that I’m not showing here and each piece is so beautifully crafted down to the smallest detail. You seriously won’t be disappointed with anything from this set so make sure you give it a whirl, it’s 50L a play and no rares!

I’m wearing…

Hands: Slink – Av Enhance Hands – Relaxed

Head: Genesis Lab – Rita (Kustom 9)

Ears: Mandala – Simple Elf Ears

Eyes: Ikon – Triumph Eyes – Apex

Hair: Pr!tty – Jezibelle – Blondes (Lost & Found)

Headdress & Necklaces: Moon Elixir – Harvest Collection (The Fantasy Collective)

Outfit: Dami – Knit n Undershirts Onepiece – #4 (Shiny Shabby)

Pup: Fawny – Happy Puppies – Sweet Puppy – Cream (The Season’s Story)

Pose: Kirin – Miki – Pose 5 (The Season’s Story)



House: Kalopsia – Old Wood House (Shiny Shabby)

Table, Flowers, Tin, Chair, Lamp, Pillow Cart, Ladder: Kalopsia – French Rustic Decor (Lost & Found)

Armchair, Bench, Table with Cloth: Kalopsia – Rustic Dining Set (LTD: The Event)

Cupboard (inside): Fancy Decor – Screen Cabinet (Shiny Shabby)

Rug: Fancy Decor – Sun-bleached Rug (Shiny Shabby)

Pouf: cinphul – Fuzzy Collection – Pouf – Lite (Lost & Found)

Deer: Nomad – Queer Deer (Gen-Neutral)

Lanterns, Wooden Pumpkin Decor: Death Row Designs – Halloween Decor Set (Lost & Found)

White Bench: Fancy Decor – Cinder Block Stand – White (Lost & Found)

Keys: keke – Skulls, Crowns & Keys – Nailed Keys & Key String (TAG! Gacha)

Pumpkin People: Coquette – Little Pumpkin Boy (Wayward Halloween)

Carved Pumpkins: Amala – The Seasons Gacha – Two Carved Pumpkins – Orange (The Epiphany)

Apple Barrel: Roawenwood – Season’s Harvest – Apple Barrel Deco – Mixed (The Season’s Story)

Fence with Bird: M.Law – Halloween Gacha – Fence (Wayward Halloween)

Doormat: Serenity Style – Not Every Witch – Doormat (Wayward Halloween)

Ribbons: anc – Sleepwarking – Ribbons – Cream RARE (Wayward Halloween)

Acorn Lights: A.D.D Andel – Acorn Lights (The Season’s Story)

Mail Sorter: Serenity Style – Mail Sorter (Gen-Neutral)

Leaves: Kalopsia – Leaves Floor **from Maple Hideaway set**

House (background): Mikunch – Garden House (Lost & Found)


Event Details…

The Fantasy Collective: Open until 15th November – websiteflickr

The Season’s Story: Open until 31st October – websiteflickr

Gen-Neutral: Open until 26th October – websiteflickr

TAG! Gacha: Open until 31st October – website flickr

Wayward Halloween: Open until 31st October – website – flickr

The Epiphany: Open until 12th November – website flickr

Kustom 9: Open until 10th November

Lost & Found: Open until 1st November

Shiny Shabby: Open until 10th November

LTD: The Event: Open until 26th October

A Rustic Halloween



Rainbow wonders if her shift will ever end…

Today I’m showing off the amazing Abandoned Morgue set from Sari-Sari for TAG! Gacha. This set is packed full of awesomely creepy decor and a rare skybox. I’m showing you all of the pieces here and you’ll find them listed below. The skybox is particularly cool with great texturing throughout. I also love the smaller decor pieces such as the bucket and broken trolley just behind me.

To complement my set I’ve thrown in some pieces from Death Row Designs’ Motel set, also for TAG! The camera, TV, phone, pin board and some of the desk items are from this set and I think you’ll agree they fit the setting really nicely. This is what I love so much about gacha events, they create endless possibilities for mixing and matching your decor down to the smallest detail.

I want to mention my outfit which is from M.Birdie Story, again, for TAG! (what an event!) This is part of their Halloween Costume set and I’m wearing the Nurse Costume with Convict Shoes. These outfits are excellent quality and super easy to wear with Maitreya with some alpha-ing. I love the bloody detail on the nurse outfit and to add to this I’ve used some pieces from Antielle’s High School of the Damaged set (TAG! again!) for some extra gore.

Other TAG! collections used in my photo are Clemmm’s Cornea Transplant, Cerberus Xing’s Heretic, Contraption’s The Mortician’s Personal Collection, Nefarious Inventions’ Turn and Cough, Deadwool’s Anatomy Model Set and 22769’s Abandoned Asylum.

I’m wearing…

Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V3.4

Skin: Random Matter – Brinley

Eyes: Clemmm – Cornea Transplant – White (TAG! Gacha)

Cuts & Scrapes: Antielle – High School of the Damaged – Rough Senpai RARE (TAG! Gacha)

Scar: Antielle – High School of the Damaged – 3 – Aniki Scar (TAG! Gacha)

Lips: Clemmm – Veiled Lips – Black (IDK)

Hair: Bold & Beauty – Taylor (The Epiphany)

Outfit: M.Birdie Story – Halloween Costume A – Nurse 1 (TAG! Gacha)

Shoes: M.Birdie Story – Halloween Costume A – Convict Shoes 1 (TAG! Gacha)

Collar: Cerberus Xing – Heretic – Heretic’s Fork – Corroded (TAG! Gacha)

Ankle Cuffs: Cerberus Xing – Heretic – Heretic’s Restraints (TAG! Gacha)

Tray: Contraption – The Mortician’s Personal Collection – Embalmer’s Tools (TAG! Gacha)

Pose: Kirin – Moca – Pose 6 (Kustom 9)



Skybox, Autopsy Tables, Morgue Signs, Anatomy Board, Apron, Body Cart RARE, Broken Trolley, Bucket of Junk, Counter Sink, Old Chair, Old Table, Records & Bottles, Surgical Light, Thermometer:

Sari-Sari – Abandoned Morgue (TAG! Gacha)

Memory Board, Phone, Psycho Desk Items, TV, Vid Camera: Death Row Designs – Motel (TAG! Gacha)

Drawercase: 22769 – Abandoned Asylum (TAG! Gacha)

Soprano’s Death Mask DISPLAY, Embalming Machine, Gainsley Embalming Fluid Bottles, Mortician’s Notes:

Contraption – The Mortician’s Personal Collection (TAG! Gacha)

Stool, Skull Specimen, Apothecary Case: Nefarious Inventions – Turn and Cough (TAG! Gacha)

Corpse Arm: Deadwool – Anatomy Model Set (TAG! Gacha)


Event Details…

TAG! Gacha: Open until 31st October – website flickr

The Epiphany: Open until 12th November – website flickr

IDK: Open until 10th November– websiteflickr

Kustom 9: Open until 10th November

The Morgue



Lots of newness from Death Row Designs this month including this epic sewer house for The End event. This sweet little build comes with the furniture included, the only things I’ve added being the plants on the deck and table. There are poses build in and the build is also resizeable and rezzes in one piece straight out of the box. This really is a very cool little house if you like the post apocalyptic lifestyle.

Death Row Designs are also participating in TAG! Gacha with the Motel set. I’m only showing a small number of pieces here out of a huge and very detailed set. The body, chair, air conditioning unit, green rug, toilet and large pot plant are all from the set.

My awesome hair with horns included is by Blues for The Kawaii Project. I love how the hair tangles around the horns in this very cute style. The horns have a colour change hud too with various natural tones so you can match them to your look.

My very skimpy outfit is a rare item from Storybook’s Underworld gacha at The Epiphany. The Nyx set consists of this cute skirt and top with chain detailing, you can’t really see it here but the chain wraps around my thigh too. I’ve completed the outfit with Pure Poison’s new Millena boots which are out now at Kustom 9.

I’m wearing…

Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V3.4

Head: The Sugar Garden – Iris – Vampy (The Kawaii Project)

Hair: Blues – Aries (The Kawaii Project)

Tattoo: Speakeasy – Druid Tattoo RARE (TAG! Gacha)

Collar: MA – Crow Collar – Black (Totally Top Shelf)

Harness: Charm – Kara Harness – Silver (We Love Roleplay)

Armor: sYs – FARAH Arm (We Love Roleplay)

Outfit: Storybook – Underworld – Maitreya – Nyx RARE (The Epiphany)

Boots: Pure Poison – Millena Boots – Long (Kustom 9)

Bat: Jian – Ween Bat – Studded RARE (The Epiphany)

Pose: Belle Epoque – Are We Different – 3 (The Chapter Four)



Building: Death Row Designs – Post Apocalyptic Sewer Home (The End)

Shed: 7 Mad Ravens – Grave Digger’s Shed RARE (TAG! Gacha)

Windmill: We’re Closed – Broken Windmill

Tree: We’re Closed – Tree 01 E Bare

Shrub: We’re Closed – Shrub Large Bare

Body, Chair, Air Conditioner, Rug, Toilet, Plant: Death Row Designs – Motel Set (TAG! Gacha)

Signpost: anc – Sleepwarking – Wood Sign Stand Damaged Wood (Wayward Halloween)

Shelf: Speakeasy – Home Made Shelf RARE (Wayward Halloween)

Barrels: unKindness – Waterside Market (Wayward Halloween)

Pot Plants (in shed): Kalopsia – Plants – Floor

Cauldron Plant (in shed): TANNHAUSER – Stewpot Plant (Wayward Halloween)

Bottled Plants (on table): Sari-Sari – Bohemian Summer – Bottled Plants

Hanging Plant (in shed): Apt B – Simple Comforts – Hanging Plant 1

Can Plants: Kalopsia – Tin Can Plants

Vase Plant: keke – Hogweed in Vase (Kustom 9)

Skeleton: Shai – Dining With Death – Skelly Dinner Guest On Ground (TAG! Gacha)


Event Details…

TAG! Gacha: Open until 31st October – website flickr

Totally Top Shelf: Open until 22nd October – websiteflickr 

The Epiphany: Open until 12th November – website flickr

We Love Roleplay: Open until 30th October – websiteflickr

Wayward Halloween: Open until 31st October – website – flickr

The Kawaii Project: Open until 10th November

Kustom 9: Open until 10th November

The Chapter Four: Open until 25th October

The End: Open until 5th November

What We’ve Become…



I thought I’d take a little break from Halloween horror today and bring you a gentler Autumnal scene using some wonderful pieces available right now at various events.

First of all I must mention my new dress from !gO! which will be available at The Fantasy Collective in just a few days. This is a gorgeous ensemble consisting of a bodysuit, skirt and flexi skirt with swishy ribbons. I really love the shape of this dress and it put me in mind of autumn leaves which is what inspired my set today.

Speaking of autumn leaves, The Little Branch are releasing some gorgeous trees for Shiny Shabby, the Orange Maple comes in the bent version shown here or normal and the leaves are so warm and vibrant, perfect for the season.

I’ve added a few little friends to the scene, these Long Eared Jerboas are by Half-Deer, a gacha set at The Epiphany and they are utterly cute! these little animated cuties come in a variety of colours, mine are Forest Deer, Natural and Little Shadow. The thorny vine and acorns are also by Half-Deer and are available at the main store.

The sweet hamsters are also from The Epiphany, cute wearable pets by Genesis Lab. Just look at their little t-shirts, how adorable!

My pose is from Kirin’s new set of six standing poses for Kustom 9, a lovely set of calm and gentle poses which are beautifully done as always.

I’m wearing…

Body: Coco – Fashion Doll Body Pale, Ava Head Pale

Hair: Tram – E924 (The Season’s Story)

Circlet: Empyrean Forge – Jerrik Coronet – Gold (We Love Roleplay)

Flowers: Bauhaus Movement – Yuka Headpiece – Red (The Season’s Story)

Outfit: !gO! – Luci Dress – Red (soon @ The Fantasy Collective)

Boots: Essenz – Stockholm (The Season’s Story)

Pose: Kirin – Moca – Pose 3 (Kustom 9)



Dead Tree: Stormwood – The Broken Tree (We Love Roleplay)

Trees: The Little Branch – Orange Maple – Bent – Autumn (soon @ Shiny Shabby)

Shrubs & Ground Leaves: keke – Willow Shrub, Willow Leaves (The Season’s Story)

Hamsters: Genesis Lab – Pet Hamsters – Tabby & Alvin (The Epiphany)

Cuties: Half-Deer – Long Eared Jerboas (The Epiphany)

Umbrella (Pose Prop): Bauhaus Movement – Yuka Umbrella – Red (The Season’s Story)

Plants: keke – Hogweed Shimmer (Kustom 9)

Vine: Half-Deer – Thorny Vine – Brown

Acorns: Half-Deer – Scattered Acorns


Event Details…

We Love Roleplay: Open until 30th October – websiteflickr

The Season’s Story: Opens 10th Octoberwebsiteflickr

The Fantasy Collective: Opens 22nd October – websiteflickr

The Epiphany: Open until 12th November – website flickr

Kustom 9: Open until 10th November

Shiny Shabby: Opens 20th October

Autumn Magic