In the end


FaMESHed & Monso… 
I’m wearing boy clothes from FaMESHed today! This vest and shorts combo is by Gild and comes in several mesh body fits and colours. This lovely hair by Monso is also at the event, I love the little bead accessories which come with a hud for all white, black/white, brights and pastel options. Lastly from FaMESHed are the pretty Isis bracelets by Noir which are resizable and come with a great customisation hud for each individual bracelet. You can also customise left and right bracelets separately!

Death Row Designs… 
This awesome helmet I’m wearing is the latest group gift at Death Row Designs, in honour of Chester Bennington, the Linkin Park front man who sadly passed away recently. The Chester Helmet is at the mainstore right now!


HEAD: *COCO*_FashionDoll_Head_Nora_Pale
BODY: *COCO*_FashionDoll_Body_Pale
FEET: *COCO*_F.Doll_Gift_BloodyFeet


HELMET: DRD – GG – Chester Helmet (add me)
HAIR: [monso] My Hair – Sei (s) [FaMESHed]
TEARS: CURELESS [+] Collyrium Tears / CLEAR
UNDERWEAR: Gift_BasicUnderwear(Top)_for_COCOFashionDoll
TOP & SHORTS: Slink [Gild] Long tanktop with short_Black [FaMESHed]
BRACELETS: :::NOIR::: Isis Bracelets [FaMESHed]
POSE & HEART PROP: Cila X .Nomore. Took my heart 04



TREE 1: +Half-Deer+ Deadwood Tree – All – A (lights)
TREE 2: +Half-Deer+ Deadwood Tree – All – B (lights)
RAVEN 1: +Half-Deer+ Raven – All Colors – Forward
RAVEN 2: +Half-Deer+ Raven – All Colors – Peck
ARMS: CURELESS [+] Doll Arms Antennae
BLOOD 1: [n.i] splish.splash.10
BLOOD 2: [n.i] splish.splash.11
BLOOD 3: [n.i] splish.splash.13
WEEDS: [we’re CLOSED] dry weed L



FAMESHED: Open until 27th August – website – flickr




The Annex… 
The Annex are participating in the upcoming Mesh Body Addicts Fair with these gorgeous pants. I love the vintage floral motif and the neck strap, they come in tons of pretty colours and there are pretty pasties available too and they come in Freya, Hourglass, Isis and Maitreya fits.

The Chapter Four is still running and pr!tty have a gacha set with three styles available. I’m wearing the gorgeous Cassie hair here.

Death Row Designs… 
The chairs, lantern and front pot plant here are all from DRD’s Boho Backyard set which was recently at Summerfest. Keep an eye out at the mainstore for this beautiful collection.

This lovely flower headpiece is by E.V.E and is out now at Shiny Shabby, it comes in two versions, the other has a flower on both sides, and they come with a colour change hud with various options for the pearls and petals.

The Stage 002: Mysterious Forest… 
The lovely lantern I’m holding is by Asteroidbox and comes in gold or silver. I love that the hands are bento posed, this is such a beautiful accessory. My eyes by S0ng are also at this event.

Limit8 & An Lar Poses… 
My pose is from An Lar’s Jolie set for the event and you’ll also find this pretty layered necklace there by Touchic in gold or silver options.

The Season’s Story & Tentacio… 
Tentacio are at The Season’s Story with a pretty summery set called Summer Love which features swimwear and foodie accessories. I’m wearing the gold bikini chain and orange bikini top here.

summer love key

The Guardians… 
Time is almost up for this event but I wanted to show some more pieces from Cube Republic’s plant gacha and I’m still loving the Itachi Platforms by The Forge, which I’ve already blogged once!


Indie Teepee…
The rattan ottoman here is from revival’s set for the event which also includes some beautiful seating, be sure head over to the event to check them out.


HEAD: .CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
SKIN: [ MUDSKIN ]_Yujin # Bare Skin HUD [SaNaRae]


HAIR: pr!tty – Cassie – :rigged: ULTRARARE [The Chapter Four]
HEADPIECE: E.V.E ETHEREAL Vol.04 HP [Sakura] B [Shiny Shabby]
EYE APPLIER: {S0NG} Kia Eyes – Catwa Applier [Mysterious Forest]
CHAIN HARNESS: *Tentacio* Summer Love bikini chain gold [The Season’s Story]
TOP: *Tentacio* Summer Love bikini top orange [The Season’s Story]
SHORTS: The Annex – Emma Panties – Nude – MAITREYA [MBA Fair]
GARTERS: *PROMAGIC* Glani-Garters-Nude [The Guardians]
SANDALS: [The Forge] Itachi Platforms, Brown Leather [The Guardians]
LANTERN: AsteroidBox. Holding Lantern // Gold [Mysterious Forest]
POSE: an lar [poses] The Jolie Series – Two [Limit8]



CHAIR 1: DRD – Boho Backyard – Hewett Chair – Five
CHAIR 2: DRD – Boho Backyard – Hewett Chair – Three
LANTERN: DRD – Boho Backyard – Lantern – One
POT PLANT: DRD – Boho Backyard – Planter – B
OTTOMAN: .:revival:. rattan ottoman small [Indie Teepee]
TALL CACTUS: CR C&S Gacha 1 astrophytum myriostigma – RARE [The Guardians]
GREEN SUCCULENT: CR C&S Gacha 6 Crassula Ovata Gollum  [The Guardians]
SMALL PLANT: CR C&S Gacha 2 Gasteria Batesiana [The Guardians]
YELLOW FLOWER: CR C&S Gacha 4 astrophytum super kabuto [The Guardians]
PURPLE FLOWER: CR C&S Gacha 9 Sulcorebutia Rauschii – RARE [The Guardians]



STAGE 002 – MYSTERIOUS FOREST: Opens 22nd July – website – flickr 
INDIE TEEPEE: Open until 6th August – website – flickr  – facebook
LIMIT8: Open until 13th August – website – flickr
SANARAE: Open until 18th August – website – flickr
THE GUARDIANS: Open until 31st July – website – flickr 

THE CHAPTER FOUR: Open until 1st August 
SHINY SHABBY: Open until 15th August


You’re in my world now


Indie Teepee & Death Row Designs… 
The event is now open and jam packed with fun things to do, check out the website (link below the credits) for a list of events. Death Row Designs have released the fantastic Wasteland set there which includes the Bone Injectors I’m wearing on my arms and back which are rigged, as well as my trousers and boots.

Also at Indie Teepee you’ll find this Junker’s Shack by Krescendo and wind turbine by isil which comes in a few different colours.

This lovely long hair is by Mithral at Kustom 9, I love the length and layered effect of this style.

The Epiphany & Le Fil Casse… 
Just one small item from The Epiphany today, these cute sleeves by le fil casse are from their Cassandra set at the event. I’ll bring you more of the set in a later post but I liked how these sleeves worked with my outfit today.


Glam Beach is Tentacio’s latest gacha set out now at Kustom 9. I thought this cute copped top fit really well with my post apoc look too!


The Guardians… 
The cliffs and rocks by unKindness, sweet lizard by HEXtraordinary, cacti by Cube Republic, neon cross by bubble and dock by 22769 are all at The Guardians event which ends on 31st July, here’s the keys for their respective gachas:


The Kawaii Project… 
The Kawaii Project is back for another round, my choker by Lovely Disarray and cuffs by Quirky are both at the event. As you can see these accessories are not only for Kawaii Princesses! I really love the metal pieces on the cuffs.

The Crystal Heart Festival…
My pretty skin is by Enfer Sombre at The Crystal Heart Festival. I adore her skins, they’re always so pretty.


BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1


SKIN: Catwa Skin applier – Peach tone – Gabrielle (Enfer Sombre*) [The Crystal Heart Festival]
HAIR: Mithral * Sandalwood [Kustom 9]
BROWS: .ARISE. Kano Brows / Black Catwa Applier [Okinawa Summer Festival]
EYE APPLIERS: :Conviction: Albino Eyes [Catwa HUD]
FACE & BODY DIRT: Izzie’s – Face & Body Dirt
GLAZZIES: [ContraptioN] Meltdown Shades II *???* nose [Indie Teepee]
CHOKER: Lovely Disarray – The Psyche : Choker [The Kawaii Project]
TOP: *Tentacio* Glam Beach – Glam top [Kustom 9]
TROUSERS: DRD – Wasteland Baggies – Maitreya – Black [Indie Teepee]
BOOTS: DRD – Dirty Combats – Maitreya – Boots – Gray [Indie Teepee]
UPPER ARM THINGIES: DRD – Bone Injector – Upperarm [Indie Teepee]
LOWER ARM THINGIES: DRD – Bone Injector – Forearm [Indie Teepee]
BACK THINGY: DRD – Bone Injector – Back [Indie Teepee]
UPPER CUFFS: {le fil casse} Cassandra Sleeves Maitreya Black [The Epiphany]
LOWER CUFFS: .Quirky. – Allure Bracelet – ALL THE THINGS [The Kawaii Project]
NAILS: [CX] Biomech Claws (Maitreya)
LIZARD FRIEND: *HEXtraordinary* Creamsicle Gecko Companion [The Guardians]
POSE: (HUD)SLC SS Pose Night Breeze for Portrait Group A



BUILD: [Kres] Junkers Shack [Indie Teepee]
CROSS: [ bubble ] Cross Neon Wall Decor – GOG [The Guardians]
DOCK: 22769 – The Dock – RARE [The Guardians]
LOG: Indie Summer ~ Covered Log Blogger ~ Breaux Jr. RARE [The Guardians]
TURBINE: ~isil~ Scrap Wind Turbine (Steel) [Indie Teepee]
CACTUS 1: CR C&S Gacha 1 astrophytum myriostigma – RARE [The Guardians]
CACTUS 2: CR C&S Gacha 3 Gymnocalycium horstii [The Guardians]
ROCKS 1: uK – Little Oasis Arch Rocks Brown [The Guardians]
ROCKS 2: uK – Little Oasis Curved Cliffs Brown [The Guardians]
ROCKS 3: uK – Little Oasis Rock Shelf Brown [The Guardians]



INDIE TEEPEE: Open until 6th August – website – flickr  – facebook 
THE GUARDIANS: Open until 31st July – website – flickr 
THE EPIPHANY: Open until 15th August – website – flickr
THE CRYSTAL HEART FESTIVAL: Open until 31st July – website – flickr
THE KAWAII PROJECT: Open until 10th August – website – flickr
KUSTOM 9: Open until 10th August
OKINAWA SUMMER FESTIVAL: Open until 8th August


Our Summer

080717-1-002_001 F

On the left I’m wearing pretty hair by elikatira and gorgeous heels by Breathe, both available now at FaMESHed.

The Liaison Collaborative & An Lar Poses… 
TLC is back with a lovely summer theme, The Islands. The outfit on the left is by neve and has the option to hide various elements like the top, sarong or bottoms. The pose on the left is by Black Tulip and on the right I’m using on from An Lar’s new Martinique series, both at the event along with the hair on the left by Tukinowaguma.

Summerfest, Death Row Designs & Mithral Apothecary… 
I’m still loving Summerfest so much. Death Row Designs have released the epic Boho Backyard set, pieces shown here are the sofa, rugs, plants and chairs. They are all so beautiful to look at! You can find a demo set in the mainstore and preview pictures here.

Other items I’m showing from Summerfest are the top and leggings in the middle and the shades on the right, all by Wazzer Works, and the very pretty Avocado hair by Mithral Apothecary.

The Guardians & The Forge… 
Don’t forget about The Guardians event, if you love gacha then you need to take a look! The sandals on the right are by The Forge and they are available in tons of pretty colours, I’ve added the gacha key for you below. The dock I’ve used as the base for my photo today is the rare in 22769’s gacha, The Dock. I’m also using some bits and pieces from LAGOM, Breaux Jr and unKnindness.


There’s a stunning new gacha set from M.BIRDIE at the Okinawa Summer Festival, there’s so much crammed in there and all of it fantastic. On the right I’m wearing one of the rare shirts which comes with posed arms/hands and the ability to change the skin tone as well as the nail varnish. I’m also wearing some swimming bottoms from the set, I think it’s a really cute look!

GACHA KEY (M.birdie _ beach,glow,and you)

I’m wearing…


HAIR: [e] Bella [FaMESHed]
SKIN: more more. yume skin RARE1_milk (catwa) [The Crystal Heart Festival]
LEI: neve gift – lei – 1 size fits most (rigged) [The Liaison Collaborative]
OUTFIT: neve outfit – peaches – Lara [The Liaison Collaborative]
SHOES: [BREATHE]-Sango Heels-M.Lara [FaMESHed]
POSE: [Black Tulip] The Sunny Days #4 [The Liaison Collaborative]


HAIR: *TKW* Bijl [The Liaison Collaborative]
SKIN: .Atomic. Gacha_Summer Catwa Applier – Creme 2
TOP: [WAZ] Crop-Top Casual – Maiterya (White) [Summerfest]
LEGGINGS: [WAZ] Fit Leggings (Maiterya) (Active) [Summerfest]


HAIR: Mithral * Avocado [Summerfest]
GLASSES: [WAZ] Aviator Shades (F) Rose [Summerfest]
SHIRT: `M.BIRDIE / beach,glow,&you-A Maitreya RARE [Okinawa Summer Festival]
BOTTOMS: `M.BIRDIE / beach,glow,&you-Swimsuit bottom1 Maitreya [Okinawa Summer Festival]
SHOES: [The Forge] Itachi Platforms, Pink [The Guardians]
POSE: an lar [poses] The Martinique Series – Three [The Liaison Collaborative]



DOCK: 22769 – The Dock – RARE [The Guardians]
YOGA MAT: 22769 – Beach Yoga Mat Om – COMMON [The Guardians] 
COOLBOX: 22769 – Beach Cool Box – COMMON [The Guardians] 
SOFA: DRD – Boho Backyard – Athena Couch – PG [Summerfest]
LARGE CHAIR: DRD – Boho Backyard – Roarke Chair [Summerfest]
SMALL CHAIR 1: DRD – Boho Backyard – Hewett Chair – Three [Summerfest]
SMALL CHAIR 2: DRD – Boho Backyard – Hewett Chair – Five [Summerfest]
STACKED POTS: DRD – Boho Backyard – Stack o Pots [Summerfest]
LEAFY PLANT: DRD – Boho Backyard – Plant [Summerfest]
FLOWER URN: DRD – Boho Backyard – Flower Urn [Summerfest]
RUGS: DRD – Boho Backyard – Rugs [Summerfest]
PLANTER 1: DRD – Boho Backyard – Planter – I [Summerfest]
PLANTER 2: DRD – Boho Backyard – Planter – A [Summerfest]
HEART: LAGOM – Summertime Drift – Heart cutout [07] [The Guardians] 
PILLOW: Indie Summer ~ (B/G) Pillow Bordered Blogger – Breaux Jr. 1 [The Guardians] 
BOATS: uK – Forgotten Oasis Boats [The Guardians] 



THE CRYSTAL HEART FESTIVAL: Open until 31st July – website – flickr
Open until 20th July – website – flickr 
Open until 27th July – website – flickr
 Open until 31st July – website – flickr 
Open until 30th July – website – flickr
Open until 8th August



The Fountain in Summer


Hair Fair opens tomorrow and Monso will be there with three fabulous new styles including the one I’m wearing here, Sowon. I love this long, flowing style with long fringe, it comes in flat and regular chest versions too.

Death Row Designs… 
At Shiny Shabby this month you’ll find the Garden Nook set by Death Row Designs which includes this stunning fountain. I love the texturing on this so much, it’s a really beautiful piece.

Enfant Terrible… 
Enfant Terrible are also at Shiny Shabby with the lovely Naomi dress which is available in lots of colours. I love the daring side splits and belt detail!

My beautiful pearl collar and leg wraps are part of Una’s new gacha set for Kinky Monthly. There are lots of pieces to collect in this pretty set but I adore the pearls so much!


Summerfest, Kalopsia & Kirin… 
This year’s summerfest is now underway, don’t miss all that summery goodness. Kalopsia have a new set there called Polly’s Summer Picnic Set which includes the pillows, parasol, fencing and picnic basket shown here as well as many more. Kirin are also at the event with a summer themed pose set with beach ball props, as you can see they work well without as well.

From SaNaRae I’m still wearing more more’s hansol skin and I’ve added this lovely lip tint by Mudskin, which comes in lots of colours for all skin tones.

The Project Se7en…


HEAD: .CATWA HEAD Catya v2.14
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
EARS: [][]Trap[][] *~*Illusions*~* Gelf Ears *mesh new*
SKIN: more more. hansol skin_milk (catwa) [SaNaRae]


ANTLERS: austris – horns gacha – horns [The Project Se7en]
HAIR: [monso] My Hair – Sowon (s/ flat) [HAIR FAIR]
LIPS: [ MUDSKIN ]_Piapia Tint # Pale (add) [SaNaRae]
DRESS: .ET. Naomi Creme [Shiny Shabby]
NECKLACE: UNA – Kumi Collar Pearl [Kinky Event]
LEG WRAPS: UNA – Kumi Pearl Leg [Kinky Event]
POSE: Kirin – Summer Fun! Pose 4 1 [Summerfest]



FOUNTAIN: DRD – Garden Nook – Fountain [Shiny Shabby]
PILLOWS: Kalopsia – Polly’s Pile of Pillows – Adult [Summerfest]
UMBRELLA: Kalopsia – Polly’s Umbrella [Summerfest]
BASKET: Kalopsia – Polly’s Picnic Basket [Summerfest]
FENCE: Kalopsia – Polly’s Beach Fence [Summerfest]



SUMMERFEST: Open until 20th July – website – flickr 
Open until 18th July – website – flickr
Opens 30th June – website – flickr
SHINY SHABBY: Open until 15th July
KINKY MONTHLY: Open until 19th July
HAIR FAIR: Opens 1st July



Prepare yourselves for a mahoosive decor post! Credits are slightly different here because I’ve used some big sets:

Hive @ The Arcade… 
Hive’s beautifully rustic Summer Camp set for The Arcade an absolute treat, the builds in these photos are from the set as well as the truck, canoe and a host of other goodies. You’ll find the gacha key below. The pieces I’ve used:
hive // blue canoe
hive // camp cabin RARE 
hive // campfire 
hive // cozy logs 
hive // dirty coffee cups 
hive // hanging camp lantern
hive // leaning oars 
hive // ranger rick’s hat 
hive // ranger rick’s office RARE 
hive // ranger rick’s truck RARE 


Death Row Designs @ Mainstore… 
I’ve already posted about the Garden Party set by Death Row Designs which is out now at their mainstore but there are so many pieces in the set I wanted to show you a few more!
2 – DRD – Garden Party – Big Tree Bare – RARE c/m
3 – DRD – Garden Party – Light Tent c/m 
5 – DRD – Garden Party – Beer Bar c/m 
8 – DRD – Garden Party – Drink Barrow c/m 
9 – DRD – Garden Party – Light Poles – One c/m
12 – DRD – Garden Party – Little Tree c/m 
13 – DRD – Garden Party – Wallflowers – D c/m
13 – DRD – Garden Party – Wallflowers – E c/m
13 – DRD – Garden Party – Wallflower Chair – Six c/m

14 – DRD – Garden Party – Wallflower Chair – Three c/m
14 – DRD – Garden Party – Wallflowers – B c/m
14 – DRD – Garden Party – Wallflowers – C c/m
15 – DRD – Garden Party – Wallflower Chair – One c/m

15 – DRD – Garden Party – Wallflower Side Table – One c/m
15 – DRD – Garden Party – Wallflowers – A c/m

18 – DRD – Garden Party – Bonfire Treats c/m
19 – DRD – Garden Party – Barrel Table c/m 


Other bits & bobs… 
Garden by anc slight wildgrass {flash green} / FIELD 1Li
MishMish – Sweet Short Grass – TypeA/BigRound



hive __ summer camp gacha AD34627841990_b622c40a99_z



THE ARCADE: Open until 30th June – website – flickr  


Come Alive

Another weekend nearly over, I’ve been really appreciating the sunny weather lately, it really lifts my mood! I made a pretty summer party place, here’s who I’m featuring:

Death Row Designs… 
The centrepiece of my scene today is this gorgeous table complete with cloth, glasses, cups and condiments, just one piece from DRD’s latest gacha set, Garden Party. Other items I’ve used from the set are the pretty flowers at the back, string lights and the decorated tree, but there’s so much more stuff in the set that you really need to see so check out all the gorgeous piccies here. I’ve also included the gacha key here so you can see all the separate pieces. You’ll find this set at the DRD mainstore.


The Arcade…
This round is full of lovely bits and bobs for decor. Here I’m using decor pieces from Miwa’s Airship, Mikunch, Le Primitif and 22769 as well as the tattoo by Birdy and hair flowers by Mikunch. Full details below in the credits.

I love all the summery stuff at this round, just look at this stunning outdoor fireplace by Apple Fall! It’s resizeable and comes with a texture hud with three different options. My hair is by Wasabi Pills and I’ve also used a pretty plant from Cube Republic.

I’m loving Imbue’s super summery outfit at SaNaRae. The top and skirt come in several colours/patterns and are available separately. This is an experimental Maitreya fit which works really well with my shape. The turquoise bottled drink on the table is also at SaNaRae, part of a set by Copper Mill.

The Kawaii Project… 
I’ve added a couple of pieces from DISORDERLY’s lovely Traveling Artist gacha set, the sketch book and sketch journal. This set is really detailed and pretty. The Kawaii Project closes on 10th June so get over there if you haven’t been yet.

Knot & Co… 
Anya Ohmai made some fabulous gifts to celebrate the opening of Knot & Co, one of them being a lovely set of summer drinks, they are so pretty you really need to get these! They come in four flavours and are wearable or rezzable.


HEAD: .CATWA HEAD Catya v2.14
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
EARS: Swallow – Shiny Elf Ears


HAIR: /Wasabi Pills/ Strawberry Mesh Hair – A – (BOOBS 1) [FaMESHed]
FLOWERS: Mikunch flower crown (baby’s breath) RARE [The Arcade]
TATTOO: Birdy – Festival – Tattoo HUD RARE [The Arcade]
TOP: imbue. spring top – maitreya – rose [SaNaRae]
SKIRT: imbue. belted spring skirt – maitreya – floral [SaNaRae]
DRINK: Knot&co. Summertime Drinks // Lemon (wear) **gift** [Knot & Co]



BUILD (INC POSE): 8f8 – No Place of Ours – Summerish
FIREPLACE: Apple Fall Hampton Outdoor Fireplace [FaMESHed]
CROTON: CR Croton Bush 1 [FaMESHed]
TABLE & ACCESSORIES: 4 – DRD – Garden Party – Ground Table c/m
STRING LIGHTS: 9 – DRD – Garden Party – Light Poles – One c/m
TREE WITH LIGHTS: 12 – DRD – Garden Party – Little Tree c/m
FLOWERS: 13 – DRD – Garden Party – Wallflowers – D c/m
HANGING CHAIR: 22769 – Hanging Bamboo Chair – COMMON [The Arcade]
POTTERY: 22769 – Lake House Pottery – COMMON [The Arcade]
LEMON POTS: miwa’s airship# Hanging lemon pot [The Arcade]
MILK POT: miwa’s airship# Milk pot [The Arcade]
ROSES: Mikunch Flower pot (rose) [The Arcade]
JAR: Mikunch baby-c pot [The Arcade]
TYPEWRITER: LeP – Vintage Typewriter [The Arcade]
BOTTLED DRINK: [Copper Mill] Kitty Print Water Bottle REZZ – Forest Edition [SaNaRae]



THE ARCADE: Open until 30th June – websiteflickr  
KNOT & CO: Open until 30th September – websiteflickr 
THE KAWAII PROJECT: Open until 10th Junewebsiteflickr
FAMESHED: Open until 27th June – websiteflickr
Open until 18th June – websiteflickr