About Rainbow

Hi! I’m Rainbow Mubble and I joined Second Life back in 2008.

I love second life fantasy art and fashion and spend long hours wandering around the beautiful places in Second Life and of course, shopping.

I do play around in Photoshop and try different things with my pictures but I don’t alter any of the items credited other than through filters and very minor tweaks.

I also have a small store making tattoos and makeup appliers for mesh heads and bodies. Visit me in-world here.

I hope you like my pictures, I’m always happy to chat so feel free to contact me in world.

2 replies on “About Rainbow”

Wow Rainbow! I came across your blog because I saw the picture you did for ECLIPSE Magazine “Voices On the Grid” and was blown away at what a fabulous photographer you are! Then when I read your blog and saw the detail you put into each and every post? I don’t know how you do it! I have never left a comment on someone’s blog before but I have to say I have also never seen a blog that deserves the credit yours does before either. So glad to be following you now and I look forward to your future posts!


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