I have an absolute ton of fabulous decor to share with you today. Kalopsia are on fire this month and have lots of new releases including this lovely wooden house at Shiny Shabby. It’s a wonderfully quirky shape with a curtain door, stove and a ladder up to an upstairs platform. I’m also showing off their French Rustic Decor set at Lost & Found and the Rustic Dining Set at LTD: The Event.

Fancy Decor have also been busy, the screen cabinet you can see inside is at Shiny Shabby and the Cinder Block Stand at Lost & Found, this stand also comes in other colours.

Another item from Lost & Found is this fabulous fuzzy pouf by cinphul, part of the Fuzzy Collection which includes lots of other decor items such as lamps, a screen and vases. The pouf comes in light and dark versions and I just love how fluffy it looks!

I’m wearing yet another new head from Genesis Lab, this is the gorgeous Rita available at Kustom 9. This is a gacha head which comes in smile, open mouth and rare blinker versions. Other items in the machine are makeups, skins and freckles. I’m sure you’ll agree she’s a real beauty!

All my accessories today are from The Harvest Collection Gacha by Moon Elixir which is out now at The Fantasy Collective. I’m wearing the Acorn Choker, Autumn Leaves Crown, Beaded Pinecone Necklace, Branch Necklace and Mushroom Necklace. There’s even more pieces in the set that I’m not showing here and each piece is so beautifully crafted down to the smallest detail. You seriously won’t be disappointed with anything from this set so make sure you give it a whirl, it’s 50L a play and no rares!

I’m wearing…

Hands: Slink – Av Enhance Hands – Relaxed

Head: Genesis Lab – Rita (Kustom 9)

Ears: Mandala – Simple Elf Ears

Eyes: Ikon – Triumph Eyes – Apex

Hair: Pr!tty – Jezibelle – Blondes (Lost & Found)

Headdress & Necklaces: Moon Elixir – Harvest Collection (The Fantasy Collective)

Outfit: Dami – Knit n Undershirts Onepiece – #4 (Shiny Shabby)

Pup: Fawny – Happy Puppies – Sweet Puppy – Cream (The Season’s Story)

Pose: Kirin – Miki – Pose 5 (The Season’s Story)



House: Kalopsia – Old Wood House (Shiny Shabby)

Table, Flowers, Tin, Chair, Lamp, Pillow Cart, Ladder: Kalopsia – French Rustic Decor (Lost & Found)

Armchair, Bench, Table with Cloth: Kalopsia – Rustic Dining Set (LTD: The Event)

Cupboard (inside): Fancy Decor – Screen Cabinet (Shiny Shabby)

Rug: Fancy Decor – Sun-bleached Rug (Shiny Shabby)

Pouf: cinphul – Fuzzy Collection – Pouf – Lite (Lost & Found)

Deer: Nomad – Queer Deer (Gen-Neutral)

Lanterns, Wooden Pumpkin Decor: Death Row Designs – Halloween Decor Set (Lost & Found)

White Bench: Fancy Decor – Cinder Block Stand – White (Lost & Found)

Keys: keke – Skulls, Crowns & Keys – Nailed Keys & Key String (TAG! Gacha)

Pumpkin People: Coquette – Little Pumpkin Boy (Wayward Halloween)

Carved Pumpkins: Amala – The Seasons Gacha – Two Carved Pumpkins – Orange (The Epiphany)

Apple Barrel: Roawenwood – Season’s Harvest – Apple Barrel Deco – Mixed (The Season’s Story)

Fence with Bird: M.Law – Halloween Gacha – Fence (Wayward Halloween)

Doormat: Serenity Style – Not Every Witch – Doormat (Wayward Halloween)

Ribbons: anc – Sleepwarking – Ribbons – Cream RARE (Wayward Halloween)

Acorn Lights: A.D.D Andel – Acorn Lights (The Season’s Story)

Mail Sorter: Serenity Style – Mail Sorter (Gen-Neutral)

Leaves: Kalopsia – Leaves Floor **from Maple Hideaway set**

House (background): Mikunch – Garden House (Lost & Found)


Event Details…

The Fantasy Collective: Open until 15th November – websiteflickr

The Season’s Story: Open until 31st October – websiteflickr

Gen-Neutral: Open until 26th October – websiteflickr

TAG! Gacha: Open until 31st October – website flickr

Wayward Halloween: Open until 31st October – website – flickr

The Epiphany: Open until 12th November – website flickr

Kustom 9: Open until 10th November

Lost & Found: Open until 1st November

Shiny Shabby: Open until 10th November

LTD: The Event: Open until 26th October


A Rustic Halloween


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