Sweet Poison



Sari-Sari @ Salem 
Candy Apples / Decor Set plus held version / 5 pieces in total / Held accessory has bento pose

Cubic Cherry @ The Nightmare 
Ocular Displacement / Displaced eyeballs with colour change HUD / Comes with eye sockets / Three positions for each eye

The Epiphany: Open from 15th October to 15th November – website – flickr 
Violent Seduction /
Madame Rosier Gacha / Clothing / Rigged for Maitreya / Items come with HUD for mix and match options / Bra comes with cup off and on option

The Season’s Story:  Open 10th to  31st October – website – flickr
CURELESS / Atropine Skins / 2 tones available / CATWA & Omega Head appliers / Maitreya & Omega Body appliers
Mithral / Shea Hair / Rigged
DISORDERLY / Autumn Breakfast Gacha / Decor / Clothing
Lovely Alien / Medley Candies / Decor / 4 clusters
LAGOM / Fall Getaway Gacha / Decor

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BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
HAIR: Mithral * Shea [The Season’s Story]
SKIN:  CURELESS[+] Atropine Skin / PORCELAIN / CATWA APPLIERS [The Season’s Story]
EYELASHES: [okkbye] dawn eyelashes (catwa) [The Secret Hideout]
EYE SOCKETS: [Cubic Cherry] {Ocular displacement} eye sockets [The Nightmare]
EYES: [Cubic Cherry] {Ocular displacement} [The Nightmare]
NOSEBLEED: Clemmm – Nosebleeds ALL
NOSEBLEED 2: Mello. Delinquent Bloody Nose 03 [PocketGacha]


CROWN: Violent Seduction – Madame Rosier Crown (Antique) [The Epiphany]
BRA: Violent Seduction – Madame Rosier Bra (Antique) [The Epiphany]
CORSET: Violent Seduction – Madame Rosier Corset (Antique) [The Epiphany]
PANTS: Violent Seduction – Madame Rosier Panties (Antique) [The Epiphany]
SHOES: Violent Seduction – Madame Rosier Heels (Antique) [The Epiphany]
CHOKER: Ama. : Dem Bones Choker V1 [The Liaison Collaborative] 
CANDY APPLE: Sari-Sari – Candy Apple (hold) [Salem]
POSE: Infiniti – Sunny 5



TABLE: Sari-Sari – Old Kitchen Table [Salem]
MORTAR & PESTLE: Sari-Sari – Mortar and Pestle with Leaves [Salem]
CANDY APPLES: Sari-Sari – Candy Apples [Salem]
RECIPE: Sari-Sari – Poisoned Apple Recipe [Salem]
CUP: DISORDERLY. / Autumn Breakfast / Cup / Apple Cider [The Season’s Story]
SWEETS 1: ((LovelyAlien))MedleyCandies_ClusterA_Mix_1LI [The Season’s Story]
SWEETS 2: ((LovelyAlien))MedleyCandies_ClusterB_Mix_1LI [The Season’s Story]
SWEETS 3: ((LovelyAlien))MedleyCandies_ClusterC_Mix_1LI [The Season’s Story]
SWEETS 4: ((LovelyAlien))MedleyCandies_ClusterD_Mix_1LI [The Season’s Story]
GROUND LEAVES: LAGOM – Flowy Fall leafs – Ground Cover [The Season’s Story]
GLOWY LEAVES: LAGOM – Flowy Fall leafs – BONUS S [The Season’s Story]




The Epiphany: Open from 15th October to 15th November – website – flickr 
/ Anatomic Doll Gacha / Clothes & Accessories / 24 commons / 2 rares / Rare bodies come with customisation hud with several options / hands are bento rigged / hands and feet come with hud for skin colour and accessories.
Half-Deer / Red Foxes Gacha / Decor / 11 commons / 3 rares / blanket and sweater rares come with texture hud
DISORDERLY / Abandonment Gacha / Decor / 16 commons / 3 rares

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The Season’s Story:  Open 10th to  31st October – website – flickr
CURELESS / Atropine Skins / 2 tones available / CATWA & Omega Head appliers / Maitreya & Omega Body appliers
Bossie / Miki Eyebrows / CATWA / LeLutka / Omega / 5 Options included / tintable

The Secret Hideout: Open 8th to 31st October – website – flickr
okkbye / Dawn Eyelashes / CATWA / 5 options included
NINI:3 / Ducky Eyes Gacha / Mesh Eyes / Rare HUD

The Liaison Collaborative: 7th to 30th October – website – flickr
Ama / Dem Bones Choker / 2 versions

The Dark Style Fair 5: Opens 14th October to 4th November – website – flickr
– Day of the Dead Edition
– Celebration party on November 2nd
– Check the website for more information
Mello / The Raven Hair

keke @ Mainstore
Rosehips Pitcher / Decor / 2 versions, with and without bugs


BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
HAIR: Mello. The Raven [The Dark Style Fair 5]
SKIN:  CURELESS[+] Atropine Skin / PORCELAIN / CATWA APPLIERS [The Season’s Story]
 Bossie. miki eyebrows [catwa] [The Season’s Story]
EYELASHES: [okkbye] dawn eyelashes (catwa) [The Secret Hideout]
EYE APPLIERS: NINI:3 Ducky collection Full pack HUD_CATWA [The Secret Hideout]
NOSEBLEED: Clemmm – Nosebleeds ALL


CHOKER: Ama. : Dem Bones Choker V1 [The Liaison Collaborative]
BODY: CURELESS [+] Anatomic Doll / Organ System / RARE [The Epiphany]
BODY FLOWERS: CURELESS [+] Anatomic Doll / Organ System / Flowers ADD [The Epiphany]
PANTS: CURELESS [+] Anatomic Doll / Organ System / Panty / RARE [The Epiphany]
HANDS: CURELESS [+] Anatomic Doll / Dolly Hands / BEIGE [The Epiphany]
SOCKS: CURELESS [+] Anatomic Doll / Dolly Tights / BEIGE [The Epiphany]
FEET: CURELESS [+] Anatomic Doll / Dolly Feet / BEIGE [The Epiphany]
POSE: an lar [poses] The Kneeled Series


FOX 1: +Half-Deer+ Red Fox – Watchful x [The Epiphany]
FOX 2: +Half-Deer+ Red Fox – Spying x [The Epiphany]
FOX 3: +Half-Deer+ Red Fox – Catching Leaves x [The Epiphany]
FOX 4: +Half-Deer+ Red Fox – Listening to Mice x [The Epiphany]
LEGS: DISORDERLY. / Abandonment / Pile / Legs [The Epiphany]
HANDS: DISORDERLY. / Abandonment / Pile / Hands [The Epiphany]
HEADS: DISORDERLY. / Abandonment / Pile / Head [The Epiphany]
GRAMOPHONE: C L A Vv. Nostalgic Autumn – Gramophone [The Epiphany]
JUG: [ keke ] rosehips in pitcher . bugs
LARGE FLOWERS: [ keke ] secrets garden flower
ROSE: [ keke ] wild roses – blush 9
ROSES: [ keke ] wild roses – blush 6
SMALL FLOWERS: [ keke ] flower circle – 1 LI – pink
BUTTERFLIES & GLITTER: [ keke ] butterflies dancing – yellow




Death Row Designs / Shadow Box 
– Brand new subscription box by Death Row Designs
– 12 beautiful decor items in each box
– The box is split into light and dark / 6 light items and their dark counterparts
– Boxes are split into series of six boxes each
– Collect the full series of six boxes to receive two buildings at the end, both light and dark
– The boxes can be used standalone
– Item shown here from box 1 / Clock Shelf / Dark
– Cost 1800L pre release / 2800L post release
– Purchase in world or on marketplace

Lootbox: 20th September to 20th October – website – flickr 
– Limerence / Mermaid Gacha / Hair & Accessories
– Ama / Dark Magic / Accessories
– LAGOM / Glitched Gacha / Decor / 7 commons / 1 rare

The Project Se7en: Open 30th September to 30th October – website – flickr
Cerberus Xing / Salient Talons / Bento Nail Accessories / 3 colours
– – – – – Rigged for: Belleza Jake / Maitreya / Vista M & F

CURELESS @ Salem (Opens 1st October)
– Sororis Obscura Gacha / Clothing / Accessories / Eye Appliers / 14 commons / 2 rares
– Clothing rigged for Maitreya (exp)
– Eyes come in mesh versions and omega appliers

The Annex @ Salem (Opens 1st October) 
– Unorthodox Crown
– Colour change hud / 9 rose options / 7 lily options / 3 options for butterfies/leaves/frame

Hive @ Mainstore
– watch horror movies sign
– past Fifty Linden Friday item

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HAIR: {Limerence} Mermaid hair(Ver.2) RARE [Lootbox]
CROWN: The Annex – UnOrthodox Crown [Salem]
MASK: 03 Ama. : Dark Magic : Red Flower Skull {Bloggers} [Lootbox]
OUTFIT: CURELESS[+] Sororis Obscura / Sister Lilim Outfit / RARE [Salem]
SHOES/SOCKS: CURELESS[+] Sororis Obscura / Sister Lilith Shoes / RARE [Salem]
TALONS: [CX] Salient Talons – Silver ( Maitreya ) [The Project Se7en]
BIRD: +Half-Deer+ Raven – All Colors – WEAR / ADD me
POSE: BunnyBon Poprock – Sit



PAPERS: LAGOM – Glitched – Paper rain [01] [Lootbox] 
FRAME: hive // watch horror movies sign
SHELF: DRD – Series 01 – Clock Shelf – Dark [Shadow Box]




Featured Events & Creators:

WHIMSICAL: Open until 18th September – website – flickr 
– Squirrels by La Baguette / come in 4 colours / 7 versions of each colour
– Fruit Basket by Serenity Style / Jules Fall Collection / Gacha
– Ama / Notos Rings / Bento Maitreya & Vista

THE FANTASY COLLECTIVE: Open until 22nd August – website – flickr
Cubic Cherry / Odin Eyepatch / 4 leather & 4 metal options
– bubble / arrowhead earring / 6 metal and 10 stone options
– OXIDE / Wayfinder Necklace / customisation hud
– HEXtraordinary / Viking Standing Stones / 4 types

FaMESHed – 1st September to 27th September – website – flickr
le fil casse / Lysette Romper / Maitreya / Freya / Hourglass/ Isis / 22 colours

SaNaRae – 26th August to 18th September – website – flickr
– barberyumyum / L01 Hair / Rigged / 2 sizes
– NINI:3 / Hazy Collection / Eyes & Appliers

Limit8 – 18th September to 13th October – website – flickr
an lar [poses] / The Pip Mini Series / 2 other pose sets available


BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
SKIN:  [theSkinnery] Olga (Catwa Applier) snow [Collabor88]
NOSEBLEED: Clemmm – Nosebleeds ALL
LIPPY: .ARISE. Cold Lips / 8 Catwa Applier


HAIR: *barberyumyum*L01(FAT) Ssize [SaNaRae]
EYES: NINI:3 Hazy collection Full pack HUD_CATWA (wear) [SaNaRae]
EYEPATCH: [Cubic Cherry] {Odin} eyepatch [The Fantasy Collective]
EARRINGS: [ bubble ] Arrowhead Earring [The Fantasy Collective]
NECKLACE: OXIDE Wayfinder Necklace [The Fantasy Collective]
ROMPER: {le fil casse} Lysette Romper Maitreya [FaMESHed]
RINGS: Ama. : Notos Rings : Maitreya {Experimental} [Whimsical]
SCRATCHES: -[TWC]- Survivor -Hurt- *Maitreya*
POSE: an lar [poses] The Pip Mini Series – One [Limit8]



TREES: LAGOM – Rune Tree [The Fantasy Collective] 
STONE 1: *HEXtraordinary* Viking Standing Stone – Einn [The Fantasy Collective] 
STONE 2: *HEXtraordinary* Viking Standing Stone – Brir [The Fantasy Collective] 
STONE 3: *HEXtraordinary* Viking Standing Stone – Tvier [The Fantasy Collective] 
BASKETS: Serenity Style- Jules Fall Fruit Baskets [Whimsical] 
SQUIRREL 1: [La Baguette] Squirrel /Demanding Stand/ ~ White [Whimsical] 
SQUIRREL 2: [La Baguette] Squirrel /Busy Stand/ ~ White [Whimsical] 
SQUIRREL 3: [La Baguette] Squirrel /Asleep/ ~ White [Whimsical]


I could save you


The Crystal Heart Festival, Offbeat & CURELESS… 
Not long left at this magical event but there’s so much pretty stuff I still haven’t managed to show you! I’m wearing the romantic moon eyes by Offbeat which come in five colours and have a beautiful moon motif.

I’m wearing CURELESS’ awesome set for the event, Eternal Senshi which includes the bodysuit, gloves, ribbons and bow. The fatpack hud for this set is huge with lots of customisation options and a range of pretty colours.

The Epiphany… 
My pretty lipstick and body tattoo are by MOMOCHUU at The Epiphany, their gacha set is so pretty and includes clothing, makeup and accessories.

My swishy hair is a rare in Sintiklia’s Hidden Treasure gacha set, there’s a styler hud available for the hair which includes the movement version as well as normal options.


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Stage 002: Mysterious Forest… 
The pretty pastel mushrooms by TeaBunny and my pose by K&S are both at this whimsical event. The mushrooms are available in three tone packs, cools (shown), warms and blacks and in single and cluster versions.

Indie Teepee…
Last but not least the bubble decor is by DDD at Indie Teepee, you must also check out their wearable bubbles at the event, I’ve had great fun floating around on them!


HEAD: .CATWA HEAD Catya v2.16
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
SKIN: Atelier Pepe – Powder Pack – Ashley


HAIR: Sintiklia – Hair Krystal RARE 1-2 [The Epiphany]
BROWS: .ARISE. Kano Brows / Black Catwa Applier [Okinawa Summer Festival]
EYES: . offbeat . romantic moon eyes : color 02 [The Crystal Heart Festival]
GEMS: Ama. : Lunar Gems
TATTOO: :: MOMOCHUU :: GUMI dear Tattoo Blusher – [omega] RARE [The Epiphany]
BODYSUIT: CURELESS [+] Eternal Senshi / Bodysuit / FATPACK [The Crystal Heart Festival]
GLOVES: CURELESS [+] Eternal Senshi / Gloves / FATPACK [The Crystal Heart Festival]
BOW: CURELESS [+] Eternal Senshi / WaistBow / FATPACK [The Crystal Heart Festival]
RIBBONS: CURELESS [+] Eternal Senshi / Strands / FATPACK [The Crystal Heart Festival]
POSE: <K&S> Mystery Pose 2 [Mysterious Forest]



MUSHROOMS: .TeaBunny. SimpleShroom-Cluster [5, 3LI]{Cool} [Mysterious Forest]
BUBBLES: [DDD] Bubble Clusters (No Shift Copy) [Indie Teepee]



STAGE 002 – MYSTERIOUS FOREST: Opens 22nd July – website – flickr 
INDIE TEEPEE: Open until 6th August – website – flickr  – facebook
THE EPIPHANY: Open until 15th August – website – flickr
THE CRYSTAL HEART FESTIVAL: Open until 31st July – website – flickr
OKINAWA SUMMER FESTIVAL: Open until 8th August


Pain’s Beauty


I’m wearing…

[monso] My Hair – Hayeong_S /Black&White – Collabor88

{Belial} horns – snow S .::Cubic Cherry::. – We Love Roleplay 
Pretty new horns by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations which come in the small version I’m wearing and large which attach to the sides of your head, you can wear both together! They come in four colour options.

Skin Applier…
CURELESS [+] Serotonine / BODY & HEAD APPLIERS – Soon @ The Season’s Story

.:Soul:. Uni Ears [v2] – Rogue Elf – The Labyrinth

Ama. : Growing Within : Omega HUD – Memento Mori
Ama. : Growing Within :  Chest {Female} – Memento Mori
Ama. : Growing Within : Calf R {Female} – Memento Mori
Ama. : Growing Within : Face 1 – Memento Mori
Ama. : Growing Within : Thigh {Female} – Memento Mori
Ama. : Growing Within : Wrist L {Female} – Memento Mori
Ama. : Growing Within : Wrist R {Female} – Memento Mori 
These unusual wounds from Ama come with omega appliers and tattoo layers. The flower attachments come with their own hud with two colour options.

OPERATE Caitlyn Necklace – Silver – The Project Se7en

*Tentacio* Raven wings bone – Memento Mori 
These wings by Tentacio are awesomely creepy, they come in 3 colour options, I’ve gone with bone here.

02{Aarya} ribbon arm L  -pastel- (white) .::Cubic Cherry::. – Memento Mori
02{Aarya} ribbon arm R  -pastel- (white) .::Cubic Cherry::. – Memento Mori
05{Aarya} ribbon feet R white  .::Cubic Cherry::. – Memento Mori

The Annex – Lili Camisk – White – Maitreya – The Labyrinth

Pose & Skull Prop…
Le Poppycock *Dark Promises* Requiem (Skull) [WEAR] – The Labyrinth
Le Poppycock have released a fantastic new pose/prop set at The Labyrinth. They are dark and spooky in theme with props like this skull, ravens and daggers. The poses themselves are very well made and very inspirational for photos.



Skeleton Frames…
DRD BDH – Dahlia’s Remains 1 – The Black Dahlia Hunt
DRD BDH – Dahlia’s Remains 2 – The Black Dahlia Hunt
DRD BDH – Dahlia’s Remains 3 – The Black Dahlia Hunt
The Black Dahlia Hunt is on right now at the DRD main store with tons of cool bits and bobs to hunt down including these skeleton bits!

E.V.E Sugarflies {White with Violette/Tile lights} – The Labyrinth

[ keke ] secrets garden flower – maxi – soon @ The Forest
[ keke ] secrets garden flower – glitter 1 – soon @ The Forest
These pretty flowers come in various size options and with/without glitter, I love Kean’s imagination so much, these look like they come from a dream!

::Static:: Dreamsnare – 13 – The Gacha Guardians
::Static:: Dreamsnare – 16 RARE – The Gacha Guardians


Event Details…

Memento Mori – Open now! – websiteflickr
The Project Se7en – Open until 30th October – websiteflickr
The Season’s Story – Opens 10th October – websiteflickr
The Gacha Guardians – Open until 31st October – website – flickr
The Labyrinth – Opens October 8th – website – flickr
We Love Roleplay – Open until 31st October – websiteflickr
The Forest – Opens 11th October
Collabor88 – Open until 6th November



Inertia is my perfect angel, I love doing shoots with her, we make magic together ❤

I’m in love with Belle Epoque’s amazing Faith Headpiece (right) which will be released at The Fantasy Collective on 22nd March. The headpiece comes in white (shown here), pink, blue and black. It’s unrigged and resizable and absolutely gorgeous!

My shoes are new at Kustom 9 by The Forge, the Fluer heels are very delicate and pretty with wonderful floral detailing on the heel. They come with a texture hud to change the various parts with a lovely colour selection and there are both Slink and Maitreya fits available.

Don’t forget that Hairology is still open, I’m wearing Mina’s Eloise hair, it’s lovely and wavy and windswept on one side in a very natural way which I really like.

We’re both wearing the fabulous new CATWA applier by KOOQLA, out now at Skin Fair. Yet another beautiful face which gives the CATWA heads a wonderfully different look. I’m wearing Clemmm’s Tired Glitter Lips for a darker look, my new favourite lippy!

I’m wearing…

@ The Fantasy Collective (Opens 22nd March)…
Belle Epoque { Faith Headpiece } White

@ Hairology…
MINA Hair – Eloise 01 (materials)

@ Skin Fair…
KOOQLA – Ember (02)
Clemmm – Tired Glitter Lips / ALL *Catwa*

@ Kustom 9…
[The Forge] Fluer Heels, (Mait)

@ The Mens Dept…
{anc} Parasite Nose-cuff. [aluminum white]

@ Collabor88…
Tee*fy Blossom Ruffles Shorts _ Maitreya -White

Ama. : Mud Splatter : Maitreya
Zibska – Alaina ~ Necklace
Meva Claws silver Maitreya
CATWA HEAD Jessica v4.8
[KoKoLoReS] The Vixen Giftpack – 001 (pose – edited)


Inertia is wearing…

@ Skin Fair…
Kooqla Ember Porcelain

@ We Love Roleplay…
Clemmm – I’m Tired / Red Bloodshot -Concave-
DRD dead religion headdress light

@ Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair…

@ Collabor88…
Tee*fy Blossom Ruffles Shorts V1 _ Maitreya -White

@ Kustom 9…
.02 [ kunst ] – Nardh Septum Keeper / silver

ROQUAI sko 3 (pose)


Event Details…

Skin Fair – Open until 27th March – Sim 1Sim 2websiteflickr
We Love Roleplay – Open until 31st March websiteflickr
Hairology – Open until 31st March website flickr
The Fantasy Collective – Open until 15th February websiteflickr
Collabor88 – Open until 6th April
Kustom 9 – Open until 10th April
The Mens Dept – Open until 31st March

An Angel to save me