Pr!tty @ The Chapter Four 
Avy & Cher Hairs / Rigged and unrigged versions included

Moon Amore @ Collabor88 
Sunset Socks & Flats / 10 colours available / HUD to change metal & lace / Fatpack includes HUD to mix and match everything

The Season’s Story:  Open 10th to  31st October – website – flickr
CURELESS / Atropine Skins / 2 tones available / CATWA & Omega Head appliers / Maitreya & Omega Body appliers
Bossie / Miki Eyebrows / CATWA / LeLutka / Omega / 5 Options included / tintable
MOMOCHUU / Ichika Blusher HUD / CATWA / 2 options included
*(OO)*YUKI / Koda Gacha / Skin / Makeup / Accessories / 20 commons / 2 rares / CATWA
Cubic Cherry / Eiko Cropped Sweater / 12 Colours Available with 3 options included / Maitreya & Hourglass Rigged / Halloween gift version also available
Violetility / Autumn Lantern / 2 versions included, with or without projectors

The Secret Hideout: Open 8th to 31st October – website – flickr
okkbye / Dawn Eyelashes / CATWA / 5 options included
NINI:3 / Ducky Eyes Gacha / Mesh Eyes / Rare HUD

The Liaison Collaborative: 7th to 30th October – website – flickr
Luane’s World / Magic Moments Pose / Includes mirrored version
Sway’s / Pumpkin Carving Set / Decor

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
HAIR: pr!tty – Avy – :rigged: [The Chapter Four]
SKIN:  CURELESS[+] Atropine Skin / PORCELAIN / CATWA APPLIERS [The Season’s Story]
 Bossie. miki eyebrows [catwa] [The Season’s Story]
EYELASHES: [okkbye] dawn eyelashes (catwa) [The Secret Hideout]
EYE APPLIERS: NINI:3 Ducky collection Full pack HUD_CATWA [The Secret Hideout]
 :: MOMOCHUU :: Ichika blusher Hud [CATWA] [The Season’s Story]
NOSEBLEED: Clemmm – Nosebleeds ALL


FLOWER: *(OO)*YUKI_Koda Flower 01 (Mouth) [The Season’s Story]
SWEATER: [Cubic Cherry] {Eiko} crop sweater HALLOWEEN TSS gift [The Season’s Story]
RING: Schadenfreude Toothsome Ring (l) ***hunt gift*** [The Nightmare]
SHORTS: *COCO*_StretchCottonShorts(Grey)_MT
SOCKS/SHOES: :Moon Amore: Sunset / flats & socks / FATPACK [Collabor88]
POSE: :LW: Poses – Magic Moments – female pose [The Liaison Collaborative]



STUMP: Sway’s [Pumpkin Carving] Stump Seat B [The Liaison Collaborative]
CRATE: Sway’s [Pumpkin Carving] Crate with Pumpkins [The Liaison Collaborative]
BUCKET: Sway’s [Pumpkin Carving] Bucket [The Liaison Collaborative]
KNIFE: Sway’s [Pumpkin Carving] Knife [The Liaison Collaborative]
SCRAPS: Sway’s [Pumpkin Carving] Pumpkin Scraps [The Liaison Collaborative]
BOWL: Sway’s [Pumpkin Carving] Pumpkin Bowl [The Liaison Collaborative]
PUMPKIN 1: Sway’s [Pumpkin Carving] Carved Pumkin C [The Liaison Collaborative]
PUMPKIN 2: Sway’s [Pumpkin Carving] Carved Pumkin B [The Liaison Collaborative]
LANTERN: Violetility – Autumn Lantern [The Season’s Story]
FLYING LEAVES: +Half-Deer+ Fallen Leaves – Autumn – Big Group




HEAD: .CATWA HEAD Catya v2.14
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
EARS: BentBox Sylvan Ears  – Small


HAIR: pr!tty – Alessia – :fitted:/ [The Secret Hideout]
BROWS: Wednesday[+] ~ B&W Brows ~ COMMON [The Secret Hideout]
LASHES: Wednesday[+] ~ Lashes ~ COMMON [The Secret Hideout] 
EYES: :Conviction: Wasted Eyes & Makeup [HUD] [The Dark Style Fair]
EYE MAKEUP: Izzie’s – CATWA – Applier Aegyo Sal Hud
LIPSTICK: Wednesday[+] ~ WetLips ~ Set 2 COMMON [The Secret Hideout]
TEARS: CURELESS [+] Collyrium Tears / CLEAR
DRESS: Violent Seduction – Fleur (Purple) [The Secret Hideout]
CUFFS: .Quirky. – Delicate Cuffs – Black [The Secret Hideout]
RINGS: [ContraptioN] Desideratus Rings *???* maitreya bento [Memento Mori]
POSE: FOXCITY. Dolls VOL2-5 (Fatpack exclusive) [The Secret Hideout]



HEAD 1: comet. +decapitated {postmortem} + [Memento Mori]
HEAD 2: comet. +decapitated {usako} + [Memento Mori]
HEAD 3: comet. +decapitated {frostbite} + [Memento Mori]
GRAVESTONES: –Culco– Bleak House – Gravestones 1 to 6
POLES: Sway’s [Herold] Iron Fence – pillar . black
TREES: +Half-Deer+ Deadwood Tree – All



THE SECRET HIDEOUT: Open until 21st May – websiteflickr
MEMENTO MORI: Open until 27th May – websiteflickr
THE DARK STYLE FAIR: Open until 22nd May


As spring stirs and sighs its first warm breath…

…we’ll sit and watch the world grow…


…then sleep away the balmy afternoon…



HOUSE: hive // daisy’s cottage RARE [The Arcade]
GAZEBO: hive // daisy’s dainty gazebo RARE [The Arcade]
WHEELBARROW: hive // weathered wheelbarrow [dark] [The Arcade]
BIRDHOUSE: hive // large birdhouse [The Arcade]
FENCE WITH SIGN: hive // fresh flower fence [light] [The Arcade]
TULIP JUG: hive // fresh tulips [red] [The Arcade]
EMPTY POTS: hive // extra pots [The Arcade]
FENCE: hive // garden fence [The Arcade]
PLANT STAND: hive // plant stand [The Arcade]
SMALL POT: hive // new sprout [The Arcade]
CHAIR: Kalopsia – Bibi’s Chair – Blanket [The Arcade]
CHIMINEA: Kalopsia – Bibi’s Chiminea [The Arcade]
CAN PLANT 1: Kalopsia – Bibi’s Can Plant – Green/Orange [The Arcade]
CAN PLANT 2: Kalopsia – Bibi’s Can Plant – Blue/Purple [The Arcade]
LANTERN: Kalopsia – Bibi’s Lantern – Blue [The Arcade]
STRING LIGHTS: Kalopsia – Bibi’s Lights [The Arcade]
BENCH: 6 – DRD – Vagabond – Smokers Bench – One c/m [The Arcade]
BARREL: 9 – DRD – Vagabond – Barrel Table c/m [The Arcade]
POST: 4 – DRD – Vagabond – Light Post c/m [The Arcade]
TOPIARY: Sway’s [Spring Gazebo] Topiary – cone . terracotta (c) [The Arcade]
PETALS: Sway’s [Spring Gazebo] Petals – random . red (c) [The Arcade]
LARGE POT: 22769 – Thyme Pot White – COMMON [The Arcade]
FLOWER BOWL: 22769 – Flower Bowl Brown – COMMON [The Arcade]
POTTING BENCH: {vespertine} green means life –  potting bench / robins egg -15 [The Arcade]
SMALL POT ON BENCH: {vespertine} green means life – cup clover 1 [The Arcade]
WATERING CANS: {vespertine} green means life – watering cans – 12 [The Arcade]
BICYCLE: Soy. Abandoned Memorys – Bicycle [Heavy Rust] – copy [The Arcade]
DOGLET: JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 14. Sleepy Adult [The Arcade]
CAKE: ionic : Party Cake [Choco] [The Chapter Four]
MOON DECOR: ionic : Hanging Moon Phases [gold] [The Chapter Four]
LARGE POT NR BENCH: ionic : Interior plant [The Chapter Four]
LARGE POT ON BENCH: ionic : Clover little plant [The Chapter Four]
HARE: Jinx : March Hare – Sitting [The Chapter Four]
DIVIDER: [ keke ] simple garden divider . green
GRASS 1: *a* Puck : taupe
GRASS 2: HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass03 – yellow green
GRASS 3: [we’re CLOSED] grass field dry 01 – random
TREES: *alirium* tiny forest : green



THE ARCADE: Open until 31st March – websiteflickr
THE CHAPTER FOUR: Open until 24th March – websiteflickr



No words today, I’ll just leave you to enjoy all of this beautiful décor 🙂


@ No 21…
Kalopsia – Briony’s Couch – PG
Kalopsia – Briony’s Rug
Kalopsia – Briony’s Curtains – Chevron
Kalopsia – Briony’s Curtains – Plain
Kalopsia – Briony’s Picture – Moon

@ Kustom 9…
Kalopsia – Charlize’s Cactus – Long
Kalopsia – Charlize’s Boxes

@ Shiny Shabby…
DRD Gardenhouse old chest
DRD Gardenhouse clocks
DRD Gardenhouse flowerpot 1

hive // corkscrew willow jug
hive // love you like the sea frame

@ Collabor88…
+Half-Deer+ Ceiling Drapes – Low – Shabby Chic
+Half-Deer+ Ceiling Drapes – Low – Damask Light
+Half-Deer+ Pom Pom Garland – Monochrome – Short/Vertical

@ Whimsical…
!gO! Love my doll 2 – Black Horse on Wheels RARE
Sway’s [Liam] Feather decor – branch . natural / RARE
07{Stillness} flowerpot cream .::Cubic cherry ::.
Air_Lacrima ligno_gold C(Y=3, Li1)_CM
*AF* Flower Cart Daisies
*AF* Flower Cart Lavender
SAYO – Bungalow Retreat Gacha – Succulents
[n.i] repurposed.chalkboard


Event Details…

Whimsical – Open until 8th June websiteflickr
ULTRA – Open until 15th June websiteflickr
No 21 – Open until 11th June
Kustom 9 – Open until 10th June
Shiny Shabby – Open until 15th June
Collabor88 – Open until 6th June




Hi lovelies! I’ve finally had my internet connected at the new house so I’ll be back up to full blogging speed shortly. I have an absolute mountain of stuff to get through so bear with me!

Today I was super keen to get stuck into We Love Roleplay’s new round and found this beautiful dress by Meva, the Sun Moon Star Dress. This has beautiful detailing at the waist and neck and comes in six beautiful colours. The lovely fencing is by Sway’s, also at We Love Roleplay as well as my scar tattoo by The White Crow.

The Gacha Guardians event is now in full swing and this gorgeous Temple Swing is the Gift of the Guardians prize from Astralia, it comes with a hud to change the theme between dark and light colours and with several beautiful poses built in. As a reminder, you get tickets to claim these prizes for each 10 pulls of a single gacha machine plus a full collection of rune stones which you’ll find at each store in the event.

Other items at The Gacha Guardians are the beautiful rose chairs by Neverwish, a rare item in their Funky Furniture set, the crystals by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations, my pretty tiara by ChicChica. and my awesome curls by MINA.

The Project Se7en is also going strong, I’m wearing the lovely event gift by Zenith, the Dreamy Wings which come with a colour change hud for four colours in total, like you need another excuse to visit!

You know by now how much I love using lights in my pictures, Death Row Designs have given me a fantastic opportunity to do this again with their Industrial Lights set at The Chapter Four. I’ve used here the string bulbs and mason jars, my favourites in the set but there are various other options including wall lamps, single bulbs and light groups.

I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m wearing a new head! This beauty is Histamine by Cureless for The Season’s Story which opens in just a few days time. The head comes in two options, basic skin and allergic which I’m wearing today. The head has mesh eyelashes included and two teeth options as well. It also comes with various body appliers for all your meshy needs, it’s not OMEGA compatible right now but Kaorinette has said that the intention is to release an OMEGA version at some point so please bear this in mind when buying. The included skin is gorgeous in any case and if you love Cureless then you won’t be disappointed.

I’m wearing…

@ We Love Roleplay…
Meva Moon Star Dress  White XXS
-[TWC]- Still Burning -Light- *Maitreya*

@ The Season’s Story (Opens 10th April)…
CURELESS [+] Histamine / MESH HEAD / With Ears

@ The Gacha Guardians…
:::ChicChica::: Diadem
MINA Hair – Bridget

@ The Project Se7en…
=Zenith=Dreamy Wings (4Colors) NO animation

@ Dreams Gacha Fair (Opens 6th April)…
BE { Itzel Gloves } White

Maitreya Mesh Body Lara
IKON – Triumph Eyes – Apex



@ We Love Roleplay…
Sway’s [Herold] Iron Fence – fence with 2 pillar . silver

@ The Chapter Four…
DRD-industrial lights – string bulbs
DRD-industrial lights – masonjars

@ The Gacha Guardians…
*NW* Rose Chair – Black – RARE
14{Whimsical Garden} crystals white .::Cubic Cherry::.
Astralia – Maya temple swing (TREASURE PRIZE)


Event Details…

The Gacha Guardians – Open now! – flickrwebsite
The Project Se7en – Open until 30th April flickrwebsite
We Love Roleplay – Open until 30th Aprilwebsiteflickr
Dreams Gacha Fair – Opens 6th April
The Chapter Four – Open until 21st April

The Garden of Dark and Light



Hi lovelies! Just a quick one today to show off the awesome Mechalloween gacha set by BAMSE which will be at Wayward Halloween from tomorrow. It’s no secret to you all that I love his creations and this gacha set is one of the best yet! The set includes the goggles, septum, earrings and the rare necklace. All pieces are available in four colours, gold, silver, black and the copper version I’m wearing here. The machine will be just 50L a play so make sure you stop by and try your luck!

Also at Wayward Halloween you’ll find the creepy hand candle holder, part of Tannhauser’s set and the halloween bats garland by Sway’s.

My lovely goat friend is from Nomad’s Gothic Diva set at TAG! Gacha from 17th October. The Goat Taxidermy is the rare item in the set and I love him!

I’m wearing…

Body: Coco – Doll Bodysuit Black Pattern, Monster Limbs Nude, Head 001V

Hair: Due – Kojima (The Kawaii Project)

Pose: Eternal Dream – Survive or Die 10 (Totally Top Shelf)

BAMSE – Mechalloween Set (soon @ Wayward Halloween):

Bat Goggles, Crow Skull Nosering, Sparkly Earring, Steam Spider Necklace RARE ** all in Copper **



Goat: Nomad – Gothic Diva – Goat Taxidermy RARE (soon @ TAG! Gacha)

Bats: Sway’s – [Boo] Halloween Garland – Bat (soon @ Wayward Halloween)

Candle: TANNHAUSER – The Hand Candelabrum (soon @ Wayward Halloween)


Event Details…

TAG! Gacha: Opens 17th October – website flickr

Wayward Halloween: Opens 16th October – website – flickr

Totally Top Shelf: Open until 22nd October – websiteflickr 

The Kawaii Project: Open until 10th November



Serene Skies

28.05.15 - Serene Skies

The Little Branch never fail to amaze me with their gorgeous trees and flowers, they’re always so pretty and wonderfully made. At Shiny Shabby this month they have released these wonderful orange trees, the orange flowers and daisies are also by Little Branch and are available at their store.

The outdoor sofa is by Vagabond for uber, I’m showing the light version, the pillows are texture changeable which is a great feature. My shoes (which I’ve kicked off here to dip my toes in the water) are by Pure Poison, also at uber. They fit slink and maitreya feet, I love the jewel colours on these, they have a really nice summery feel about them.

My dress is by Luminary for We ❤ Roleplay, you need to hurry for this one as there are only a couple of days left in this round! This dress has wonderful detailing as you can see, I’m wearing the “sea” colour here.

Location: Ippos


I’m wearing…

Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V3.3

Head: Lelutka – Stella

Ears: Mandala – Simple Elf Ears

Appliers: YS&YS – Ginny – Tone 1 (Shiny Shabby)

Hair: Truth – Ishya (uber)

Dress: Luminary – Meabh – Sea (We Roleplay)

Shoes: Pure Poison – Amber Sandals (uber)



Trees: The Little Branch – Orange Trees – Young (Shiny Shabby)

Flowers: The Little Branch – Orange Flowers / Daisy Field

Sofa: Vagabond – Aja’s Outdoor Sofa – Light (uber)

Ottoman: Cheeky Pea – Lotus Spa Ottoman – Brown (uber)

Lights: Cheeky Pea – Lotus Spa Pendant Light (uber)

String Lights: Cheeky Pea – Lotus Spa String Lights (uber)

Candle Tray: Sway’s – Sadaf – Tray with Candles (uber)

Cups & Books: Kalopsia – Antique Tea Cart Set

Tea Caddy: Erratic – An English Afternoon – Darjeeling Leaf Tea Box

Goat: Half-Deer – Goat Bros

Fawns: Half-Deer – Quiet Fawn & Sleeping Fawn – Maple (The Home Show)

Bottles: 8f8 – Milk Bottles **gift at December’s Arcade**


Event Details…

We Role-Play: Open until 31st May – websiteflickr

The Home Show: Open until 31st May – websiteflickr

Shiny Shabby: Open Now!!!

Uber: Open until 23rd June