I have a ton of cute new stuff to share with you today so let’s get started!

It’s been a while since we had a new skin from CURELESS but oh my, d.Stramonium was well worth the wait! She’s a CATWA applier with/without brows and with a red lipstick option too, she’s really beautiful as you can see, the lips are just amazing. You’ll find this beauty at The Kawaii Project which opens on 20th May.

Moving on, I’m wearing some bits and bobs from ROMP, the shrug is from Cubic Cherry’s Mian set which also includes pants and pasties. This set comes in latex and plain versions and in four colour options. The long sleeves on the shrug are adorable! The undies I’m wearing are also brand new for ROMP by Violent Seduction, top quality as usual and fitted for Maitreya, this set is a real treat. This set comes in colors, latex, monochrome, nudes, pastels and pinks with a little hud for each set with four colour choices.

The hair I’m wearing is a beautiful long style by pr!tty for the current round of Enchantment which is Rapunzel themed! You’ll also find my necklace and belt there, they’re by Una and part of a larger set.

Look at my gorgeous fluffy ice-cream purse! I really want one of these in rl too! This one is by Sweet Thing and is out now at Kustom 9. The fatpack is on offer for the price of a single colour for the duration of the event and includes options for the cone, ice-cream and details.

The little pet is another marvellous creation by comet, who make the most adorable creatures. This lovely is for Whimsical which opens on 18th May and is a rare in the dreamy slugs gacha set.

The lovely sofa I’m reclining on is by Half-Deer at Collabor88. It comes in four colours and with lots of poses included. My pretty sparkles are new by Cole’s Corner for The Secret Affair, there are also kawaii cupcakes and sushi sticker versions available.

Wow! I kind of crammed a lot in there, didn’t I, you’ll find all the credits below as usual, happy shopping!


HEAD: .CATWA HEAD Catya v2.14
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
EARS: Swallow – Elf Ears HD


HAIR: pr!tty – Endless – :rigged: [Enchantment]
SKIN: CURELESS [+] d.Stramonium / CATWA APPLIERS [The Kawaii Project]
EYES: .tsg. Magic Eyes *OMEGA* *FATPACK* [Cutie Loot]
FACE STICKERS: +Half-Deer+ Starry Girl Face Stickers – Rainbow
NECKLACE: Una Rapunzel – Collar pearl [Enchantment]
SHRUG: [Cubic Cherry] {Mian} shrug latex white (maitreya) [ROMP]
BRA: Violent Seduction – Harmonia Bra (Nudes) [ROMP]
PANTS: Violent Seduction – Harmonia Panties (Nudes) [ROMP]
BELT: Una Rapunzel – Fajin pearl Transparent [Enchantment]
BODY BLUSH: -[TWC]- Rainbow Blush *Maitreya*
PARTICLES: *CC* – Harajuku Party – Arcade Hearts (add me) [The Secret Affair]
La Jolie Rose – Rose Pose 2



SOFA: +Half-Deer+ Bunnylove Sofa – Lace Floral – Family [Collabor88]
PET: comet. + RARE princessy slug + {bloo} [Whimsical]
ICE CREAM PURSE: Sweet Thing. Ice Cream Parlour Purse [Kustom 9]



THE KAWAII PROJECT: Opens 20th May – websiteflickr
WHIMSICAL: Opens 18th May – websiteflickr
ENCHANTMENT: Open until 31st May
ROMP: Open until 26th May
CUTIE LOOT: Subscription Box
COLLABOR88: Open until 6th June
KUSTOM 9: Open until 10th June
THE SECRET AFFAIR: Open until 29th May


Dark Inside


I’m wearing…

Hair – soon @ SaNaRae…
*PH* disordered hair ///// 3

Dress – soon @ SaNaRae…
AMITOMO / Halloween ideas GACHA / RARE1 / XS

ROQUAI 7C talat



Bed @ ROMP…
hive // gothic wrought iron bed [pg]

Table, Vase & Box @ Uber…
[ keke ] peace is possible table (tinted)
[ keke ] peace is possible cloth (tinted)
[ keke ] army oil bottle w berries
[ keke ] a box of peace (tinted)

Birds @ The Kawaii Project…
+Half-Deer+ Black Baby Bird – Large Group

Wheelchair – soon @ SaNaRae…
C.ment :: wheel chair

{anc} cracked glass (mist) [crash-vend line] 2Li
{anc} cracked glass  (mist) [flat-circle-A] 3Li


Event Details…

The Kawaii Project – Open until 15th November – websiteflickr
SaNaRae – Opens 26th October – websiteflickr
ROMP – Open until 29th October
Uber – Open until 23rd November


It’s never enough…


It’s time to pray to the gacha gods for luck as a new round of The Epiphany opens tomorrow! I say this every round but this one is going to be something special! The new round opens tomorrow, 15th October at 10pm SLT.

I’m wearing…

Hair – soon @ The Epiphany…
Moon. Hair. // Inbetween Days
This beautiful, thick, over the shoulder braid by Moon will be released as a gacha set at The Epiphany

Eyes – soon @ The Epiphany…
Izzie’s – Lua Evil Eyes (R) fire mesh
Izzie’s – Lua Evil Eyes (L) white demon mesh

Finger Syringes & Hand Appliers – soon @ The Epiphany…
Wednesday[+] ~ Krueger Fingers Red Maitreya L size : 10 RARE
Wednesday[+] ~ Krueger Fingers Red Maitreya R size : 10 RARE
Wednesday[+] ~ Krueger Fingers Appliers RARE
Ok, so I’ve been waiting for these babies since I saw them on the store poster and oh wow are they awesome! I’m terrified of needles IRL but for some reason I’m really drawn to the things that scare me in SL. These come fitted for Maitreya and Slink hands.

Outfit & Accessories – soon @ The Epiphany…
CUREMORE / Lovely Clinic / Nurse ID / BLOOD – EXCLUSIVE
CUREMORE / Lovely Clinic / Nurse Headdress / BLOOD
CUREMORE / Lovely Clinic / Angelic Medic Dress / RARE
CUREMORE / Lovely Clinic / Toy Blood / PURE
I’m super happy to see another collaboration between CURELESS and Moon Amore, two of my favourite brands. The Lovely Clinic set is right up my street with this pretty blood covered dress being one of the rares. It comes with a colour change hud with various bloody/clean options for the dress and details. The hat and blood are common items in the set with the cute ID badge being the exclusive item.

Pose – soon @ ROMP…
an lar [poses] The Viola Series – Four

Skin Applier @ The Season’s Story…

Other Stuffs…
LAQ ~ Mesh Head Trinity 1.5



Blood Bags – soon @ The Epiphany…
Just perfect with CUREMORE’s set, the Blood Stash set by DISORDERLY is another quirky and original idea. October truly is my favourite month with all the bloody and gory items up for grabs.

Blood Splashes…
[n.i] splish.splash.5
[n.i] splish.splash.8
[n.i] splish.splash.11


Event Details…

The Epiphany – Opens 15th October – websiteflickr
The Season’s Story – Open until 31st October – websiteflickr
ROMP – Opens 15th October


My bruises shine



Hair Fair is finally here! There’s so many awesome new styles you really will be in hair heaven. I’m wearing one of Monso’s four new releases for the event, Taeyeon, a super sweet short style with little buns on top. I love the wispy bits framing the face and the short fringe.

Don’t forget that every purchase donates towards Wigs for Kids, a very worthwhile cause that you can read more about on the Hair Fair website, linked below

I’m wearing…

@ Hair Fair…
[monso] My Hair – Taeyeon /Blonde

@ The Epiphany…
-Pixicat- Thorn.Rope (Maitreya) RARE
00{Flutter} butterfly excl. bliss .::Cubic Cherry::. (excl.

@ The Kawaii Project…
[PF] Bambi <Crystal> – CATWA Head Applier – FATPACK


an lar [poses] The Jessie Series – Three

@ The Secret Affair…
**CC** – Cosmic Consciousness Aura (Innocence)

@ Origami…
CURELESS [+] Ofuda Charms / Akuryou Taisan I
CURELESS [+] Ofuda Charms / Akuryou Taisan II

@ Collabor88…
*katat0nik* (LT) Arm Straps
*katat0nik* (RT) Arm Straps

@ Japonica…
*N*MizuUchiwa Higanbana#3-C

CURELESS [+] Doll Arms Antennae (FLF Item)
*N*Berry Mouth Acce Red


@ The Epiphany…
01{Flutter} setting free Gold .::Cubic Cherry::. RARE
08{Flutter} butterfles group Bliss .::Cubic Cherry::.


Event Details…

The Epiphany – Open until 15th August – websiteflickr
The Kawaii Project – Open until 10th August – website – flickr
ULTRA – Open until 15th August websiteflickr
Hair Fair – Open until 31st July – websiteflickr
ROMP – Open until 29th July
The Secret Affair – Open until 29th July
Collabor88 – Open until 6th August
Japonica – Open until 25th July
Origami – Open until 31st August



M.BIRDIE are back with another gorgeous gacha set for The Epiphany, the School Look gacha contains all sorts of adorable uniform pieces. I’m wearing the RARE Candy jacket/top with posed hands and lollipop, one of the common skirts and backpack and ribbon accessories.

I’ve teamed this with another fabulous Hairology release, Maci by pr!tty, and lovely new boots by Wicca’s Wardrobe for We Love Roleplay. As you can see they work perfectly well for everyday looks as well as for roleplay.

Kalopsia have come out with Tamsin’s Office Set for Kustom 9, I’ve used every piece here to properly show off this pretty set. The desk is my favourite piece, I wish I had one this pretty in RL!

The yummy looking kiwi tart is part of Nefarious Inventions’ brunchtime regrets set for The Epiphany, it’s packed full of delicious looking treats! I hope to show you more of this set in a later post.

My pose is part of another new five pose set by An Lar, out now at ROMP. Because of my posed arms you can’t see the full effect of the pose here but this is a very cute set and well worth checking out.

I’m wearing…

@ Hairology…
pr!tty – Maci – {Rootless}

@ We Love Roleplay…
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Gypsy Boots [Black] S

@ The Epiphany…
`M.BIRDIE / School Look f/w F.4Candy S RARE
`M.BIRDIE / School Look f/w F.skirt1 C-S
`M.BIRDIE / School Look f/w F.backpack B1
`M.BIRDIE / School Look f/w F.ribbon C

an lar [poses] The Lola Series – One



@ Kustom 9…
Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Boxes
Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Chair
Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Desk
Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Frames
Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Notepad
Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Paper Files
Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Pencils Pot
Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Pile of Books
Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Table Plant
Kalopsia – Tamsin’s Wall Arrows
Kalopsia – Tamsin’s World Map

@ The Epiphany…
Jian :: Silly Shibes – Sleepy Pup RARE
Izzie’s – 07 Sign No Boys black

B.C.C-Roxy Bedroom – Bed Vintage Red Check RARE F
junk. ziggy’s retreat.


Event Details…

The Epiphany – Open until 5th May flickrwebsite
We Love Roleplay – Open until 30th Aprilwebsiteflickr
Hairology – Open until 30th April website flickr
Kustom 9 – Open until 10th May
ROMP – Open until 29th April




Salt & Pepper are doing some amazing things with latex lately, I’m wearing the Kelly dress which is one of their new releases for ROMP, opening tomorrow. The dress comes in 8 colours and included with each is a hud to change the metal options and looks incredibly sexy.

The Epiphany is now open and today I’m showing off a few pieces from CURELESS Synthetic Angels set. my mask, boots and halo are just some of the awesome items available, I hope to bring you more of this set in a later post.

My hair is Mysterons by Moon and is out now at Collabor88, I love me some curls and there’s certainly plenty of them here!

Gen-Neutral has just opened too, my cuts and bruises are a new release for the event by The White Crow and come with Maitreya, Omega and Slink appliers. My pose is also at the event, it’s Pinner (mirror) by Swallows & Daggers.

I’m wearing…

@ The Epiphany…
CURELESS [+] Synthetic Angels / Dominion Mask / BLOOD
CURELESS [+] Synthetic Angels / Ophanim Boot L / BLOOD
CURELESS [+] Synthetic Angels / Ophanim Boot R / BLOOD
CURELESS [+] Synthetic Angels / Seraph Halo / BLOOD
+ Amaterasu Bindi (tintable) + {aii}
+ Dragon Breath + {aii}
A.D.D.Andel! Galaxy Eyes- White/Red-Left
A.D.D.Andel! Galaxy Eyes- White/Red-Right
**RE** Bad-Kitty Gloves L&R Pack 1 – RARE
10. VileCult – Mesh Tattoo Moon Center

@ ROMP (Opens 15th April)…
S&P dress Kelly maitreya exp.

@ Collabor88…
Moon. Hair. // Mysterons
*katat0nik* (red) Metal Flower Fan

@ Gen-Neutral…
-[TWC]- Boy *Maitreya*
Swallows & Daggers : Pinner [mirror]



@ The Season’s Story…
Schadenfreude Lacey Flowering Tree


Event Details…
The Epiphany – Open until 5th May flickrwebsite
The Season’s Story – Open until 30th April flickrwebsite
Gen-Neutral – Open until 2nd May websiteflickr
Collabor88 – Open until 6th May
ROMP – Opens 15th April

Gentle Heart



I must apologise for the cheesy title but well, I put the hat on and for whatever reason that song got stuck in my head!

The Forge have the amazing Sky Junker set out at The Epiphany this round and I’m in love with it! The Sky Junker itself is the rare item, the hat I’m wearing is also in the set in four colours as well as the Junker Officer Sword you can just see on my belt. I think these accessories look great with Addams’ Space Warrior set, also at The Epiphany.

My hair is yet another one from Hairology, that event is a hair addict’s dream! This one is by Bold & Beauty, called Anabel and because it’s quite flat to the head it works well with hats.

My Catwa applier is India by La Petite Morte. India is one of my favourite LPM skins so I was really happy to see her made into mesh head appliers. There’s also a Lelutka version available, you’ll find both versions at the current round of The Season’s Story.

My lovely lippy is a limited edition by Zibska called Dwyn for Project Limited which comes with TMP, Lelutka and Catwa appliers. This is one of five Zibska releases at the event which all have limited quantities so if you want them, you’d better hurry!

My pose is from the Sought After Series by An Lar, a set of five flirtatious poses with mirrors that I thought were perfect for this shoot. You can find this pose set at ROMP.

I’m wearing…

@ The Epiphany…
The Forge – Sky Junker – Sky Officer’s Hat – Green, Junker Officer Sword
Addams – Space Warrior – Shorts & Straps Beige, Vest Beige

@ Hairology…
Bold & Beauty – Anabel

@ Project Limited…
Zibska – Dwyn Lips – Catwa

@ The Season’s Story…
La Petite Morte – India Catwa Applier – Tone 1

An Lar – Sought After Series – Five (m)

Slink – Physique Mesh Body, Casual Hands
Catwa – Jessica Mesh Head
Mandala – Simple Elf Ears
Antielle – High School of the Damaged – Rough Senpai RARE



@ The Epiphany…
The Forge – Sky Junker RARE

{anc} – Confetti – Shabby Colours


Event Details…
The Epiphany – Open until 2nd February websiteflickr
Hairology – Open until 31st January websiteflickr
The Season’s Story – Open until 31st January websiteflickr
Project Limited – Open until 25th January
ROMP – Open until 22nd January

Captain of her heart