160417-1-002_001-F COLL


HEAD: .LeLutka.Head.Chloe 2.7
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.0


HAIR: MINA Hair – Inkie [Big ponytail] blogger [The Epiphany]
FROWN LINES: [KoKoLoReS] Frown Lines (mesh) – add me
LASHES: FetchxVeechi – Wisp Eyelash Kit Lelutka RARE [The Epiphany]
TEARS: ALTAIR* loony’s delicious tears
BLOODSHOT EYE: Clemmm – Bloodshot Eye base 1 *Right Eye*
LIPSTICK: Clemmm – Veiled Lips Black *Lelutka*
EARS: *Tentacio* My kawaii ears [Cutie Loot]
CHOKER 1: [Pretty Mess] Open Choker – Black [The Epiphany]
CHOKER 2: [Pretty Mess] Open Choker – Silver [The Epiphany]
SHIRT: . offbeat . blossom yourself : Sakura Shirts (f) Gray Rare [The Season’s Story]
SHORTS: Addams – Lady Denim Short – Maitreya
BOOTS: #EMPIRE – Ixia – Maitreya – High Plateau
POSE: evoLove – Kiss the Rain 6 [The Liaison Collaborative]



BUILD: hive // tabby’s terrace skybox [luxe box exclusive] [Luxe Box]
COUCH: ionic : Striped couch [The Chapter Four]
BOXED PLANT: ionic : Sansevieria plant & lamp [The Chapter Four]
CANVAS: ionic : Canvas on the floor [The Chapter Four]
LAMP: ionic : Luz (lamp) [The Chapter Four]
WALL DECOR: ionic : Bizarre triangle of love [The Chapter Four]
HANGING PLANT: .Birch Hanging Vase – Light Wood [The Chapter Four]
VASE: Ariskea[Birdy] Little Bee Vase [Ivoire] [FaMESHed]
WREATH: Ariskea [ Blossom] Cherry Blossom Wreath [ Soft ] [FaMESHed]
BALLOON 1: Mushilu Heart (Decor) WhiteGold [The Season’s Story]
BALLOON 2: Mushilu Heart (Decor) Blueplants2 [The Season’s Story]
CHAIR & DOGLET: JIAN Splendid Spaniels 2. Master’s Chair RARE [The Epiphany]
SNOOZING DOGLET: JIAN Splendid Spaniels 18. Upside Down Sleeper [The Epiphany]
STOOL: .Olive. & Fiasco the Magical Girly Stuff – White Stool [The Epiphany]
RUG: .Olive. & Fiasco the Magical Girly Stuff – Circle Rug [The Epiphany]
BOOKS: .random.Matter. – Noticed By Senpai – Journals [The Epiphany]
LAPTOP: .random.Matter. – Noticed By Senpai – Laptop [W] [The Epiphany]
LANYARD: .random.Matter. – Noticed By Senpai – Lanyard [P] [The Epiphany]
DONUT 1: +Half-Deer+ Donut Decadence – Mint Chocolate [The Epiphany]
DONUT 2: +Half-Deer+ Donut Decadence – Blueberry [The Epiphany]
CLOCK: [ zerkalo ] Small Things – Clock [The Season’s Story]
PETALS: Fiasco – Windy Petals Pink [The Season’s Story]
SIGN: [ zerkalo ] Small Things – Door Sign [The Season’s Story]


WINDOWS: LAGOM – Conte de fees [Old Windows] #12 [The Season’s Story]
BIRDHOUSE: LAGOM – Conte de fees [Birdhouse Yellow] [The Season’s Story]
TRAILING PLANTS: CR Passion Flower Vines [FaMESHed]
TRELLIS: CR Trellis [FaMESHed]
DECKING: SAYO – Viva Lounge Set – Deck Panel [The Epiphany]
SAKURA TREE: Schadenfreude Lacey Flowering Tree 1LI



FAMESHED: Open until 27th April – websiteflickr
THE EPIPHANY: Opens 15th April – websiteflickr
THE SEASON’S STORY: Open until 30th April – websiteflickr 
THE CHAPTER FOUR: Open until  21st April – websiteflickr
LUXE BOX: Subscription Box
CUTIE LOOT: Subscription Box







I’m wearing…

Hair @ The Coven…
Love [Siren’s Call] Fitted Mesh Hair
Love [Siren’s Call] Bangs + Resizer

Crown @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival…
Mushilu – Crown Acebo Butterflys Monarca RARE

Mouthie @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival…
*N*Trailing abutilon – mouth Wht

Head @ The Chapter Four…
. offbeat . mesh head “nana” : neko smile Rare

Jewelry @ The Chapter Four…
SPELL : Gaya Necklace RARE
SPELL : Half-Moon Earring {gold} L
SPELL : Half-Moon Earring {gold} R
SPELL : Quarzo Rosa Ring
SPELL : Rose Ring {gold}
Spell has an absolutely stunning new gacha set at The Chapter Four called Gaya, I’m wearing a selection of the jewelry pieces from the set but there are lots more to collect. The detail on these pieces is just incredible, I particularly love the rare necklace with those tiny leaves!

Dress @ The Kawaii Project…
[CoD!] “Enferra” babydoll (Maitreya) WHITE

Pose @ The Chapter Four…
Le Poppycock-Windblown



Globe & Display Case @ The Chapter Four…
SPELL : Bird’s Nest Collection Display RARE
SPELL : Ancient Yew Globe RARE
These are the decor pieces from Spell’s Gaya set, both rares are incredibly detailed and beautiful pieces, the globe has a beautiful particle effect which is quite mesmerising to watch.


Event Details…

The Coven – Open until 29th November – website – flickr
The Chapter Four – Open until 21st November – websiteflickr
The Kawaii Project – Open until 15th November – websiteflickr
Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Opens midnight tonight! – websiteflickr


Head in the clouds


Hi lovelies, Hairology event took a break last month due to Hair Fair, but it’s back from tomorrow with a brand new round! I’m wearing Cheveux’ new release for the event, the M086 hair. This is an adorable style with shorter layers around the face and an epic fringe!

Bon Voyage, a brand new event, is taking us on a tour of Japan this round. I’m wearing one of Offbeat’s Tokyo Girl gacha heads, the kkk rare. I adore Offbeat’s heads and these are no exception, there are plenty of common heads as well as 5 rare versions, each rare has a hud to change makeup and hairbase colour.

Also at Bon Voyage you’ll find the Maneki-Neko by Half-Deer. There are several colour options of these lucky cats to collect and they have the cute paw waving animation too! They are resize-able so I’ve made mine a little bigger so you can see the awesome details.

I still have tons to show you from The Crossroads event so thought I’d go for cutesy today with the summer overall by M.I.X. and the Maria Peep Toes by LOTUS. The floaty daybed is also a Crossroads item, by Bokeh as well as the pretty cloud lights by {YD}.

I’m wearing…

@ Bon Voyage…
. offbeat . Tokyo Girl Head Gacha : kkk Rare
CURELESS&DISORDERLY / Akiba Cafe / Oversize Maid Bow / Red
{BunBun} Soda Float – Green Tea – L

@ Hairology (Opens 10th August)…
:CHEVEUX:M086Hair Blondes

@ SaNaRae…
Vibes – Be Near – MINT

@ The Crossroads…
LOTUS. Maria Peep Toe – Princess Edt. (Maitreya)
M.I.X.*summer-overall -S (FAT PACK)



@ The Crossroads…
Bokeh – Kawaii Daybed “Solid” (with shadow)
{YD} Sweet Dreams Party – {lamplight moon and stars 02}.

@ Bon Voyage…
+Half-Deer+ Maneki-Neko (Lucky Cat) – Tri-Color
[atooly.home] tea time .cream.

@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival…
Mushilu – Japan Umbrella (Wear it) Yellow
.ETHEREAL. Floor Pillow – Sakura RARE
Serenity Style- Wooden Butterfly Harlequin
Serenity Style- Wooden Dragonfly Garnet


Event Details…

Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Open until 7th September – websiteflickr
The Crossroads – Open until 28th Augustwebsite – flickr
Bon Voyage – Open until 7th September – websiteflickr
SaNaRae – Open until 18th Augustwebsiteflickr
Hairology – Opens 10th August – websiteflickr


Learning to Fly


Today I have some more loveliness from The Crystal Heart Festival to show you in the form of the very pretty lumisphere bubbles by keke. I’m a sucker for sparkly things and these are right up my street, great for photographers or just to add a bit of shininess to your second life.

My shoulders and tiara are a brand new collaboration by Una & Mushilu for The Project Se7en. They come in four colour options, I’m wearing Crystal Silver here. These pieces are unrigged and resizable for easy fitting and very pretty!

I’m wearing…

@ The Crystal Heart Festival…
[taketomi]_Luna_Fatpack (S;Fitted)

@ The Project Se7en…
Una & Mushilu – Leaf Jewelry – Crystal Silver – Leaf.Tiara
Una & Mushilu – Leaf Jewelry – Crystal Silver – Pad Leaf (two pad)

.aisling. Karishma Chain Bindi {Silver}
.aisling. Karishma Chin {Silver}
.aisling. Karishma Tear L {Silver}
.aisling. Karishma Tear R {Silver}
Birdy – Boho – Arm Chain R – Silver
Birdy – Boho – Arm Chain L – Silver
!bang – Ballerina 2



@ The Crystal Heart Festival…
[ keke ] lumisphere bubles

{anc} forget. Swallow [skyblue] 5Li


Event Details…

The Crystal Heart Festival – Open until 28th July websiteflickr
The Project Se7en – Open until 30th July website flickr



A new round of Whimsical is on the way, May is such a busy month for events! I’m showing you a little preview here of The White Crow’s gacha set for the event, a collection of various bloody scars and tattoos. The rare in the set is this stunning butterflies tattoo which comes with mesh body and omega head appliers.

Moon Elixir has released this lovely latex set at Mesh Body Addicts called Lush. There are also boots and gloves in the set, there’s lots of colour options with this set, I’ve gone with white here. The ruffles on the pants are so cute!

My pretty bouquet is a new release by Naminoke for Creators Collection Box which opens in a few days time. There’s a lovely variety of poses included in the bouquet which can be activated on touch, it can also be worn with no pose if you prefer.

I’m wearing another Hairology hair, this time from Ayashi, one of my favourite hair creators. This is such a cute style with the little buns on top, what I really like about Ayashi is the option to hide the hair accessories on their hairs, although why you’d want to when they look so cute I don’t know.

Most of my décor today is from Enchantment, the toadstools and fairy are by HEXtraordinary, I’ve made him rather large for this shoot and just look how lovely he is! The cute teacup bed is by Cubic Cherry and has lots of poses included.

I’m wearing…

@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival…
::Axix:: Jainna Enchantment RARE

@ Gen-Neutral…
*katat0nik* (fatpack) Buckle Wrist Straps

@ Hairology…
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Nodoka hair-fatpack

@ Mesh Body Addicts…
Moon Elixir – Lush – Maitreya – Bra
Moon Elixir – Lush – Maitreya – Panties

@ Creators Collection Box (Opens 21st May)…
*N*Rose Bouquet female Red_C

@ Whimsical (Opens 18th May)…
-[TWC]- Red Butterfly RARE *Maitreya*
-[TWC]- Red Butterfly RARE *Omega Heads*

CURELESS [+] Baroque Corset Stockings in Bone



@ Enchantment…
*HEXtraordinary* Amanita Mushroom Faerie
*HEXtraordinary* Amanita Mushroom Clutch
{Lil Teacup} bed Cream .::Cubic Cherry ::.
Mushilu – Leafs spring

@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival…
.::DD::. Sanguine Luxury  Petals Red COMMON


Event Details…

Gen-Neutral – Open until 2nd June websiteflickr
Enchantment – Open until 31st May websiteflickr
Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Open until 7th June websiteflickr
Hairology – Open until 30th May website flickr
Whimsical – Opens 18th May – websiteflickr
Creators Collection Box – Opens 21st May
Mesh Body Addicts – Open until 10th June

A fairy’s love



Hey lovelies, I’ve been dying to do a post with Clemmm and Katat0nik’s Gas Mask Gacha from The Epiphany, the event ends in just a few days so hurry hurry! I’m wearing the rare Beasty mask with the white hose and white gas tank backpack. There’s tons of colour options in the set and a few great rares to collect too. The mask itself is resizable so you can get a good fit.

The umbrella is part of a set by Nefarious Inventions at Men Only Monthly. The set has various open and closed versions of the umbrella with poses included and they’re available in red, blue and black with three different handle types. The one shown here is Fowl Weather.

My smexy boots are a new release by Pure Poison, available now at Uber. They come with a colour change hud and in various mesh body fits too. I’m wearing Maitreya here and as you can see, the fit is flawless.

Don’t forget to visit The Secret Affair before 31st January, the light beam is by Mushilu, part of their wooden dining set, the side table is from DRD’s Elven Treehouse Collection and my crown and floating stars are by E.V.E.

The pretty vase with twigs is from Kalopsia, part of Pepper’s Bedroom Set at Lost & Found. The whole set is lovely but I always adore the little bits and bobs like this that Kalopsia put in their sets.

My hair by EMBW and pose by PosESioN are both at the current round of Gen-Neutral, also ending very soon and my Dead Dollz outfit is at The Fantasy Collective.

I’m wearing…

@ The Fantasy Collective…
Dead Dollz – The Countess – Black

@ Gen-Neutral…
EMBW – Vendethiel Hair
PosESioN – Artist 9

@ The Epiphany…
katat0nik & Clemmm – Gas Mask Gacha – Beasty Gas Mask RARE, White Gas Mask Hose RARE, White Gas Tank Backpack

@ The Secret Affair…
E.V.E. – Blackstar – Stars Crown M01 Black Chrome

@ Uber…
Pure Poison – Fiona Boots

Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara
Zibska – Aphra Eyes
Catwa – Jessica Mesh Head



@ The Secret Affair…
Mushilu – Wooden Dining – Black – Lamp Lights Black
E.V.E. – Stars Ring – White
Death Row Designs – Elven Treehouse Collection – Elven Sidetable

@ The Epiphany…
Amala – The Minimalist Set – Vintage Camera

@ Lost & Found…
Kalopsia – Pepper’s Bedroom Set – Pepper’s Vase – Twigs

@ Men Only Monthly…
Nefarious Inventions – Fowl Weather – Silver Open Shoulder

Aisling – DIY Love Potion – Ritual Roses Black


Event Details…
The Epiphany – Open until 2nd February websiteflickr
Lost & Found – Open until 1st February – website – flickr
The Fantasy Collective – Open until 15th February websiteflickr
The Secret Affair – Open until 31st January websiteflickr
Gen-Neutral – Open until 2nd February websiteflickr
Uber – Open until 23rd February
Men Only Monthly – Open until 15th February


I See You…



250116-001finalWLots of lovely newness from DAMI, M.BIRDIE, Kalopsia, Death Row Designs and katat0nik for you today, due to the length of the credits I’ll keep it short and sweet.

At Shiny Shabby you’ll find wonderful new gachas by DAMI (left) and M.BIRDIE (right) with lots of lovely mix and match pieces, the shoes by M.BIRDIE are amazing!

New hairs by Mithral Apothecary (left) at The Season’s Story and Blues (right) at The Kawaii Project.

A ton of lovely new stuff by Kalopsia, the Lost Cabin with lights at Wayward Winter and the Bright ‘n’ Boho set at Kustom 9 which includes the couch, baskets, table and guitar shown here. Pepper’s Bedroom Set at Lost & Found, the bench here is just one of the many pieces available.

Death Row Designs are at Lost & Found with another fleamarket set which includes the antique clock, lamp, cabinet and coffee sign.

Katat0nik have a set of cute kitty sailor hats at SaNaRae in tons of different colours!

The Little Branch are at Shiny Shabby with the lovely Bald Cypress tree and Wild Grass, both beautifully detailed and resizable.

Look 1 (Left)…

@ Shiny Shabby…
DAMI – My Artwork Gacha – Workwear Long Overall RARE, Simple Wool Beret Navy
M.Birdie – Ein Look – Fur Loafers Slink 6, Fur Earrings 6

@ The Season’s Story…
Mithral Apothecary – Basil
Tomoto – Tumami*Nanten Corsage – Green/Red

@ Wayward Winter…
mpc – Isa Skin – Catwa Applier

Slink – Physique Mesh Body, Casual Hands
Catwa – Jessica Mesh Head
Mandala – Simple Elf Ears
Ikon – Triumph Eyes – Apex

Look 2 (Right)…

@ Shiny Shabby…
M.Birdie – Ein Look – Jeans 1, Loafers Slink 3, Shot Hood 4

@ The Kawaii Project…
Blues – Noa Hair

@ SaNaRae…
Katat0nik – Kitty Sailor Hat – Mint

@ The Season’s Story…
La Petite Morte – India Lelutka Applier – Tone 1

@ The Fantasy Collective…
La Jolie Rose – Rose Pose 4 (inc rose)

Slink – Physique Mesh Body, Casual Hands
Lelutka – Stella Mesh Head
Mandala – Simple Elf Ears
Ikon – Triumph Eyes – Apex



@ Wayward Winter…
Kalopsia – The Lost Cabin

@ Kustom 9…
Kalopsia – Bright ‘n’ Boho – Couch RARE, Table – Small, Baskets, Guitar

@ Lost & Found…
Kalopsia – Pepper’s Bedroom Set – Pepper’s Bench
Death Row Designs – Fleamarket Set 2 – Antique Lamp, Antique Clock, Antique Cabinet, Wood Sign – Coffeee

@ The Epiphany…
Birdy – Shabby Cats – Tree Medium RARE, Nomnom
Consignment – Seaport Scooter – Seafoam RARE Display

@ The Season’s Story…
Ninety – Foxy SuitCase – Orange
22769 – Little Winter Chapel – Chandelier with Chain

@ The Fantasy Collective…
22769 – Shrom Cluster
Mushilu – Vintage Traveled 3 Colours
unKindness – Board Art – Believe

@ Shiny Shabby…
The Little Branch – Wild Grass, Bald Cypress


Event Details…
The Season’s Story – Open until 31st January websiteflickr
Wayward Winter – Open until 31st January websiteflickr
The Fantasy Collective – Open until 15th February websiteflickr
Lost & Found – Open until 1st February – website – flickr
The Epiphany – Open until 2nd February websiteflickr
Shiny Shabby – Open until 10th February
The Kawaii Project – Open until 10th February
SaNaRae – Open until 18th February
Kustom 9 – Open until 10th February



Escape to the Cabin