Blush & Cubic Cherry… 
Cubic Cherry have released this pretty set of mesh tears at Blush. They come with a colour change hud with solid and transparent options for all the various parts. Other items in this photo from Blush are my hair on the left by NANI and eyeshadow and lippy on the right by NOX.


The Kawaii Project & Dami… 
Dami are back after a bit of a break with a fabulous gacha set at The Kawaii Project. The dress on the right with the posed hands, knife and ribbons is one of three rares in the set. I love it, so quirky and different. The dresses come in standard sizes so please make sure you demo before playing.


The eye bandage in this pic is by PSYCHO:Byts for Somber event. The bandage comes in several colours and in bloody and clean versions of each.

The Annex… 
The romper middle Rainbow is wearing is Clementine by The Annex, I love the puffy shorts and cute frills, such an adorable piece. You can find it right now at The Flawless Cart Sale.

le fil casse…
The Siouxie dress which I’m wearing on the left in this pic is a new release by le fil casse for the 70’s punk themed Rewind event. This badass dress comes in a ton of colours and fit for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink.

The adorable hair on the right is from offbeat’s latest gacha at Shiny Shabby. The hair is a common item in the set which is awesome, it comes in 12 colours. Other items in the set are cutie sleeveless tops and a snuggly sweater rare.


Last but by no means least I want to talk about the awesome stage decors by hive for Rewind. These spotlights are awesome, I love the funky lighting effect. There are also crowd barricades available in two colours. The trusses come in a few shapes and there are two types of light plus a stage floor.


HEAD: .LeLutka.Head.Spencer 3.0
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
EARS: ^^Swallow^^ Pixie Ears Protruding



HAIR: [NANI] Faye.Hair_(unrig) (Variety) [Blush]
DRESS: {le fil casse} Siouxsie Dress Maitreya [Rewind]
DIRT & BRUISES: -[TWC]- Survivor.
POSE: Musa Fantasy pose 017



HAIR: Clawtooth: Poseidon’s Gal – Snow
BANDAGE: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Bandage Painful Eyes – FATPACK [Somber]
TEARS: [Cubic Cherry] {Lovely Tears} [Blush]
OUTFIT: The Annex – Clementine – Pure – MAITREYA [Flawless Cart Sale]
CUTS: CURELESS – Shattered Existence
POSE: my own



HAIR: . offbeat . Sunny days limited gacha : hair black (no rig) [Shiny Shabby]
EYESHADOW: NOX. Indi Shadow [Omega Applier HUD] [Blush]
LIPPY: NOX. Ena Lip [Omega Applier HUD] [Blush]
DRESS: dami , august gacha m rare01 [The Kawaii Project]



TRUSSES: hive // stage trusses . short [Rewind] 
LIGHT 1: hive // stage lights . metal [light beam strobe] [Rewind] 
LIGHT 2: hive // stage lights . metal [light beam] [Rewind] 



THE KAWAII PROJECT: Open until 10th September – website – flickr 
BLUSH: Open until 28th August – website – flickr
REWIND: Open until 10th September
SOMBER: Open until 6th September
SHINY SHABBY: Open until 15th September


Tell me your stories


Another magical round of The Gacha Garden will start in just a couple of days time, I must say that this round is shaping up to be fantastic! Here’s a preview of what you can expect to see from BananaN, Belle Epoque, Wimey, Artisan Fantasy, Musa and Miwa’s Airship. Don’t forget that after 20 pulls of a machine you’re automatically awarded that creator’s Seed of Inspiration item which is exclusive to the event and won’t be available again afterwards.

My pretty romper is by M.I.X. for SaNaRae, this is such a cute outfit which comes in 9 colours with a hud to change the undershirt and bow. The fatpack is 50% off for the duration of the event.

I’m wearing…

@ SaNaRae…
M.I.X.*rompers -XXS (FAT PACK)

@ The Gacha Garden (Opens 1st August)…
!Musa! Floating Gem Pendant Gold
miwa’s airship \ Hair#01 V2 RARE

Other Stuffs…
SOMEMORE / SaeBom Mesh Head – Basic RARE
{Imeka} Sits 08 – Pose 2



@ The Gacha Garden (Opens 1st August)…
Wimey: Understanding Wall Art
MOUSY w/ books. BananaN
MOUSY w/ tea cup. BananaN RARE
*AF* Bagel Board 6 – Veggie
*AF* Bagel Board Veggies – RARE
BE The Beauty of Dreams #2
BE The Beauty of Dreams #7

Other Stuffs…
Garden by anc dotty wild grass {colorful} 1prim
Soy. Summer Lakeside Retreat : Dock deck -copy


Event Details…

SaNaRae – Open until 18th Augustwebsiteflickr
The Gacha Garden – Opens 1st August – websiteflickr




There’s a brand new event opening tomorrow called Ultra. With 35 amazing creators showcasing a variety of items from décor to clothing and accessories, this is an event you’ll definitely want to visit. The prisms and lanterns here are from SAYO’s Nightshade Garden set for the event, I’m also wearing their Kimiko Chest Harness in Golden. You’ll also find this pretty hair there by Wasabi Pills.

I’m also taking the opportunity to show off some more Gacha Garden goodies, the event is about half way through now so there’s still plenty of time to get those sets completed. Today I’m wearing Musa’s Chain Circlet, SOMALI’s Succubus wings and Since1975’s SuperBalloons RARE black version. The tree décor by Cherry House and the string lights from GOOSE are also at the event.

My pose today is another new one from evoLove, this time at the Pose Lover event. The pose is called Emily and is a very sweet seated pose.

I’m wearing…

@ Ultra (Opens 15th May)…
/Wasabi Pills/ Dakota Mesh Hair
SAYO – Kimiko Chest Harness – Modifiable – Golden

@ The Gacha Garden…
!Musa! ChainCirclet (Dark)
+S+ PPW2-Succubus2* RARE <copy ver>
[Since1975] – SuperBalloons (Black) RARE

@ Pose Lover…
[evoLove] – Emily




@ Ultra (Opens 15th May)…
SAYO – Nightshade Garden Constellation Lanterns
SAYO – Nightshade Garden Gold Prisms

@ The Gacha Garden…
Cherry house-{{C.H}}-Alice afternoon-Tree lights
GOOSE – party lights string


Event Details…

Ultra – Opens 15th May – websiteflickr
The Gacha Garden – Open until 31st May websiteflickr
Pose Love – Open until 23rd May


The Silver Mists


Yesterday Inertia and I got together for a pic to show off the fabulous seahorses by deviousMind for the current round of Enchantment. We’re both using one of the rares from the set, Jewel of the Sea in Ocean Pearl. These beauties are attachable so you just wear it and float serenely around!

Also at Enchantment is my pretty bra and panties, part of FDD Stories’ Little Mermaid set. Each item is very beautifully made and the rare fitted corsets are just sublime! The bra shown here comes with optional back straps and is resizable which is great to ensure a good fit. My headdress by Lode, I’m wearing the Earth colour version but other colours are available too.

Inertia is also wearing some Enchantment goodies! The headdress and scales bra by Aisling, and The Inner Mermaid scales by Antielle.

My delicate scales are by Even-Tide for Genre, you’ll need to click the pic for a better view of this lovely applier. The scales come in various colours and with both TMP and Omega appliers as well as tattoo layers.

I’m wearing…

Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V3.4

Head & Appliers: Genesis Lab – Emily 2.0 Emotions RARE (Kustom 9)

Eyes: Clemmm – Unkin Mermaid Eyes – Unwanted Fog (Enchantment)

Ears: Musa – Mer Ear (We Love Roleplay)

Hair: Exile – Memory Bliss (Collabor88)

Scales: Even-Tide – New Dragon – Glacier (Genre)

Headdress: Lode – Headwear – Blue Tail – Earth (Enchantment)

Necklaces: The Plastik – The Neva Abalone Set *Limited Edition* (Shiny Shabby)

Top & Panties: FDD Stories – Little Mermaid – Bra & Panties – White (Enchantment)

Foot Wraps: fri. – Aisling Wraps – Antique (Collabor88)

Seahorse: deviousMind – Seepferdchen – Jewel of the Sea – Ocean Pearl RARE (Enchantment)


Inertia is wearing…

Head & Appliers: Genesis Lab – Emily 2.0 (Kustom 9)

Hair: Catwa – Ulyana – Flat

Headdress: Aisling – Calypso (Enchantment)

Bra: Aisling – Scales Bra (Enchantment)

Scales: Antielle – The Inner Mermaid (Enchantment)



Flooring: Kalopsia – Broken Floor – Dream (Collabor88)

Trees: Air – Magnolia Trees – Luna (Creators Collection Box)

Sparkles: {anc} – Nebra Beads – Sungold (Collabor88)

Lotus: {anc} – Fish Shop Daughters – Lotus White

Moon & Ring: {anc} – I’m Planet – Wrapped Melt Moon & My Bijou Ring (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Jellyfish: Half-Deer – Jewel Jellybells

Hippocampus: Half-Deer – Hippocampus

Cloud: Half-Deer – Simple Clouds


Event Details…

Enchantment: Open until 4th September – website – flickr

We Love Roleplay: Open until 30th August – websiteflickr

Genre: Open until 10th September – websiteflickr

Collabor88: Open until September 6th

Shiny Shabby: Open until 15th September

Kustom 9: Open until September 10th

Creators Collection Box: Open until September 12th 

Fantasy Gacha Carnival: Open until 12th September


Summer Fun

Summer Fun

The weather this week has been wonderful (well, for Wales anyway!) and has put me in a very summery mood. When I saw this beautiful dress by Salt & Pepper for Alice in Sexyland which opens today, I fell in love! The shape of the dress is gorgeous and kind of put me in mind of vintage bathing suits when I tried it with the lovely kneeling poses by An Lar at the current round of We ❤ Roleplay.

The lovely beach blanket is by Vagabond at LTD – The Event. It comes with the pillows and rocks, the set also contains this lovely tote bag and some wine glasses for the perfect day on the beach.

Half-Deer have yet again wowed me with the super cute crabs and jellyfish released for this round of Collabor88. They come in all sorts of sweet pastel colours and the crabs are animated, blowing bubbles!! They are just too adorable for words, I think you’ll agree.

Location: Ippos


I’m wearing…

Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V3.3

Head: Lelutka – Stella

Eyes: Buzzeri – Elysium Eyes – Ice

Lashes: Arise – Eyelashes No 3

Ears: Mandala – Simple Elf Ears

Appliers: The Skinnery – London – Champagne (The Chapter Four)

Hair: Truth – Damaris – Light Blondes/Blush Hibi – RARE (The Arcade)

Jewellery: Musa – Floral Headdress & Bracelet (Cosmopolitan)

Dress: Salt & Pepper – Queen of Hearts (soon @ Alice in Sexyland)

Pose: An Lar – The Kneeled Series – Four (We Roleplay)



Rug, Pillows, Rocks & Tote: Vagabond – Sandy’s Beach Set (LTD – The Event)

Crabs: Half-Deer – The Bubble Brigade Crabs (Collabor88)

Jellyfish: Half-Deer – Jewel Jellybells (Collabor88)

Parasols: {anc} – Hatsuyume – Wind Parasol Blue (The Arcade)

Flowers: The Little Branch – Orange & Yellow Poppies (LTD – The Event)

Butterflies: keke – The Butterfly Collection – Butterfly Wall Decor – Blush (The Arcade)

Coral: Dust Bunny – Summer Retreat Set – Coral Bottle – White (The Arcade)

Flip-Flops: Dust Bunny – Summer Retreat Set – Flip Flops (The Arcade)

Books: Nomad – Amore Set – Books (The Arcade)


Event Details…

We Roleplay: Open until 30th June – websiteflickr

The Chapter Four: Open until 25th June

The Arcade: Open until 30th June

Cosmopolitan: Open until 21st June

LTD – The Event: Open until 24th June

Collabor88: Open until 6th July

Alice in Sexyland: Opens today, 1pm SLT!!


Won’t you join me…

…in a place where the trees sprout butterflies and words have wings.

I have yet more wonderful things from Fantasy Faire to share with you today. The amazing Enchanted Tree by Boudoir is their second donation item at the event, the first being the Money Bath I featured in a previous post. The tree is gorgeous as you can see, I love the colour so much!

Another item I’m absolutely thrilled with is the Flying Book Moth by Sweet Revolutions, these can be seen flying around on the Sylvan of Spells sim, I actually did a little squee when I saw them, they’re amazing!

I’ve also used the pretty Bottle Bottom Glass Beads by Lilith’s Den and some pieces from Fallen Gods Inc, which you can see all around the Odyssey sim. I’ve used the Floating Pearls and the Shelled Pearl.

The kimono I’m wearing is by Sakide, I’m wearing the purple version which is a donation item, there are lots of pretty colours available.

The wonderful tea cups and book stack are by Kalopsia at Shiny Shabby, the cups are so pretty I decided to make them huge so you could get a load of all that wonderful detail. Both pieces are part of the Antique Tea Cart Set.

Location: home


I’m wearing…

Body: Coco – Doll Body, Doll Head 001D

Hair: Truth – Sukie (Uber)

Eyes: S0ng – Anim – Blue Eye

Head Flowers: Imeka – Flower Crown – Sweet Mix (IDK)

Kimono: Sakide – Nayoko Kimono – Purple (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Pose: Musa – Fantasy Pose 017



Tea Cups & Books: Kalopsia – Antique Tea Cart Set (Shiny Shabby)

Tree: Boudoir – Enchanted Tree (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Flying Book: Sweet Revolutions – Flying Book Moth – Magic (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Pearls: Fallen Gods Inc – Shelled Pearl & Floating Pearls (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Strings: Lilith’s Den – Bottle Bottom Glass Beads – Cool Water (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Tiles: anc – Triangle Tiles – Exotic Blues


Event Details…


IDK: Open until 10th May – websiteflickr

Fantasy Faire 2015: Open until 3rd May – websiteflickr

Uber: Open until 23rd May

Shiny Shabby: Open until 15th May



I couldn’t care less about being rich, I mean sure, everyone wants to have a bit more cash, but for me there are so many more important things. I consider myself rich because I have my health and a loving family and friends, these are the things that make me happy.

Unfortunately, there are many people in the world who don’t have these things, we can help in our small way by giving generously where we can, being a good friend and supporting our families and treating everyone around us with kindness and respect.

One small way we can help a good cause is by visiting Fantasy Faire 2015 and donating or purchasing items from the Relay for Life vendors, the proceeds of which go to the American Cancer Society, more info can be found on the website. The wonderful bathtub in my photo today is one of Boudoir’s donation items at the event, as you can see it’s superbly detailed and the best part, it’s wearable! You can take a money bath wherever you please!

Location: home


I’m wearing…

Body: Coco – FashionDoll Pale, Ava Head Pale

Hair: Olive – the Sasha Hair (IDK)

Hair Flowers: NSP – Rockabilly Hair Rose – Pink Cupcake (Genre)

Top: Fawny – Sea Princess Top (We Role-Play)

Pose: Musa – Fantasy Pose 017



Bathtub: Boudoir – Wearable Money Bath (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Wings: No. 7 – RFL Awareness Wings (Fantasy Faire 2015)

Chickadees: Half-Deer – Candy Chickadee Birds (The Liaison Collaborative)

Vines: Half-Deer – Climbing Rose Vines

Pink Flowers: The Cube Republic – Juncus Spiralis – Pink


Event Details…


IDK: Open until 10th May – websiteflickr

Genre: Open until 11th May – websiteflickr

We Role-Play: Open until 30th April – websiteflickr

Fantasy Faire 2015: Open until 3rd May – websiteflickr

The Liaison Collaborative: Open until 10th May


After the Show

Today’s photo features the new release from Boudoir, the Wearable Boudoir! It’s so luxurious and intricately detailed, I just love it! You can find this in the store now.

The boudoir contains two poses but here I’ve used a pose by Musa who do an excellent range of unusual fantasy style poses.

I did add a few little touches to the scene including the wonderful Candy Chickadee birds by Half-Deer for The Liaison Collaborative. These sweet little birdies come in lots of lovely candy colours and there are animated and static versions. I also added the lovely pot of lilies which is a new release from keke, so pretty!

Also, look at these amazing shoes by Azoury! I did wear them in a previous outfit I blogged but you didn’t get to see much of them and I wanted to show them in all their glory. These beauties are available right now at IDK in three colours.

Location: home


I’m wearing…

Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V3.0 *with La Petite Morte appliers**

Skin: La Petite Morte – Sadie T1

Eyes: Buzzeri – Elysium Eyes – Ice (Uber)

Lashes: Lovely Alien – Starry Eyelashes (marketplace)

Makeup: The Skinnery – Some Kind of Circus 3 (TAG Gacha)

Lips: Clemmm – Butcher Lips – Bronze (IDK)

Ears: Mandala – Simple Elf Ears

Hair: Taketomi – Eulalia – Bento (Kawaii Project)

Headband: Quirky – Steamer Headband – Cream (Kawaii Project)

Pauldrons: Enfant Terrible – Showstar Pauldrons – Pink (TAG Gacha)

Corset: Enfant Terrible – Showstar Corset – Pink (TAG Gacha)

Collar: Noodles – Sweetpea Collar – Bronze (We Role-Play)

Bracelet: Noodles – Sweetpea Bracelet – Bronze (We Role-Play)

Tights: Antielle – Metallic Dolly Tights – Copper (Kawaii Project)

Shoes: Azoury – Akiji – Brown (IDK)

Pose: Musa – Fantasy Pose 80



Furniture & Accessories: Boudoir – Wearable Boudoir **new release**

Chickadees: Half-Deer – Candy Chickadee Birds (The Liaison Collaborative)

Lilies: Keke – Lilies – Green Pot **new release** (75L for Lazy Sunday)

From Kalopsia’s Madame Shae Dee set (TAG Gacha): Tarot Cards, Medium Sign


Event Details…


IDK: Open until 10th May – websiteflickr

We Role-Play: Open until 30th April – websiteflickr

TAG Gacha: Open now!

Uber: Open until 22nd April

Kawaii Project: Open until 15th May

The Liaison Collaborative: Open until 10th May


Put a spell on you…

More gorgeous goodies from the current round of We ❤ Role-Play This collar by Refined Wild is amazing, the feathers are wonderfully swishy and I love the chain detail. I’ve teamed it with Ayashi’s new hair (which comes with the horns and jewels) and Wimey’s belt, both also available at the event.

Location: home


I’m wearing…

Body: Coco – Doll Bodysuit Black Pattern, Monster Limbs Nude, Doll Head 001V

Eyes: S0ng – Yuki – Moon Eye

Lashes: Lovely Alien – Starry Eyelashes (marketplace)

Hair: Ayashi – Taurus Hair (We ❤ Role-Play)

Collar: Refined Wild – Corvia – Collar (We ❤ Role-Play)

Belt: Wimey – Sienia Belt – Black (We ❤ Role-Play)

Shorts: Fashionably Dead – Lace Shorts – Black

Cuffs: Kibitz – Lea Cuff – Black – Blackened Steel (We ❤ Role-Play)

Staff: Musa x Yabu – Druid Staff (We ❤ Role-Play)

Pose: Musa – Staff Pose 04 (We ❤ Role-Play)

Pet: Half-Deer – Dik-Dik – Ninja (The Arcade)



Moon: anc – Garden – Ladyinmoon (The Arcade)

Lantern: anc – Lantern – Temari – Star

Roses: Half-Deer – Climbing Rose Vines

Candle: Junk – Large Lantern – Gold (Uber)

Rocks: 3D Trees


The Winter Guardian

This photo is my entry for the Let it Snow photo contest hosted by The Lost Unicorn Gallery. You can find the contest details here if you fancy entering, if not just head over there anyway and enjoy the wonderful winter scenery and the amazing fantasy art in the gallery itself.

Location: The Lost Unicorn Gallery & Grounds

Avatar: Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body & Hands

Skin: Glam Affair – Rose – Pearl 04A

Eyes: S0ng – Anim – Blue Eye

Ears: Mandala – Simple Elf Ears – Short

Hair: Truth – Holly

Horns: Death Row Designs – Darkforest Horns – Ash

Bodysuit: LeLutka – Ricochet Suit – Silver (Uber)

Legs: Caverna Obscura – Faun Legs – Light Tones

Bow: Flecha – Mesh Forest Bow Fullperm (marketplace)

Pose: Musa – Bow Pose 6 (We ❤ Roleplay!)