Cerberus Xing… 
I’m showing off two new releases from Cerberus Xing here, the beautifully ornate kanzashi will be out at Japonica on 1st July, they come in Silver (worn), Gold, Red and Purple versions and the left and right are separate. The claws I’m wearing are out now at the mainstore, they come in dark, medium and light versions and with fits for Maitreya, Slink male and female and Vista male and female.

The gorgeously flowing obi decoration I’m wearing here is by Naminoke, also at Japonica. This comes in several colour options, the flowers are just beautiful!

The rose decor here are out now at Half-Deer’s mainstore, there are two versions, with or without the light but you know I love a little sparkle so I went with the light version! These beauties are texture change on touch with 15 colours to choose from.

Moon Elixir…
This stunning bodysuit is available now at Collabor88. It comes in lots of colours and there are also three different texture options for the mesh panels.

My necklace is new by Dahlia for Lost & Found, I love the simplicity of this piece with the snakeskin section on the front. It comes with a hud with five snakeskin options and three metal options.

My skin is by more more and is out now at SaNaRae, there’s so much great stuff at the event, please pay a visit if you haven’t already. The body and face cuts are The White Crow’s release for the event and definitely a new favourite for me, the little hearts are adorable.

The Crystal Heart Festival…
It’s that time again, the second ever Crystal Heart Festival opens on 30th June and I’m super excited! Literally everything I’ve seen so far is amazing, I’m just showing you a small preview here of a new hair by Due, pretty face gems by Boom, eye appliers by S0NG and pose by FOXCITY. All you magical girls and boys should check out the website link below for a shopping guide!


HEAD: .CATWA HEAD Catya v2.14
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
EARS: [][]Trap[][] *~*Illusions*~* Gelf Ears *mesh new*
SKIN: more more. hansol skin_milk (catwa) [SaNaRae]


HAIR: [DUE] Destiny // [Crystal Heart Festival]
KANZASHI: [CX] Hinotori Kanzashi (Silver)(A) & (B) [Japonica]
FACE GEMS: *BOOM* Crystal Gems (forehead) ADD bismuth [Crystal Heart Festival]
EYE GEMS: *BOOM* Crystal Gems (lt & rt eye) ADD bismuth [Crystal Heart Festival]
 {S0NG} Crystal Eye // Moon – Catwa Applier [Crystal Heart Festival] 
NECKLACE: Dahlia – Vega – Snake skin collar [Lost & Found]
CLAWS: [CX] Cerberus’ Diseased Claws – Light (Maitreya)
CUTS: -[TWC]- Deepest bear *Maitreya* [SaNaRae]
BODYSUIT: Moon Elixir – Dolce Vita – Bodysuit – Maitreya [Collabor88]
FLOATY BITS: *N*Decoration Obi BlackLily [Japonica]
FOXCITY. Numb-6 [Crystal Heart Festival]



ROSES: +Half-Deer+ Single Rose with Light (tex. change)



SANARAE: Open until 18th July – website – flickr
Opens 30th June 2017 – websiteflickr
Opens 1st July
LOST & FOUND: Open until 18th July
COLLABOR88: Open until 6th July


Subway Nights


I’m wearing…

Hair @ Salem…
Tableau Vivant \\ Blair II hair [S] – Basics

Skin Applier @ The Season’s Story…

Hairpin & Sweet @ The Epiphany…
a QUIRKY halloween – Cross Bone Hair Pin
a QUIRKY halloween – Candy Mouthie

Eyes @ The Kawaii Project…
CURELESS [+] Cutie Coven Eyes / STEEL / LIGHT (R)
CURELESS [+] Cutie Coven Eyes / PINK / LIGHT (L)

Sweater @ SaNaRae…
. offbeat . Beside you : Renew sweater Dustsky B Rare

Skirt @ Lost & Found…
AsHmOoT_J Coll_High Waist MSkirt/ S [ADD]

Pose @ Kustom 9…
Kirin – Nyu Pose 6

Doglet @ The Epiphany…
JIAN Hallow-Inu :: Companion White

Other Stuffs…
-Belleza- Isis V2
REIGN.- Cozy Knit Socks (Belleza-Isis)- Mono Pack
D-Style Vega Boots Belleza



Scene @ The Epiphany…
SEUL – Seul Subway Scene – Rare


Event Details…

SaNaRae – Open until 18th November – websiteflickr
Lost & Found – Open until 1st November – websiteflickr
The Kawaii Project – Open until 15th November – websiteflickr
The Season’s Story – Open until 31st October – websiteflickr
The Epiphany – Open until 15th November – websiteflickr
Salem – Open until 31st October
Kustom 9 – Open until 10th November


We don’t know what really happened



Tree house @ SaNaRae…
Vibes – haunted Tree House  RARE
Vibes – haunted Tree House – Swing Chair
Vibes – haunted Tree House – Stone Grave1
Vibes – haunted Tree House – Stone Grave2
Vibes – haunted Tree House – Bat Bulb 1
Vibes – haunted Tree House – Bat Bulb 2
Vibes – Ladder
I’m really impressed with this lovely little tree house gacha set from new brand, Vibes. You’ll find the set at SaNaRae right now. What I really love is the hud that comes with the rare tree house, it has an impressive selection of customisation options for every detail including roof, floor, door, wood colour and lots more. There’s bloody and non bloody options for the house and the swing chair, which also has a colour selection menu on touch.

Decor @ Lost & Found…
IONIC : Bruja Table {Dark Wood}
LAGOM- la petite serre [Pots A]
LAGOM- la petite serre [Dead Plant]
2 -Culco- Bleak House – Type 1 Gravestone 1Li
3 -Culco- Bleak House – Type 2 Gravestone 1Li
4 -Culco- Bleak House – Type 3 Gravestone 1Li
5 -Culco- Bleak House – Type 4 Gravestone 1Li
6 -Culco- Bleak House – Type 5 Gravestone 1Li
7 -Culco- Bleak House – Type 6 Gravestone 1Li
[Merak] – Dark Tree (w/leaf)


Event Details…

SaNaRae – Open until 18th November – websiteflickr
Lost & Found – Open until 1st November – websiteflickr



meet me at the old shed…


I’m wearing…

Hat @ The Season’s Story…
Mato, acorn hat FAT

Hair @ The Kawaii Project…
Love [Self Entitled] Fitted Mesh

Glasses @ Geeks N Nerds…
Izzie’s – Good Old Glasses

Outfit @ Kustom 9…
AMITOMO / Falling In Love GACHA / XS / 3

Doglet @ Kustom 9…
[Black Bantam] Red Retriever Girl Puppy RARE

Pose @ Lost & Found…
an lar [poses] The Eliza Series – Five



Shed @ Kustom 9…
Kalopsia – 13 – Aurelia’s Shed RARE

Decor @ Lost & Found…
Jinx : Autumn Set (B) – Sleepers Left
Jinx : Autumn Set (B) – Rug/Cushions RARE
Jinx : Autumn Set (B) – Candle Birch Stumps
LAGOM- la petite serre [Pillow Barrel]
LAGOM- la petite serre [Lillypad Barrel]
LAGOM- la petite serre [Vines]
PLAAKA VintagePumpkinWagon
PLAAKA AutumnBarnDecor
[evoLove] – Pumpkin Cloche – White – Large


Event Details…

The Kawaii Project – Open until 15th November – websiteflickr
Lost & Found – Open until 1st November – websiteflickr
The Season’s Story – Open until 31st October – websiteflickr
Kustom 9 – Open until 10th November
Geeks N Nerds – Open until 5th November


Trick or….


I’m wearing…

Horns @ The Kawaii Project…
Lovely Disarray – Leviathan : Headband
This sweet little hairband from Lovely Disarray comes with a hud with four colour options and four metal options, it’s a really well made piece, simple but beautiful and you can resize it for an easy fit.

Hair @ The Epiphany…
!Oleander ~ Skye. Coconut

Outfit @ The Kawaii Project…
. offbeat . Give my galaxy : Chockr Pink Moon
. offbeat . Give my galaxy : Sweater (B) Gray Rare
Offbeat never fail to delight me with their gacha sets, the rares in the Give my galaxy set are particularly awesome, a one piece skirt and sweater outfit with posed hands holding a pretty melty goo! The rares come with a hud with several skirt textures and skin colours for the hands as well as the option to turn off the goo. The commons in the set are also really pretty, chokers and layered tops so you won’t be disappointed with any prize.

Shoes @ Candy Fair…
.{PSYCHO:Byts}. Melted Creepers – Maitreya

Candy Bucket @ Candy Fair…
ASO!Cotton Candy Bucket2 RARE


Birdcage – soon @ Lost & Found…
[Merak] – Dark Times – Broken Cage

Pumpkin @ Candy Fair…
LOTUS. Glazed Pumpkin – Silver

Pumpkin Lantern @ Salem…
Garbaggio // Pumpkin Lantern

Fallen Leaves – soon @ Lost & Found…
PLAAKA FallenLeaves

Butcher’s Attic Set @ Memento Mori…
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wastebags – COMMON
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Souvenirs – COMMON
22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Butchers Lamp – COMMON
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Attic Rug – COMMON
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Butcher Tools – COMMON
22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Last Visitor – COMMON

Memories of Salem Set @ Salem…
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Lost Souls Wall Art – COMMON
22769 ~ [bauwerk] My Thoughts in a Jar – COMMON

Spider Web @ Salem…
+Half-Deer+ Starlit Spiderweb – Corner Triangle

Blood Splashes…
[n.i] splish.splash.17
[n.i] splish.splash.14
[n.i] splish.splash.19


Event Details…

The Epiphany – Open until 15th November – websiteflickr
The Kawaii Project – Open until 15th November – websiteflickr
Memento Mori – Open now! – websiteflickr
Candy Fair – Open until 31st October – websiteflickr
Lost & Found – Opens 22nd October – websiteflickr
Salem – Open until 31st October


Autumn Chills


My photo today was taken at my beautiful home Neverfar, Inertia set up a lovely autumnal corner with hive’s new set from Salem!

I’m wearing…

RKPoses_Mia_5 – The Crossroads

Jacket & Hat…
. offbeat . i believe : Wind parka neon RARE – SaNaRae
. offbeat . i believe : Beret gray – SaNaRae
This parka is the rare item in Offbeat’s new gacha set for SaNaRae, there’s a pink version too! The hat is one of the commons in the set, perfect for Autumn.

fame femme: Autumn Gumboots – Grey – Maitreya – Lost & Found

[monso] My Hair – Soyeon_S /Black&White – Uber
Another great new hair from Monso for Uber, gorgeous pigtails with big curls, this one is right up my street.

[Black Bantam] Westie Tongue Collar Female – Kustom 9
Stasey has done it again with these super cute Westies for Kustom 9. They are so adorable and come with the usual pet menu packed with options.

M.BIRDIEstory . Leggings pants-C gary S



Build, small pumpkin, rake, wind chime…
hive // leaning rake II – Salem
hive // fall pumpkin B [muted orange] – Salem
hive // the secret shack RARE – Salem
hive // bone wind chime – Salem
hive // board the windows – Salem
Hive are releasing a fantastic new gacha set at the Salem event which opens 1st October, the build is the rare in the set and it really is a thing of beauty! So much detail on the exterior, the textures are gorgeous too and every piece in the set is very well made. The pumpkin is from their non-gacha release which has various shape and colour pumpkins and other autumnal decor pieces like the rake.

+Half-Deer+ Fallen Leaves – Autumn – Trailing
+Half-Deer+ Fallen Leaves – Autumn – Big Group


Event Details…

Salem – Opens 1st October – website – flickr
The Crossroads – Opens 3rd October – websiteflickr
SaNaRae – Open until 18th October – websiteflickr
Lost & Found – Open until 1st October – website – flickr
Kustom 9 – Open until 10th October
Uber – Open until 23rd October







SaNaRae has opened for it’s birthday round! May creators have put out lovely gifts for you to celebrate so be sure to drop by.

I’m wearing…

:CHEVEUX:M091Hair Blacks – SaNaRae
I love this new unisex hair by Cheveux, unrigged so you can get a perfect fit, I’ve pulled mine down over my eyes slightly.

Pseudo-Paige Overalls Black (M) – ULTRA
The overalls come in a few different colours together with the shirt which has a texture change hud.

-[TWC]- Affection *Maitreya* – SaNaRae
You know how I love scars and bruises, this full body set by The White Crow is great! I love the little heart details and it comes with omega face appliers too!

+ Dark Harvesting Scythe + {egosumaii} – The Fantasy Collective
Superbly detailed scythe with lots of holding poses you can change by clicking on it.

Schadenfreude Bones 2 Head Crouched Lab Rat – SaNaRae
Schadenfreude Bones Ear Lab Rat RARE – SaNaRae
Schadenfreude Bones Flying Lab Rat – SaNaRae
These rats are so adorable! There’s lots of different ones to collect in this quirky gacha set, each style comes in several colour options you can change on touch.

ROQUAI tarot fool 8 m – Lost & Found
This set is a collaboration with E.V.E for Lost & Found, beautiful and inspiring poses as always.

^^Swallow^^ Ears Elf HD – High Definition – Shiny Shabby

The Usual…
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
CURELESS [+] Yuurei Eyes / PURGATORY (R)
Clemmm – I’m Tired / White -Regular- (L)



More Rats…
Schadenfreude Bones 2 Head Eating Lab Rat – SaNaRae
Schadenfreude Bones 2 Head Running Lab Rat – SaNaRae

{anc} ground panel {concrete/ash gray} x4 1Li


Event Details…

Lost & Found – Open until 1st October – website – flickr
ULTRA – Open until 15th October – websiteflickr
The Fantasy Collective – Open until 15th October – websiteflickr
SaNaRae – Open until 18th October – websiteflickr
Shiny Shabby – Open until 15th October