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an lar poses – Juliet Series @ The Liaison Collaborative

Featured Events:

Collabor88: Opens 8th February to 6th March – website – flickr
The Liaison Collaborative: 7th to 30th February – website – flickr



HAIR: “”D!va”” Hair “Bella” (Fatpack) [The Liaison Collaborative]
JACKET: [Maitreya]The Secret Store – Lisa Lined Coat – Red Mix [Collabor88]
DRESS: [Maitreya]The Secret Store – Martha Bodycon Dress – Sailor [Collabor88]
BRACELET:  :::NOIR::: Mia Bracelets [R] [Collabor88]
BOOTS: fri. – Heidi Wellies – (Tulip) [Collabor88]
POSE: an lar [poses] The Juliet Series – Two [The Liaison Collaborative]


LOCATION: Neverfar


Festival Feels

Today’s featured stuffs…

The current round of Whimsical ends on 3rd June so head on over there if you haven’t already, the camping gear by Kres and Windmill by CONVAIR are all from this event.

The Arcade & Kalopsia… 
Yay! it’s finally open! I’m featuring several pieces from Kalopsia’s beautiful new set, Juliette’s Summer Plaza which includes the juice cart and accessories as well as the table and chair set with accessories. I’ve included the key below so you can see the whole set.

Also at The Arcade are the stunning bicycle by brocante and sandals by fri.

Kalopsia - Juliette's Summer Plaza Key 1024

The Kawaii Project & DAMI… 
DAMI have a lovely new outfit gacha at The Kawaii Project, the Yesterday set consists of several colour variations of this cute one-piece tee and skirt outfit as well as hats and bags. The rare is the same outfit with a fatpack colour change hud as well as a few extra shirt and skirt patterns.


This gorgeously girly hair I’m wearing is by Doe at the current round, the bangs are separate so you can choose to wear them or not, I also love the fact that you can have two different colour bows!


Before we get to the credits, I want to tell you about an exciting new event that’s coming your way on 3rd June called Knot & Co, Only Summer Project, this is a unique event running right through summer until 30th September! It features a great line up and you can keep up with all the latest news on the event at the Facebook page here.




HEAD: .CATWA HEAD Catya v2.14
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1


HAIR: Doe: Nova (solid) – Fatpack [SaNaRae]
SANDALS: fri. – Nellie Sandals (Tombstone) [The Arcade]



TENT: [Kres] SummerFest – 2 Chocolate Tent RARE [Whimsical]
MATRESS: [Kres] SummerFest – 8 Inflatable Matress (Blogger) [Whimsical]
CAMP CHAIR: [Kres] SummerFest – 11 White Camping Chair PG (Blogger) [Whimsical]
SLEEPING BAG: [Kres] SummerFest – 12 Sleeping Bag PG (Blogger) [Whimsical]
FLAGS: [Kres] SummerFest – 13 Small Flags [Whimsical]
WINDMILL: CONVAIR Plains Windmill [Whimsical]
JUICE CART: Kalopsia – Juliette’s Juice Cart RARE [The Arcade]
JAR: Kalopsia – Juliette’s Jar of juice [The Arcade]
BOTTLES: Kalopsia – Juliette’s Juice Bottles [The Arcade]
TRASHCAN: Kalopsia – Juliette’s Trashcan [The Arcade]
METAL CHAIR: Kalopsia – Juliette’s Iron chair [The Arcade]
TABLE: Kalopsia – Juliette’s Iron Table [The Arcade]
CUPS: Kalopsia – Juliette’s Stack of cups [The Arcade]
SPOONS: Kalopsia – Juliette’s Spoons Bucket [The Arcade]
BIKE: brocante. beach cruiser  / seafoam RARE [c/m/nt] [The Arcade]
GRASS: Garden by anc dotty wild grass {colorful} 1prim



THE ARCADE: Open until 30th June – websiteflickr  
Open until 18th June – websiteflickr
THE KAWAII PROJECT: Open until 10th Junewebsiteflickr
Open until 3rd Junewebsiteflickr



I’m back with another ton of newness to show you! Let’s start with Collabor88 where Vespertine has released this gorgeous greenhouse this month which comes in the worn white shown here as well as an old paint finish. The Lorraine Greenhouse is a beautiful build, so light and airy with all that glass, perfect for your Spring garden.

Half-Deer have released a cute set of Blossoming Birdcages in various colours. I love the hanging lights and the pretty flowers inside, such a beautiful decorative piece. My hair is new by Moon, called Small. I love the slightly messy feel to this style with the odd strand hanging over the face.

The beautiful tiara and hummingbirds I’m wearing are brand new by CURELESS, also at Collabor88. There are several colour options as you’d expect and the birds and tiara can be worn separately. They are so pretty and dainty I’m sure you won’t be able to resist!

Moving on to The Season’s Story, DAMI have created this wonderful Alice inspired set called where is the rabbit? Included in the set are various colour dresses, flamingo toys, head accessories and the sign post. I’m wearing one of the common dresses here. Sari-Sari have created the unusual Plant Bucket Trolley, shown here in metal. I love quirky planters and this one would look great in any garden setting.

Naminoke are at On9 this round with another stunning flower accessory set, I’m wearing the head branches and hair pierce here, there are also mouth and arm pieces available. The set comes in a few colours with one being 20% off for the event. It’s On9’s birthday round and they’re having a hunt too, Naminoke’s hunt prize is a pretty mouth piece to match the rest of this set.

An Lar Poses have the Lily set out at The Liaison Collaborative, a pretty set of 5 poses with mirrors, I particularly love pose 2 (shown here) which has a lovely sense of movement to it.

I’m wearing…

@ The Season’s Story…
dami,where is the rabbit? m beige
dami,toy flamingo 1
tomoto, petit-couturier*pin-cushion antique

@ The Project Se7en…
fri. – Quinn.Platforms (Antique) – Maitreya
fri. – Quinn.Socks (Maitreya)

@ Collabor88…
CURELESS [+] Flower Kissers Tiara / FATPACK
CURELESS [+] Flower Kissers Flying / PURE
Moon. Hair. // Small

@ On 9…
*N*Enkianthus perulatus White Hair Pierce
*N*Enkianthus perulatus White Head Branch L
*N*Enkianthus perulatus White Head Branch R

@ The Epiphany (Opens 12th April)…
Catwa Skin applier Porcelain Tone – Ivet (Enfer Sombre*) *Exclusive Prize*

@ The Liaison Collaborative…
an lar [poses] The Lily Series – Two

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Clemmm – Nosebleed ALL *Catwa*



@ Collabor88…
{vespertine} lorraine greenhouse / worn white
+Half-Deer+ Blossoming Birdcage – Ivory White

@ The Season’s Story…
dami,Strange signs
Sari-Sari – Plant Bucket Trolley (Metal)
uK – May Flowers Fence Seg 1 Light
uK – May Flowers Fence Seg 2 Light

@ The Project Se7en…
Kalopsia – Dandelion


Event Details…

The Epiphany – Opens 12th April – flickrwebsite
The Project Se7en – Open until 30th April flickrwebsite
The Season’s Story – Open until 30th April flickrwebsite
Collabor88 – Open until 6th May
On9 – Open until 28th April
The Liaison Collaborative – Open until 30th April

Milk and Honey



Half-Deer’s releases for this round of Collabor88 are just gorgeous! There are two releases, these adorable Secret Garden Bunnies which come in a variety of colours and poses, and the pretty Flower Tealights which come in groups and singles, again in various colours. What a cuteness overdose!

Skin Fair opens today and I’m bringing you two more previews, this amazing Freak Head by {aii} will be there, it’s Omega compatible and can I just say… THREE HEADS! it’s a triple version of the Arachnia mesh head and I just love it. I’m also wearing Enfer Sombre’s Crystal Skin appliers in Peach, another beautiful skin from this creator, I particularly love the juicy lips on this one.

Salt & Pepper have a new dress out at Liaison Collaborative called Jolie. it comes in five colours (I’m wearing white here) with a hud for the metal options. The fatpack includes two exclusive bonus prints on top of the five standard colours. The bracelets are also by Salt & Pepper and they are a gift item as it’s TLC’s birthday round!

The leaves you see in the background are by keke, part of a new set released at the mainstore. It’s a spring version of the Willow set and these are the willow ground leaves. Head over to the store to check out the rest of this pretty set which includes the Willow Pillow, bushes and more versions of the pretty leaves.

My pose is by evoLove, part of their new pose set for Gen-Neutral which opens on 12th March. This is the first pose in the set, such an interesting shape, it inspired my set and look for this shoot.

I’m wearing…

@ Skin Fair (Opens today!)…
{aii} + Omega Freak Head +
(Enfer Sombre*) Crystal Skin Peach Tone – Omega Applier

@ The Liaison Collaborative…
S&P Dress Jolie maitreya exp.
S&P bracelet Jolie left + right (gift!)

@ Gen-Neutral (Opens March 12th)…
[evoLove] – In Your Jeans No1

Clawtooth: Poseidon’s Gal – Snow
fri. Aisling.Wraps (Antique) – Maitreya Flat
Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara



@ Collabor88…
+Half-Deer+ Flower Tealights – Big Group (White)
+Half-Deer+ Flower Tealights – Small Group (White)
+Half-Deer+ Secret Garden Bunny – Snow – Better View
+Half-Deer+ Secret Garden Bunny – Snow – Run
+Half-Deer+ Secret Garden Bunny – Snow – Neutral
+Half-Deer+ Secret Garden Bunny – Snow – Look Around
+Half-Deer+ Secret Garden Bunny – Snow – Stand

[ keke ] green willow leaves for ground – midi


Event Details…
Skin Fair – Opens 11th March – websiteflickr
Gen-Neutral – Opens 12th March – websiteflickr
The Liaison Collaborative – Open until 30th March
Collabor88 – Open until 6th April

Everything and Nothing



Yesterday Inertia and I got together for a pic to show off the fabulous seahorses by deviousMind for the current round of Enchantment. We’re both using one of the rares from the set, Jewel of the Sea in Ocean Pearl. These beauties are attachable so you just wear it and float serenely around!

Also at Enchantment is my pretty bra and panties, part of FDD Stories’ Little Mermaid set. Each item is very beautifully made and the rare fitted corsets are just sublime! The bra shown here comes with optional back straps and is resizable which is great to ensure a good fit. My headdress by Lode, I’m wearing the Earth colour version but other colours are available too.

Inertia is also wearing some Enchantment goodies! The headdress and scales bra by Aisling, and The Inner Mermaid scales by Antielle.

My delicate scales are by Even-Tide for Genre, you’ll need to click the pic for a better view of this lovely applier. The scales come in various colours and with both TMP and Omega appliers as well as tattoo layers.

I’m wearing…

Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V3.4

Head & Appliers: Genesis Lab – Emily 2.0 Emotions RARE (Kustom 9)

Eyes: Clemmm – Unkin Mermaid Eyes – Unwanted Fog (Enchantment)

Ears: Musa – Mer Ear (We Love Roleplay)

Hair: Exile – Memory Bliss (Collabor88)

Scales: Even-Tide – New Dragon – Glacier (Genre)

Headdress: Lode – Headwear – Blue Tail – Earth (Enchantment)

Necklaces: The Plastik – The Neva Abalone Set *Limited Edition* (Shiny Shabby)

Top & Panties: FDD Stories – Little Mermaid – Bra & Panties – White (Enchantment)

Foot Wraps: fri. – Aisling Wraps – Antique (Collabor88)

Seahorse: deviousMind – Seepferdchen – Jewel of the Sea – Ocean Pearl RARE (Enchantment)


Inertia is wearing…

Head & Appliers: Genesis Lab – Emily 2.0 (Kustom 9)

Hair: Catwa – Ulyana – Flat

Headdress: Aisling – Calypso (Enchantment)

Bra: Aisling – Scales Bra (Enchantment)

Scales: Antielle – The Inner Mermaid (Enchantment)



Flooring: Kalopsia – Broken Floor – Dream (Collabor88)

Trees: Air – Magnolia Trees – Luna (Creators Collection Box)

Sparkles: {anc} – Nebra Beads – Sungold (Collabor88)

Lotus: {anc} – Fish Shop Daughters – Lotus White

Moon & Ring: {anc} – I’m Planet – Wrapped Melt Moon & My Bijou Ring (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Jellyfish: Half-Deer – Jewel Jellybells

Hippocampus: Half-Deer – Hippocampus

Cloud: Half-Deer – Simple Clouds


Event Details…

Enchantment: Open until 4th September – website – flickr

We Love Roleplay: Open until 30th August – websiteflickr

Genre: Open until 10th September – websiteflickr

Collabor88: Open until September 6th

Shiny Shabby: Open until 15th September

Kustom 9: Open until September 10th

Creators Collection Box: Open until September 12th 

Fantasy Gacha Carnival: Open until 12th September

The Silver Mists




We recently heard the sad news that the lovely Roxi Firanelli tragically lost her son, Jeffery. To help with funeral costs, a luminary has been set up on Nymphai where you can donate and send beautiful lanterns into the sky. You can also purchase this beautiful necklace, which a designer has generously created in his memory. 100% of all donations and necklace sales will go directly to Roxi for funeral costs so if you want to help and show support, visit Nymphai.


I’m wearing a lovely new release by Boudoir today called Dreamy Summer. The outfit includes the skirt, top and flowers and also comes with a headpiece not shown here.

Mine and the puppies headbands are by BAMSE for the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival. They’re beautiful and delicate, really excellent work. I’m wearing the Pure colour but lots of others will be available so keep your eye out for this one.

My gloves are the rare item from Silvery K’s Lace Item Gacha at The Gacha Garden. You’ll need to take your hands off to wear these, I’ve tried them with Lara and dolly and they fit great with both. They’re very ornate with jewel and lace details and the rest of the set is very pretty too.

I can also tell you about a couple of new releases by Fancy Decor. The pipe organ is a gold hunt prize for the Mad Pea Hunt which runs throughout August and the candles are part of the release for LTD event. As usual for Fancy Decor the items are extremely well made and very fancy!

The pebbles you see in the water are a new release by keke for the next round of Kustom 9. They come in three different options, I’m using “many” here.

Location: Ippos


I’m wearing…

Body: Coco – Fashion Doll Pale, Mia Head Pale

Hair: Exile – You Send Me (Collabor88)

Headband: BAMSE – Butterfly Headband – Pure (soon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Outfit: Boudoir – Dreamy Summer

Necklace: Donation item for Roxi Firanelli (here)

Gloves: Silvery K – Lace Item Gacha – Lace Rigged Mesh Glove – White RARE (The Gacha Garden)

Foot Wraps: fri. – Aisling Wraps – Antique (Collabor88)

Pose: An Lar – The Kneeled Series 3



Pipe Organ: Fancy Decor – Portative Organ (gold prize @ Mad Pea Hunt)

Candles: Fancy Decor – Gold Candlesticks (LTD)

Puppies: {anc} – Flottante Puppies (Collabor88)

Pebbles: keke – Pebbles (soon @ Kustom 9)

Star: Half-Deer – Dream Lanterns (Collabor88)

Jar: Cubic Cherry Creations – Magic Shop – Wishing Stars Jar (The Gacha Garden)


Event Details…

The Gacha Garden: Open until 22nd August – website – flickr

Kustom 9: Opens August 15th

Collabor88: Open until September 6th

Fantasy Gacha Carnival: Opens tomorrow, 12th August!

LTD: Open until 24th August

For Roxi…


14.04.15 - In my dreams I can touch the stars...

The second round of IDK opens on 16th, the theme for this round will be April Showers and today I’m showing you a little taste of what you can expect. I’m wearing yumyums Hope Lilac skin which will be available at the event, the makeup on this is a pastel dream! I’m wearing with it Clemmm’s Butcher Lips in Skin which is fantastically creepy but still manages to look cute!

We ❤ Role-Play is open and Wimey has the gorgeous Garfunkel Gown there in several colours, I’m wearing the aqua version, it’s so soft and dreamy but the metal corset section adds a little twist which I love.

I’ve used parts of keke’s amazing set for the upcoming TAG Gacha event for my scene today. The set is called “the sky is the limit” and this is what inspired today’s photo. I’m using the moon, stars screen and stars here but there are lots more pieces to collect so make sure you check it out when the event opens.

Location: home


I’m wearing…

Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V3.0 **with yumyums applier**

Skin: yumyums – Hope Lilac – Creame (soon @ IDK)

Lips: Clemmm – Butcher Lips – Skin (soon @ IDK)

Ears: Mandala – Simple Elf Ears

Eyes: Buzzeri – Elysium Eyes – Ice (Uber)

Lashes: Lovely Alien – Starry Eyelashes (marketplace)

Hair: Truth – Octavia **new release**

Head Flowers: Lode – Head Accessory – Nobilis – Lilac (The Chapter Four)

Dress: Wimey – Garfunkel Gown – Aqua (We Role-Play)

Shoes (just seen): Azoury – Akiji – White (soon @ IDK)

Pose: fri. if it comes back (Xiasumi School Festival)



From keke’s “the sky is the limit” set (soon @ TAG Gacha):

Moon (RARE), Screen Clouds, Star, Stars

Cushions: Zerkalo – Darius Pillow – Blue (We Role-Play)

Drinks Tray: Zerkalo – Darius Drinking Set (We Role-Play)

Tree: Kalopsia – Birch Tree (Uber)

Bulbs: keke – Wall Bulb – Chrome (soon @ Kustom 9)

Books: anc – Garden – Whitebook

Owls: Half-Deer – Great Horned Owls – Ghostly

Vines: Half-Deer – Climbing Rose Vines


Event Details:

IDK: Opens 16th April – websiteflickr

We Role-Play: Open until 30th April – websiteflickr

The Chapter Four: Open until 25th April

Xiasumi School Festival: Open until 21st April

Uber: Open until 22nd April

Kustom 9: Opens 15th April

TAG Gacha: Opens 17th April

In my dreams I can touch the stars…