I’m wearing here two fabulous new outfits by offbeat which are kind of time sensitive so I wanted to let you know about them.

The look on the left is from a 2 week limited gacha at the mainstore called wee woo! This outfit is one of the common items believe it or not and includes the skirt, body and cardi as a one-piece outfit. They also come in non-skirt varieties and a fab rare which you can see here.

The look on the right is from a brand new and limited gacha for the upcoming round of Limit8, again I’m wearing one of the common dresses in the set, it’s a cheeky little number if you get my meaning, put your big pants on! You can see the whole set here.


HEAD: .CATWA HEAD Catya v2.14
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
EARS: Swallow – Elf Ears HD



HAIR: [monso] My Hair – Twobi [Kustom 9]
SKIN: Evermore. Shiori Skin -Pale- OMEGA APPLIER
CHOKER: . offbeat . wee woo ! limited gacha : choker black net
OUTFIT: . offbeat . wee woo ! limited gacha : Knit suit + lace F
BRUISES: Clemmm – Damaged Knees All Options *Maitreya*
SHOES: Bleich – Mesh Tiger – White v2 [F Maitreya Flat] [FaMESHed]
FLOWER/POSE: M.I.X.*Flower Collection -Tulip-(StandA) [The Chapter Four]



HAIR: Mithral * Oats
SKIN: LOTUS. Mae Skin (Catwa) MultiHUD [The Chapter Four]
OUTFIT: . offbeat . say something : wind dress 03 [Limit8]
SHOES: Essenz – Germany (Maitreya) [FaMESHed]
FLOWER/POSE: M.I.X.*Flower Collection -Tulip-(StandB) [The Chapter Four]



TULIPS: Heart – Tulips – Flower1 – Patch – Large



THE CHAPTER FOUR: Open until 21st May – websiteflickr
FAMESHED: Open until 27th May – websiteflickr
LIMIT8: Opens 18th May
KUSTOM 9: Open until 10th June



The Kawaii Project has made me go all girly today with the Cutesy accessories gacha set from Cubic Cherry. I’m wearing the RARE glasses which are totally adorable, the noseband and nosering, all in gold. My pretty top is another gacha rare from the event, from Nomi’s Summer of 69 set.

Tentacio have added to the cuteness with the Funny Weekend gacha set at Kustom 9. The great thing about this set is there are NO rares! The set includes skateboards, cameras, ice-creams and game consoles, such fun!

My swing is a new pose prop from evoLove for Tres Chic and comes with three lovely poses. I love the floral décor too, such a pretty addition. Other décor in my shot are the pretty pom pom garlands and twinkle string lights by Half-Deer for Collabor88 and the lovely bucket lamps by hive for ULTRA.

Location: * a  p i e c e  o f  u s * my lovely home ❤

I’m wearing…

@ Kustom 9…
Tentacio – Funny Weekend – skateboard 03
Tentacio – Funny Weekend – camera beige
Tentacio – Funny Weekend – mint ice cream 1

@ Enchantment…
Essenz – Tucson (Maitreya)

@ The Kawaii Project…
-Nomi-summer of 69 Top-Flower RARE
01 {Cutesy} glasses gold .::Cubic Cherry::. RARE
07 {Cutesy} noseband heart Gold .::Cubic Cherry::.
16 {Cutesy} nosering heart Gold .::Cubic Cherry::.

@ The Secret Affair…
.Entwined. Linette

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara
[ MUDSKIN ]_Kira#1_Catwa Mesh Head Applier_S1



hive // hanging bucket lamp [teal]
hive // hanging bucket lamp [rusty]

@ Collabor88…
+Half-Deer+ Pom Pom Garland – Desert Rose – Short/Horizontal
+Half-Deer+ Twinkle Stringlights – Hanging – Short

@ Tres Chic…
[evoLove] – Swing


Event Details…

Enchantment – Open until 31st May websiteflickr
ULTRA – Open until 15th June websiteflickr
The Secret Affair – Open until 31st May websiteflickr
The Kawaii Project – Open until 10th June websiteflickr
Kustom 9 – Open until 10th June
Collabor88 – Open until 6th June
Tres Chic – Open until 10th June

Flying High



The Epiphany is now open and oh wow are there some great sets to collect! I particularly love the Alice in Monsterland set by Cureless and Nefarious Inventions. The Drink Me Bottle comes with several poses built in and is stunningly detailed, the March Hare and key are also from the set with plenty more to collect.

Cubic Cherry Creations also have a lovely set at the event called Noise. The large clock, moon, hourglass and scattered stars are all from this set, so beautiful and dreamy!

The Secret Affair opens today at 12 SLT, it seems like so long since the last round but it’s worth the wait, just look at my gorgeous dress by The Annex! The Karenina Gown comes in several colour options and in standard sizes. The arms are posed as if you have your hands in your pockets and I love the gold trim and fur collar. I’m also wearing the Blackstar Mask by E.V.E from the event.

My hair is a new release by Blues for Tres Chic called Chyna, this lovely style is swept all over one shoulder with blunt ends. This is just one of several releases by Blues this month and I’ll bring you more of those in future posts.

Keke are at Kustom 9’s new round with a gorgeous assortment of décor. The crown I’m wearing as well as the standing star and crown and the frame are all at the event and well worth picking up.

I’m also catching up with Half-Deer’s new releases, the Fairylight balloons are at Collabor88 and come in a group and two single versions. They have plenty of texture options from pastels to black to florals so they’ll fit with all sorts of décor. The rose garlands are also by Half-Deer for The Kawaii Project, another event opening today.

I’m wearing…

@ The Secret Affair (opening at 12 SLT)…
The Annex – Karenina Gown – Charcoal
E.V.E – Blackstar Mask – Gold – Black Eyes

@ The Epiphany…
Cureless & Nefarious Inventions – Alice in Monsterland – The Key

@ Tres Chic (Opens 17th January)…
Blues – Chyna Hair

@ The Season’s Story…
Essenz – Montana Shoes

@ Kustom 9…
keke – Star Crown – Queen

Coco – Doll Head 001V



@ The Epiphany…
Cureless & Nefarious Inventions – Alice In Monsterland – Drink Me Bottle, March Hare
Cubic Cherry Creations – Noise – Empty Ticking RARE, Rest A, Selene’s Shadow, Chrono’s Vow B, Memento of the Sky

@ Collabor88…
Half-Deer – Fairylight Balloons

@ Kustom 9…
keke – Stars & Crowns – Star Crown – Queen, Bright Star, Dark Star, We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for

@ The Kawaii Project…
Half-Deer – Coming Up Roses – Garland A Golden, Garland B Golden


Event Details…
The Secret Affair – Opens 15th January – websiteflickr
The Epiphany – Open until 2nd February – website – flickr
The Season’s Story – Open until 31st January websiteflickr
Tres Chic – Opens on 17th January
Kustom 9 – Open until 10th February
Collabor88 – Open until 6th February
The Kawaii Project – Open until 10th February

You cannot know my mind…



I thought I’d take a little break from Halloween horror today and bring you a gentler Autumnal scene using some wonderful pieces available right now at various events.

First of all I must mention my new dress from !gO! which will be available at The Fantasy Collective in just a few days. This is a gorgeous ensemble consisting of a bodysuit, skirt and flexi skirt with swishy ribbons. I really love the shape of this dress and it put me in mind of autumn leaves which is what inspired my set today.

Speaking of autumn leaves, The Little Branch are releasing some gorgeous trees for Shiny Shabby, the Orange Maple comes in the bent version shown here or normal and the leaves are so warm and vibrant, perfect for the season.

I’ve added a few little friends to the scene, these Long Eared Jerboas are by Half-Deer, a gacha set at The Epiphany and they are utterly cute! these little animated cuties come in a variety of colours, mine are Forest Deer, Natural and Little Shadow. The thorny vine and acorns are also by Half-Deer and are available at the main store.

The sweet hamsters are also from The Epiphany, cute wearable pets by Genesis Lab. Just look at their little t-shirts, how adorable!

My pose is from Kirin’s new set of six standing poses for Kustom 9, a lovely set of calm and gentle poses which are beautifully done as always.

I’m wearing…

Body: Coco – Fashion Doll Body Pale, Ava Head Pale

Hair: Tram – E924 (The Season’s Story)

Circlet: Empyrean Forge – Jerrik Coronet – Gold (We Love Roleplay)

Flowers: Bauhaus Movement – Yuka Headpiece – Red (The Season’s Story)

Outfit: !gO! – Luci Dress – Red (soon @ The Fantasy Collective)

Boots: Essenz – Stockholm (The Season’s Story)

Pose: Kirin – Moca – Pose 3 (Kustom 9)



Dead Tree: Stormwood – The Broken Tree (We Love Roleplay)

Trees: The Little Branch – Orange Maple – Bent – Autumn (soon @ Shiny Shabby)

Shrubs & Ground Leaves: keke – Willow Shrub, Willow Leaves (The Season’s Story)

Hamsters: Genesis Lab – Pet Hamsters – Tabby & Alvin (The Epiphany)

Cuties: Half-Deer – Long Eared Jerboas (The Epiphany)

Umbrella (Pose Prop): Bauhaus Movement – Yuka Umbrella – Red (The Season’s Story)

Plants: keke – Hogweed Shimmer (Kustom 9)

Vine: Half-Deer – Thorny Vine – Brown

Acorns: Half-Deer – Scattered Acorns


Event Details…

We Love Roleplay: Open until 30th October – websiteflickr

The Season’s Story: Opens 10th Octoberwebsiteflickr

The Fantasy Collective: Opens 22nd October – websiteflickr

The Epiphany: Open until 12th November – website flickr

Kustom 9: Open until 10th November

Shiny Shabby: Opens 20th October

Autumn Magic


These sweet, dark dreams…


… they fill my soul with longing. Oh, how the angels weep.

The events are piling up again and today I just had to share with you the super sexy Desires Gown by Wimey, available at ROMP. It’s also available as a corset only but I just love love love the sheer skirt on this beauty. The texture on the corset is also really fabulous, I can almost feel the smooth shiny fabric. This gown comes in lots of colours with a colour change hud for the skirt so you’re sure to find one that you love.

The Season’s Story opens in just a few days and I have a couple of previews to share with you! First up, this cute bob by Mithral Apothecary, one of two styles they will be releasing at the event. I really love the chunky fringe and blunt ends on this style.

Next we have the Kalee necklace by RealEvil Industries, an intricate lily design which is really pretty. This comes with a colour change hud for lots of options and I find that it sits really nicely on me, I didn’t have to fiddle with it very much at all.

Also coming to The Season’s Story are my shoes by Essenz which come in Slink and Maitreya versions and in many summery colours as well as the ever popular black.

A couple of decor pieces I want to tell you about too! The desk and chair set is by Alchemist at the current round of Cosmopolitan. This set comes in three colours and also includes various letter writing accessories not shown here. As usual with Alchemist the pieces are all beautiful to look at, well made and wonderfully textured. I’m also using their mesh fog as my background, it’s colour changeable and really adds some atmosphere to the scene. The fog should be available at the main store.

The Angel statues are by Lost Junction at the current round of Oneword, I think they despair of me! They’re white out of the box but you can tint these for all sorts of lovely effects. I toned these down to grey to blend in a bit more with the set.

Location: Ippos


I’m wearing…

Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V3.3

Head: Genesis Lab – Chloe (The Fantasy Collective)

Ears: Mandala – Simple Elf Ears

Hair: Mithral Apothecary – Ginatia (soon @ The Season’s Story)

Horns: Half-Deer – Gefion Horns

Blindfold: Boom – Last Goodnight Satin Blindfold – Navy

Choker: Kibitz – Casey Choker

Necklace: RealEvil Industries – Kalee Necklace (soon @ The Season’s Story)

Dress: Wimey – Desires Gown – Blue (ROMP)

Undies: Zibska – Lena 05

Cuffs: Fetch – Bow Cuffs (ROMP)

Shoes: Essenz – Santiago (soon @ The Season’s Story)

Pose: !bang – Stand 456



Desk & Chair: Alchemist – Antique Table & Letter Set – Wood (Cosmopolitan)

Paving: Stormwood – Tuscan Paving Stone Floor

Circle: Paper Moon – Demon Conjure Circle

Candles: Paper Moon – Dripping Candles – Blue (The Fantasy Collective)

Art: Silentsparrow – Eclipse Art (IDK)

Cushions: Brixley – Space Pillows (IDK)

Statues: Lost Junction – Angel in Tears Statue (Oneword)

Flowers: Heart – Wildflowers – Hollyhocks

Lace: Cinphul – ASBMF – Lace 1 and 2


Event Details…

The Fantasy Collective: Open until 13th July – websiteflickr

Oneword: Open until 15th July – website flickr

The Season’s Story: Opens on 10th July! – website – flickr

IDK: Open until 10th July – websiteflickr

ROMP: Open until 17th July

Cosmopolitan: Open until 19th July