keke – Garden Planters @ FaMESHed
Two styles of planter available in three colours

Addams – Lillian Jumpsuit @ Mainstore
Available as a top and jumpsuit in long and short sleeved versions

Rainbow Sundae – Rebel Lashes @ Lookbook
Eyelashes for CATWA or LeLutka heads, white (tintable) and black, 2 options of each with or without cross decor


Lookbook – HUD released 27th June – website – flickr – marketplace (for HUD)
The Crystal Heart Festival – Opens 30th June – website – flickr
Lootbox: 20th June to 20th July – website – flickr 
Blush: 28th June to 25th July – website – flickr

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CATWA HEAD Catya v3.2
-Belleza- Freya V 5.1 BENTO
{S0NG} Mieko // Pale Tone – Catwa Applier // Blush
UniCult – Show Time V1 Catwa/Omega HUD // Blush
-SU!- Flavored Lip Gloss // Lookbook
[ Conviction ] Lucent Eyes [HUD] // Lookbook
*Rainbow Sundae* Rebel Lashes CATWA (Add Me!) // Lookbook
13[Cubic Cherry] {Candy demon} bindi silver // Lootbox
17[Cubic Cherry] {Candy demon} floating beads // Lootbox
Addams // Lillian Jumpsuit Short Sleeve // Freya
AZOURY – Joliver Nose Right [Mod&Copy] // Rewind
Beusy: Koneko Bangs [Add] // The Crystal Heart Festival
Beusy: Koneko Hairstyle (Only / Add) // The Crystal Heart Festival
ERSCH – Sleeping Beauty Headpiece // The Crystal Heart Festival
kotte – utau charms – seraphic charm RARE // The Crystal Heart Festival
[CX] Cerberus’ Dirty Fangs (Bento)
[KoKoLoReS] Frown Lines (mesh) – add me
Cataclasm – Catwa: Catya – Shape 005 (Freya) **Rainbow’s Edits**


[ keke ] tall garden planter . white // FaMESHed
[ keke ] big garden planter . white // FaMESHed
Raindale – Wondervine mushrooms // Lootbox
Raindale – Wondervine lantern (green) // Lootbox
{anc} lace chair 5Li (white) // Uber






CUREMORE – Stellar Piercings @ Kustom 9
Includes rigged bento mouth piercings for a selection of CATWA and LeLutka heads as well as septum and side star nose piercings 

AsteroidBox – Keir Necklace & Earrings @ Shiny Shabby (19th May)
Earrings include a fatpack HUD and can be moved individually using edit linked. Necklaces come in gold or silver, unrigged and can be resized 

Cerberus Xing & Altair – Bunny Suit @ ROMP
Available in 8 colours and rigged for Maitreya, Hourglass, Isis & Freya. Set includes bodysuit with matching collar and cuffs

keke – Crystal Chandeliers @ Collabor88
Chandeliers available in black, colour, gold and silver with 3 cord lengths for each


Collabor88: 8th May to 6th June – website – flickr


Slink Hourglass
EYE APPLIERS: [ Conviction ] Lucid Eyes (ASHES) [APPLIERS HUD]
LASHES: [CX] Hana Eyelashes Set ( Catwa )
SCLERAS: CURELESS[+] Tinted Scleras / RED /
BROWS: Wednesday[+] ~ B&W Brows ~ COMMON
FACE STARS: [okkbye] starstruck freckles (catwa)
HAIR: Beusy: Nightshade Hair + Ribbon [ Unrigged] [Kustom 9]
CUREMORE / Stellar Piercings [Kustom 9]
 ^^Swallow^^ Princess Ears (Wear) [Kustom 9]
AsteroidBox. Keir Earrings [Shiny Shabby] 
NECK CHAINS: AsteroidBox. Keir Neck Chains – Silver [Shiny Shabby] 
COLLAR: ALTAIR* & [CX] bunny suit choker [ROMP]
CUFFS: ALTAIR* & [CX] bunny suit cuff  [ROMP]
BODYSUIT: ALTAIR* & [CX] bunny suit .white. hourglass  [ROMP]
DERMALS: [ bubble ] Stars Dermals Hourglass
POSE: (HUD)SLC SS Pose – Candy (hand pose separate)


CHANDELIERS: [ keke ] crystal chandelier . black . 2m [Collabor88]
GLITTER: +Half-Deer+ Glitter Field – Stars
BUNNER: Fawny – Pet Cemetery.Frankie Rabbit – White





PocketGacha: 15th December to 14th January – website – flickr
S0ng / Yumi Eyes / Mesh Eyes & CATWA Appliers
Bossie / Bubble Makeup Gacha / CATWA Appliers / Lashes, Lips & Eyeliner
Ukiyo / IAH gacha / Eyes, Lips, Nails
Meva / Corellis Gacha / Clothing / Rigged for Maitreya
egosumaii / Coal Pup / Bento Rigged Pet / Hold & Shoulder Versions

The Liaison Collaborative: 7th to 30th December – website – flickr
ERSCH / Winter Gacha / Clothing & Accessories

Cerberus Xing @ Kurenai 
Uzu Tama Kanzashi / Gold & Silver Versions / Available in 5 Colours / Left and Right options / unrigged

Violent Seduction @ Kustom 9 
Circe Lingerie Set / Rigged for Maitreya / 6 colours available

hive @ Kustom 9 
Lighted Birch Trees / 4 sizes

keke @ Mainstore 
Glitter Lanterns / 3 colours available / 4 sizes of each colour

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BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
HAIR: Beusy: Zinnia Ponytails (Rigged/Bento) [Kustom 9]
SKIN: [theSkinnery] Alicia (Catwa Applier) snow [Collabor88]
EYE APPLIERS: {S0NG} Yumi Eye // Solar – Catwa Applier [PocketGacha]
NOSEBLEED: Clemmm – Nosebleeds ALL *CATWA*
SCARS: -[TWC]- Broken *Maitreya*


LASHES: [13] Bossie. bubble eyelashes [catwa] [PocketGacha]
EYELINER: [RARE 02] Bossie. bubble eyeliners [catwa] [PocketGacha]
LIPPY: [01] Bossie. bubble lipsticks [catwa][b&w] [PocketGacha]
NAILS: Ukiyo. – Iah – Sparkle and Bokeh Nails RARE [PocketGacha]
HAIRSTICK 1: [CX] Uzu Tama Kanzashi – Silver ( Aka ) L [Kurenai]
HAIRSTICK 2: [CX] Uzu Tama Kanzashi – Silver ( Kiiro ) L [Kurenai]
COLLAR: Meva Corellis Collar White Silver [PocketGacha]
COLLAR STARS: Meva Corellis Collar Stars AddOn Silver [PocketGacha]
BRA STARS: Meva Corellis Breast Stars AddOn Silver [PocketGacha]
PANTS STARS: Meva Corellis Belly Stars AddOn Silver [PocketGacha]
BRA: Violent Seduction – Circe Bra HUD VERSION (White) [Kustom 9]
PANTS: Violent Seduction – Circe Panties (White) [Kustom 9]
ROBE: Violent Seduction – Circe Robe (White) [Kustom 9]
LEG STRAP: ERSCH – Winter Gacha Leg Harness MAITREYA [The Liaison Collaborative]
PET: + Coal Pup (Shoulder) + [egosumaii] [PocketGacha]
POSE: An Lar Poses – The Euphoria Series



TREES: hive // lighted birch trees [Kustom 9] 
LANTERNS: [ keke ] glitter lantern on stick . white


First Snow



PocketGacha: 15th November to 14th December – website – flickr
E.Marie / Stay Cozy / Drink Accessories / Bento Hold Animated

District 20 – Open 20th November to 19th December – website – flickr 
– Join the VIP group to gain exclusive benefits! See the website for more info
Beusy / Marilyn Hairstyle / Styling Hud and Accessory with Hud included

The Liaison Collaborative: 7th to 30th December – website – flickr
Izzie’s / First Snow Make-Up Set / CATWA & LeLutka Available / Lashes / Eye Makeup / Lippy
Giz Seorn / Roxie Scarf / Includes Texture Hud / Rigged for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink

Addams @ Mainstore 
Weapon Wool Dress/Top / Fatpack has 43 Colours plus 43 lace colours, 6 metals and a top only version
Weapon Winter Boots / Fatpack has full customisation, 43 colours



BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
EARS: ^^Swallow^^ Pixie Ears /(Wear)
HAIR: Beusy: Marilyn Hairstyle + Bandana (Rigged) [District 20]
SKIN:  [theSkinnery] Olga (Catwa Applier) snow
EYE APPLIERS: CURELESS [+] Cutie Coven Eyes / FATPACK / Omega & Texture HUD
NOSEBLEED: Clemmm – Nosebleeds ALL *CATWA*
FRECKLES: UniCult – Freckles Catwa HUD
LASHES/SHADOW/LIPSTICK: Izzie’s – Catwa – Applier First Snow Make-Up Set [The Liaison Collaborative]
SCARS: -[TWC]- Broken *Maitreya*


SCARF: GIZ SEORN – Roxie Scarf – Maitreya Lara [The Liaison Collaborative]
DRESS: Addams // Weapon Wool Dress // Maitreya
BOOTS/SOCKS: Addams // Weapon Winter Boots // Maitreya
COFFEE: e.marie // Coffee Tumbler – Black [PocketGacha]
BIKE: Mikunch newspaper delivery (wear) RARE (copy)


LOCATION: Neverfar


See beyond


PocketGacha: 15th November to 14th December – website – flickr
Beusy / Becrux Gacha / Hair / 3 Styles to collect
OSMIA / Zodiac Gacha / Clothes & Pets / Rigged for Maitreya, Freya, Isis, Hourglass
Hucci / Satin Luxury Gacha / Accessories / Rigged for Maitreya, Freya, Isis, Hourglass

The Annex @ Tannenbaum (Opens 25th November)
Moon Child Crown / with colour change hud for pearls and metal

The Forge @ No 21 
Dita Collar / 8 colours available / fatpack has the ability to mix and match colours

E.V.E @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival 
Ashes & Ice Flowers / Decor / Eyes follow you when you are close!

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BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
HAIR: Beusy: Tauri Hairstyle (Becrux Gacha) [PocketGacha]
LIP INJURY: -[TWC]- Silky Kisses -lips- *Omega Heads Catwa/lelutka/6doo* [The Kawaii Project]
Clemmm – Nosebleeds ALL *CATWA*
EYEBAGS: Izzie’s – CATWA – Applier Aegyo Sal Hud


HEADDRESS: The Annex – Moon Child Crown [Tannenbaum]
COLLAR: [The Forge] Dita Collar [No 21]
DRESS: OSMIA – Zodiac.Gacha.Dress – Maitreya – RARE [PocketGacha]
GLOVES: ::HH:: Hucci Sparks Gloves – Collection (Lara) [PocketGacha]
BUNNY 1: OSMIA – Zodiac.Gacha.Rabbit.OnHand – Animation – White [PocketGacha]
BUNNY 2: OSMIA – Zodiac.Gacha.Rabbit – Animation\Bento (WEAR ME) – RARE [PocketGacha]
POSE: Paper Rabbit: Pose 38



EYES: E.V.E {Dystopia} Ashes & Ice Flower [Ice] ULTRARARE [Fantasy Gacha Carnival]
BUNNY: Fawny – Pet Cemetery.Frankie Rabbit – White




Just a couple of weeks left for the July events so here’s a reminder of some great goodies you may be missing out on.

First up is Moon Amore’s Crystal Queen set at The Crystal Heart Festival. I’m wearing the Warrior Dress and Crystal Queen Bindi here. The dress is a common item with a lovely windswept look, there are nine colours to collect and each comes with a hud for the neck and bow with many options to choose from including the ability to hide the bow. The bindi is another common item available in nine colours.

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to use these adorable floating watering cans by Striped Mocha for ages and this seemed like the perfect picture to use them. They come in a few colours and I love the creativity of it, they make me smile whenever I see them.

My flowing hair is by Beusy for The Season’s Story, it comes with optional roses which have their own colour change hud and there are also some poses available to use with the hair which is ideal for laying down shots. The leaf decor is also at this event, a new set by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations which includes prop versions as shown here, and wearable umbrella versions in various colours.

Finally, you’ll find this pretty lace curtain by Knick Knacks at the brand new round of ULTRA. There are four types in total with a bar to use with them.

I’m wearing…

@ The Crystal Heart Festival…
:MoonAmore: Crystal Queen Bindi (Pure)
:MoonAmore: Warrior Dress (S)

@ The Season’s Story…
Beusy: Nymph Mesh Hair (Unrigged) (Specials)
Beusy: Nymph Rose Acessory (Resize)

@ We Love Roleplay…
MINIMAL – Irina Necklace -Gold-

@ The Kawaii Project…
[La Baguette] Maitreya Appliers / Amrita Tattoo ~ White

ROQUAI Liquid Fashion 1 (pose)



@ We Love Roleplay…
striped mocha – floating watering can – plain mint

::KKs:: Lace straight curtains – White 1

@ The Season’s Story…
{Leaf~} prop version~ snow .::Cubic Cherry::.


Event Details…

The Season’s Story – Open until 30th July – websiteflickr
The Kawaii Project – Open until 10th August – website – flickr
ULTRA – Open until 15th August websiteflickr
We Love Roleplay – Open until 31st Julywebsite flickr
The Crystal Heart Festival – Open until 28th July websiteflickr




Today I’m showing off the fabulous Chandra dress by Salt & Pepper for the Pastel Goth Fair. This dress comes in both long and short versions in five colour options and a hud for metal options. This is one sexy dress and as usual from Salt & Pepper, wonderfully made.

My horns, dagger and cup are from The Occultist set by The Forge for TAG! Gacha. This machine is in the bonus room so you’ll need to fill your hud out by visiting each store before you can get there. This set is great, it has a nice variety of decor and wearables to collect and the rare item is a rather awesome staff. The items I’m showing you are all commons in the set so well worth a play.

These wonderfully drapey curtains are a new release by cinphul for Shiny Shabby. There are several different curtain shapes and two colour options to choose from. Just look at the lovely texture on these and the lovely way that they fall and fold.

My necklace is from BAMSE at the current round of We Love Roleplay. The Dragon Eye Necklace comes in a few colour options with a colour change hud for the eye. There isn’t long left for this round so hurry up if you haven’t been yet.

I’m wearing…

Body: Coco – Doll Bodysuit Black Pattern, Monster Limbs Nude, Head 001V

Eyes: S0ng – Cheri – Grey Eye

Hair: Beusy – Salvatore Hair V2 (The Season’s Story)

Horns: The Forge – The Occultist – Occult Horns (TAG! Gacha)

Necklace: BAMSE – Dragon Eye Necklace – Gold (We Love Roleplay)

Dagger: The Forge – The Occultist – Sacrificial Dagger (TAG! Gacha)

Cup: The Forge – The Occultist – Skull Goblet – Gold (TAG! Gacha)

Dress: Salt & Pepper – Chandra – Short – Black (Pastel Goth Fair)

Wings: Schadenfreude – Devilish Wings (The Season’s Story)

Pose: Eternal Dream – Survive or Die 3 (Totally Top Shelf)



Curtains: cinphul – Brooding Curtains – Drab 1 & Drab 4 (Shiny Shabby)

Pentagram, Altar, Runes, Books: May’s Soul – Dark Magic (The Epiphany)

Bottles: Zerkalo – Apothecary Halloween Set (TAG! Gacha)

Frame: HEXtraordinary – Unseelie Faerie Specimens – Common House Gremlin Specimen RARE (TAG! Gacha)

Single Skull: Deadwool – Anatomy Model Set – Vanitas (TAG! Gacha)

Scrolls under glass: Vespertine – Preserved Parchments (TAG! Gacha)

Skulls: keke – Skulls, Crowns & Keys – Three Daughters (TAG! Gacha)


Event Details…

Totally Top Shelf: Open until 22nd October – websiteflickr 

The Season’s Story: Open until 31st October – websiteflickr

TAG! Gacha: Open until 31st October – website flickr

The Epiphany: Open until 12th November – website flickr

We Love Roleplay: Open until 30th October – websiteflickr

Pastel Goth Fair: Open until 30th October

Shiny Shabby: Open until 10th November