Tea and cake


HEAD: .CATWA HEAD Catya v2.14
BODY: *Tentacio & Cureless* Galatea Doll Lolita – RARE [The Secret Hideout]
EARS: BentBox Sylvan Ears  – Small


HAIR: pr!tty – Yuri – -Balloons- :unrigged: [The Chapter Four]
EYE MAKEUP: Izzie’s – CATWA – Applier Aegyo Sal Hud
COLLAR: *Tentacio & Cureless* Galatea Doll Lolita- Collar white [The Secret Hideout]
DRESS: *Tentacio & Cureless* Galatea Doll Lolita – Dress RARE [The Secret Hideout]
POSE: Le Poppycock-Wisps of smoke [The Chapter Four]



HEART TREE: Panavia Fashion – Tree “HEART” Candle [The Chapter Four]
TABLE/CHAIRS: SPELL : Mad hatter party TABLE & CHAIRS – RARE [The Chapter Four]
CUP 1: SPELL : A Rose floating on tea [The Chapter Four]
FLOATING CUPS: SPELL : Floating tea cups & teapots [The Chapter Four]
FRUIT CUPS: SPELL : Fruitcups [The Chapter Four]
CUT CAKE: SPELL : Four layer cream cake [The Chapter Four]
BOOK & KEY: SPELL : A key to Wonderland [book] [The Chapter Four]
BLUEBERRY CAKE: SPELL : Blueberry Angel Food Cake [The Chapter Four]
POT & BOOKS: SPELL : A Teapot & Books [The Chapter Four]
TEA SET: SPELL : Green Tea Set [The Chapter Four]
CUP CAKES: SPELL : Painted Cupcakes Roses [The Chapter Four]
CARDS: SPELL : Antique Poker Cards [The Chapter Four]
CUP 2: SPELL : A Pansy – creature flower on a tea cup [The Chapter Four]
BOTTLE: SPELL : Drink me bottle [The Chapter Four]
TALL CAKE: SPELL : Chocolate & Cherry Cake [The Chapter Four]
FLOATING TEA POT: SPELL : Magic Floating Teapot! [The Chapter Four]
HAT: SPELL : Mad Hatter’s  Hat [The Chapter Four]
STACKED CUPS: SPELL : Stack of Tea Cups [Colors] [The Chapter Four]
MOCHI BEAR: comet. // oh my mochi! {bear-mint} [The Chapter Four]
MOCHI BUN: comet. // oh my mochi! {bun-yellow} [The Chapter Four]
MOCHI CAT: comet. // oh my mochi! {cat-pink} [The Chapter Four]
FRAMES/CLOCK: .peaches. VMUB – SOI  – You’re Late Rabbit Decor [The Gacha Garden]
FLYING CARDS: .peaches. VMUB – The Queen’s Cards [The Gacha Garden]
TURTLES: *HEXtraordinary* Baby Green Turtle Wanderer [The Gacha Garden]
PLANT 1:::Static:: Deadly Arborium – Brugmansia sanguinea – 02 [The Gacha Garden]
PLANT 2: ::Static:: Deadly Arborium – Notobubon galbanum – 03 [The Gacha Garden]
PLANT 3: ::Static:: Deadly Arborium – Aconitum napellus – 15 [The Gacha Garden]
PLANT 4: ::Static:: Deadly Arborium – Digitalis purpurea Orange – SOI [The Gacha Garden]



THE SECRET HIDEOUT: Open until 21st May – websiteflickr
THE GACHA GARDEN: Open until 31st May – websiteflickr
THE CHAPTER FOUR: Open until 21st May – websiteflickr


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