Picnic Princess

290417-1-009_001 FC1


HEAD: .CATWA HEAD Catya v2.14
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
EARS: ^^Swallow^^ Ears Elf HD – High Definition


BUNNY EARS: *Tentacio* lola maid headdress pink [The Epiphany]
HAIR: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Hoshi hair [The Secret Hideout]
SKIN: more more. yuka skin RARE1_milk (catwa) [The Secret Hideout]
GLASSES: [Cubic Cherry] {Lala} glasses [The Secret Hideout]
EYE MAKEUP: Wednesday[+] ~ Allergic Blush COMMON [The Secret Hideout]
LASHES: Wednesday[+] ~ Lashes ~ COMMON [The Secret Hideout]
TOP: Una – Sakura – Sakura Jaket [The Secret Hideout]
DRESS: {le fil casse} Felicity Dress Maitreya [Bloom]
CUFFS: .Quirky. – Delicate Cuffs – White [The Secret Hideout]
LEG WRAPS: Una – Sakura – Flower Belt Leg L & R [The Secret Hideout]
SOCKS: Anachron – Gacha Rigged Tabi – Multipack RARE [SaNaRae]
an lar [poses] The Cutsie Series – One [The Secret Hideout]



TENT: hive // diy tent RARE [Bloom]
TABLE: hive // crate bar [light] [Bloom]
PICNIC SIGN: hive // picnic sign [light] [Bloom]
CRATES: hive // extra crates [light] [Bloom]
EAT SIGN: hive // tabletop eat sign [light] [Bloom]
TREE 1: hive // birch tree [large] [Bloom]
TREE 2: hive // oak tree [large] [Bloom]
BIG CAKE: DISORDERLY&CURELESS / Petit Blooms / Oversize Cake / Peonies [Bloom]
PETIT FOURS: DISORDERLY&CURELESS / Petit Blooms / Petit Fours / Peonies [Bloom]
DRIZZLE CAKES: DISORDERLY&CURELESS / Petit Blooms / Drizzle Cakes / Roses [Bloom]
BLANKET: LAGOM – Orchid Dreams [Blanket] PG #08 [The Secret Hideout]
ROSE CAKE: {BunBun} Sweet Cafe – Rosecake RARE x [The Epiphany]
TEA SET: {BunBun} Sweet Cafe – Tea Set RARE [The Epiphany]
COOKIES: {BunBun} Sweet Cafe – Spilled Cookies B x [The Epiphany]
MILK & CAKE: {BunBun} Sweet Cafe – Milk & Cake A x [The Epiphany]
UNICORN: comet. + starry unicorn + {orange} [The Secret Hideout]
MILKSHAKES: *Tentacio* milkshake tray [The Epiphany]
SUITCASE: Mushilu Kawai_suitcase_pig [The Secret Hideout]
WINDOW: Mushilu Kawai_window_RARE [The Secret Hideout]
PEN POT: CMYK// 4. Banilasky [The Kawaii Project]
BANANA: Ahegao – Banana Pencil Case [Rez] [The Kawaii Project]
BOOK 1: Ahegao – Strawberry Notebook [Rez] [The Kawaii Project]
BOOK 2: Ahegao – My Sketchbook [Rez] [The Kawaii Project]
GRASS: LB_WildGrass*1Li{Yellowish}
MOSS 1: +Half-Deer+ Star Creeper Moss – Dark Green – Blob C [Collabor88]
MOSS 2: +Half-Deer+ Star Creeper Moss – Dark Green – L Blob Thick [Collabor88]
MOSS 3: +Half-Deer+ Star Creeper Moss – Dark Green – Edge/Wall Thick [Collabor88]



THE SECRET HIDEOUT: Opens 1st May – websiteflickr
THE EPIPHANY: Open until 15th May – websiteflickr
SANARAE: Opens 26th April – websiteflickr
THE KAWAII PROJECT: Open until 10th May – websiteflickr
BLOOM: Open until 30th April
COLLABOR88: Open until 6th May


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