HEAD: .LeLutka.Head.Chloe 2.6
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.0


EARS: + Cotton Usagi Ears + {aii}
ANTLERS: *Tentacio* kitsune Antlers [Lootbox]
HAIR: Mithral * Neem [Kustom 9]
NECKLACE: SPELL : Artemisa (Gold) [The Chapter Four]
WINGS: SPELL : Branch Wings [The Chapter Four]
GOWN: Una – Victorian dress (Add to wear) White Ligth [We Love Roleplay]
PET: +Half-Deer+ Jackalope Baby – Companion (wear) RARE x
POSE: an lar [poses] The Eyre Series – Two [We Love Roleplay]



BUILD: SPELL : A Forest Tale Cabin RARE [The Chapter Four]
DREAMCATCHER: SPELL :  Luna Dreamcatcher (Gold) [The Chapter Four]
PEARS: SPELL : Pears [The Chapter Four]
BUTTERFLIES: SPELL : Butterflies towards the sun [The Chapter Four]
DOOR DECOR: SPELL : Inguz Rune (Birch) [The Chapter Four]
PINK TREE: PANAVIA FASHION – Tree “Flowers” Pink [The Chapter Four]
GREEN TREE: PANAVIA FASHION – Tree “Flowers” Green [The Chapter Four]
GRASS: Bee Designs – Tulips and grass [SaNaRae]
STUMPS: *AF* Herb Garden Log Seat – BONUS [The Guardians]
POST WITH POTS: *AF* Herb Garden 8 – Post [The Guardians]
BELL: *AF* Herb Garden 11 – Bell [The Guardians]
PLANTER: *AF* Herb Garden 13 – Crate Mix 1 RARE [The Guardians]
LARGE POT: ..::THOR::.. Pot of Wild Spike [GOG] [The Guardians]
SMALL POT: ..::THOR::.. Pot of Grass [The Guardians]
MUSHROOMS: BananaN 02 Fae decor gacha – mushrooms [The Guardians]
JACKALOPE 1: +Half-Deer+ Jackalope – Knitter x
JACKALOPE 2: +Half-Deer+ Jackalope – Playful x
JACKALOPE 3: +Half-Deer+ Jackalope – Easily Impressed x
SHRUB: [we’re CLOSED] shrub large green



THE GUARDIANS – Open until 30th April – website – flickr
THE CHAPTER FOUR: Opens today, 4th April! – websiteflickr
LOOTBOX: Open until 20th April – websiteflickr
SANARAE: Open until 18th April – websiteflickr
KUSTOM 9: Open until 10th April
WE LOVE RP: Open until 30th April


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