Vintage Floral

My bestie Inertia made this lovely little corner for me at Neverfar, filled with all of my favourite bits and pieces. I added the Death Row Designs Rustic Garden pieces which you can see on the left of the image for the purposes of this photo, I love the steps and wheelbarry with their pretty flowers. The birdhouse lantern is also gorgeous and the fence comes in a few different colours too.

The greenhouse itself is by keke for the March deco(c)rate subscription box, it’s wonderfully textured, dirty windows and all, I love it! The birdhouse and wheelbarrow on the right of the picture are by hive for The Arcade.

I’m wearing KiiKO’s beautiful Sakura skin which is out now at Skin Fair, this is a CATWA applier for the Catya head but looks just as great on Lona too! My lashes and eye makeup are also at Skin Fair by #adored and alaskametro respectively.

You must have noticed my pretty playsuit by now! It’s a new release by The Annex for Tres Chic and comes in five beautiful floral designs in Slink, Belleza and Maitreya fits. I think it goes perfectly with Monso’s new hair for Kustom 9, a very laid back style perfect for Spring. The pose I’ve used is from An Lar’s Gabriel set at The Crossroads.

Last but not least I want to mention these pretty eye appliers coming soon to The Kawaii Project. The Nash Eyes by S0ng are also available as stand alone mesh eyes but I love that they’re doing CATWA appliers now!


HEAD: CATWA HEAD Lona v2.12 [Skin Fair]
BODY: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5


HAIR: [monso] My Hair – Yennie (s) /Black&White [Kustom 9]
SKIN APPLIER: [KiiKO] Skin applier for Catya ::Sakura:: -Snow [Skin Fair]
LASHES: #adored – jordyn lashes {catwa} [Skin Fair]
EYESHADOW: alaskametro<3 “Blossom” makeup palette – Catwa applier [Skin Fair]
EYE APPLIER: {S0NG} Nash Eyes – Catwa Applier [soon @ The Kawaii Project]
NOSEBLEED: Clemmm – Nosebleed ALL *Catwa*
BODY INJURIES: -[TWC]- Fragile *Maitreya*
SHORT NECKLACE: +Half-Deer+ Innocence and Purity Necklace – Dreamer
LONG NECKLACE: (Yummy) Spyglass Necklace – Gold
PLAYSUIT: The Annex – Daisy – Floral 3 – MAITREYA [Tres Chic]
POSE: an lar [poses] The Gabriel Series – Five [The Crossroads]



STEPS: DRD – Rustic Garden – Decor – Step Display [The Liaison Collaborative]
WHEELBARROW: DRD – Rustic Garden – Decor – Wheelbarrow Display [The Liaison Collaborative]
BIRDHOUSE (LEFT): DRD – Rustic Garden – Decor – Birdhouse Lantern [The Liaison Collaborative]
FENCE: DRD – Rustic Garden – Fence – B – Floral [The Liaison Collaborative]
GREENHOUSE: [ keke ] old garden greenhouse [for Decocrate]
DECKING: Apple Fall Coastal Pier Large, Semi-Destroyed
BIRDHOUSE: hive // large birdhouse [The Arcade]
WHEELBARROW (right): hive // weathered wheelbarrow [dark] [The Arcade]
URN: Apple Fall Milk Urn w/ Wild Geraniums
HANGING PLANT: Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera
WHITE FLOWERS: Heart – Wild Flowers – Quenn Ann’s Lace – P3
GAZEBO: hive // daisy’s dainty gazebo RARE [The Arcade]
WILLOW: LB_WeepingWillow.V2



SKIN FAIR: Open until 26th March – websiteflickr
Opens 20th March – websiteflickr
THE ARCADE: Open until 31st March – websiteflickr
THE CROSSROADS: Open until 28th March


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