The crow’s lament

Memento Mori has opened for it’s second ever round, this is an event you should definitely visit if you like the gothic and the macabre. Most of my look today consists of bits and bobs from the event, based around the Crow set by Naminoke which includes my anklets, cuffs, mask, collar and shawl. I’m wearing the albino version but of course they also come in black!

I also really like the Laceration applier by NOX, these are the little cuts you can see on my arms, legs and chest. This is an omega applier so will work with most meshy bits. My eyes and eye makeup are also from the event, by Conviction. This is the second eye/makeup set of theirs I’ve tried and I must say I’m really impressed with them. I like that I can apply separate colours to each eye too.

An Lar’s pose set for Memento Mori is the quirky and beautiful Dollie Series, a five pose set with mirrors. They are great photographic inspiration and work very well with the theme of the event.

The Epiphany is coming really soon, I’m wearing some lacy bits from Dead Dollz upcoming set for the event, Italian Widow. My gloves, socks, bra and pants are all from this set which comes in various colours with a pretty lace dress with hud as the rare item. This round of The Epiphany promises to be amazing, I’ll bring you more previews soon.

The beautiful screens I’ve used in the décor are by keke for the latest Deco(c)rate box which went out on 8th January. If you missed it you can still pick it up, albeit at an increased price, at the HQ, landmark below. The spiky bits in the décor are by E.V.E from the Broken Souls set for Memento Mori.


HAIR: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Silena hair-fatpack [Memento Mori]
:Conviction: Insomnia Eyes [Catwa HUD] [Memento Mori]
:Conviction: Insomnia Makeup [Catwa HUD] [Memento Mori]
*N*Crow Anklet albino [Memento Mori]
COLLAR: *N*Crow Collar albino RARE [Memento Mori]
CUFFS: *N*Crow Cuff albino [Memento Mori]
MASK: *N*Crow Half Mask 5 albino RARE [Memento Mori]
SHAWL: *N*Crow shawl albino RARE [Memento Mori]
NECKLACE: ERSCH – Pain Necklace Silver [Memento Mori]
BRA: Dead Dollz – Widow Bra – White [soon @ The Epiphany]
GLOVES: Dead Dollz – Widow Gloves – White [soon @ The Epiphany]
PANTS: Dead Dollz – Widow Panties – White [soon @ The Epiphany]
SOCKS: Dead Dollz – Widow Socks – White [soon @ The Epiphany]
NOX. Laceration [Omega Applier HUD] [Memento Mori]
POSE: an lar [poses] The Dollie Series – Five [Memento Mori]



FRONT SCREEN:[ keke ] winter screen – stars [Deco(c)rate]
BACK SCREEN: [ keke ] winter screen – brave souls [Deco(c)rate]
SPIKES: E.V.E Broken Souls {Silver} Spikes [Memento Mori]
FLOWERS: [ keke ] flower circle – 1 LI – white



MEMENTO MORI – Open until 9th February – website – flickr
THE EPIPHANY – Opens 15th January – websiteflickr
DECOCRATE – Monthly subscription


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