I’m wearing…

Hair @ The Coven…
Love [Siren’s Call] Fitted Mesh Hair
Love [Siren’s Call] Bangs + Resizer

Crown @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival…
Mushilu – Crown Acebo Butterflys Monarca RARE

Mouthie @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival…
*N*Trailing abutilon – mouth Wht

Head @ The Chapter Four…
. offbeat . mesh head “nana” : neko smile Rare

Jewelry @ The Chapter Four…
SPELL : Gaya Necklace RARE
SPELL : Half-Moon Earring {gold} L
SPELL : Half-Moon Earring {gold} R
SPELL : Quarzo Rosa Ring
SPELL : Rose Ring {gold}
Spell has an absolutely stunning new gacha set at The Chapter Four called Gaya, I’m wearing a selection of the jewelry pieces from the set but there are lots more to collect. The detail on these pieces is just incredible, I particularly love the rare necklace with those tiny leaves!

Dress @ The Kawaii Project…
[CoD!] “Enferra” babydoll (Maitreya) WHITE

Pose @ The Chapter Four…
Le Poppycock-Windblown



Globe & Display Case @ The Chapter Four…
SPELL : Bird’s Nest Collection Display RARE
SPELL : Ancient Yew Globe RARE
These are the decor pieces from Spell’s Gaya set, both rares are incredibly detailed and beautiful pieces, the globe has a beautiful particle effect which is quite mesmerising to watch.


Event Details…

The Coven – Open until 29th November – website – flickr
The Chapter Four – Open until 21st November – websiteflickr
The Kawaii Project – Open until 15th November – websiteflickr
Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Opens midnight tonight! – websiteflickr


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