Dark Inside


I’m wearing…

Hair – soon @ SaNaRae…
*PH* disordered hair ///// 3

Dress – soon @ SaNaRae…
AMITOMO / Halloween ideas GACHA / RARE1 / XS

ROQUAI 7C talat



Bed @ ROMP…
hive // gothic wrought iron bed [pg]

Table, Vase & Box @ Uber…
[ keke ] peace is possible table (tinted)
[ keke ] peace is possible cloth (tinted)
[ keke ] army oil bottle w berries
[ keke ] a box of peace (tinted)

Birds @ The Kawaii Project…
+Half-Deer+ Black Baby Bird – Large Group

Wheelchair – soon @ SaNaRae…
C.ment :: wheel chair

{anc} cracked glass (mist) [crash-vend line] 2Li
{anc} cracked glass  (mist) [flat-circle-A] 3Li


Event Details…

The Kawaii Project – Open until 15th November – websiteflickr
SaNaRae – Opens 26th October – websiteflickr
ROMP – Open until 29th October
Uber – Open until 23rd November


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