Life is Sweet


I’m wearing…

Hair @ The Season’s Story…
:CHEVEUX:M092Hair Ashes

Sweater @ The Season’s Story…
. offbeat . heart angora : WHITE/PINK Rare
I’m wearing one of the rares from offbeat’s gacha for The Season’s Story, there’s a second rare in pink/sky and the commons are the cutest cropped knits!

Jeans @ The Epiphany…
[Azuchi] Heidi Pants Faded Indigo

Boots @ The Epiphany…
DYNASTY x OMEN – Yugen Boots – White

Pose @ SaNaRae…
[La Baguette] Colombe 9


Heart Bubbles @ Candy Fair…
+Half-Deer+ Love Bubbles – Lemon – Big Group
+Half-Deer+ Love Bubbles – Strawberry – Big Group
I love these whimsical love bubbles by Half-Deer for Candy Fair, they come in lots of candy colours and several sizes.

Deer @ Kustom 9…
+Half-Deer+ Fallow Deer – Snow – Nostalgia x
These beautiful fallow deer by Half-Deer are out now at Kustom 9, available in three colours and several poses they are truly delightful.

Cottage @ The Chapter Four…
Belle Epoque { Little Cottage } 3

Bakery Set @ The Epiphany…
*Tentacio* Sweet Little Bakery – Roulottee RARE
*Tentacio* Sweet Little Bakery – antiox
*Tentacio* Sweet Little Bakery – Detox juice
*Tentacio* Sweet Little Bakery – bear bread
*Tentacio* Sweet Little Bakery – pretzels tray
*Tentacio* Sweet Little Bakery – donas cake
*Tentacio* Sweet Little Bakery – Muffins
*Tentacio* Sweet Little Bakery – croassants tray
All of this yummy bakery stuff by Tentacio makes me so hungry! I love pastry things so this set really brought a smile to my face, I love the rare cart too!

Window Frame @ The Season’s Story…
[Brixley] window frame

Barrel & Plant @ The Season’s Story…
*:..Silvery K..:*Sweet October (Barrel_NonPattern)4
*:..Silvery K..:*Sweet October(PottedPlant)16

Pumpkin Candle @ The Season’s Story…
[Brixley] pumpkin candle . green


Event Details…

The Epiphany – Opens 15th October – websiteflickr
The Season’s Story – Open until 31st October – websiteflickr
The Chapter Four – Open until 21st October – websiteflickr
Candy Fair – Open until 31st October – websiteflickr
SaNaRae – Open until 18th October – websiteflickr
Kustom 9 – Open until 10th November


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