The sweet smell of victory!


When the whole world’s gone to shit, you’d better look after the facilities…

I’m wearing…

*PH* 8153 – SaNaRae

^^Swallow^^ Ears Elf HD – High Definition – Shiny Shabby

Skin Applier…
CURELESS [+] Serotonine / BODY & HEAD APPLIERS – Soon @ The Season’s Story!

Green eye…
kotte: fafa eyes zombie L – The Project Se7en

Bloody Lip…
.ARISE. Blood Lip / Tone 4 Catwa Applier – Memento Mori

Dress & Choker…
DAMI Velvet long onepiece #blood m – Salem
DAMI O-ring choker #1 – Salem

[CX] Bloodbone Cleaver (Blood) RightHand – Memento Mori

Amitie – Cinque – 11 – The Crossroads



DRD PA Coveted Outhouse – The Crossroads

{RW} Feast of Ghouls Sacrificial Cross – Memento Mori


Event Details…

Memento Mori – Open now! – websiteflickr
The Crossroads – Open until 28th October – websiteflickr
The Project Se7en – Open until 30th October – websiteflickr
The Season’s Story – Opens 10th October – websiteflickr
SaNaRae – Open until 18th October – websiteflickr
Salem – Open until 31st October
Shiny Shabby – Open until 15th October


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