Restless Spirit


I’m wearing…

Skin & Body Applier…
*YS&YS* Warrior Tone VAMP Skin Applier – Catwa Mesh Head – Soon @ We Love RP
*YS&YS* Tone VAMP Body applier v2.0 for Maitreya – Soon @ We Love RP
YS&YS are releasing an awesome set of fantasy CATWA appliers at the new round of We Love RP, I’m in love with the vamp tone already which comes with several options, with or without brows.

Makeup, Eyepatch, Eye…
~ MoonRabbit ~ Eyepatch Heart (Add me) – Soon @ The Chapter Four
~ MoonRabbit ~ Trapped in my soul Eye L – Soon @ The Chapter Four
~ MoonRabbit ~ MakeUp HUD – Soon @ The Chapter Four
A new round of The Chapter Four is almost upon us and this little gem of a set will be there, the makeup is perfect for halloween, the sparkly eyepatch is super cute and the eyes are incredible. There’s also some sparkly bunny ears not shown here.

Doe: Mari (solid) – Fatpack – The Gacha Guardians
Pretty new hair by Doe for The Gacha Guardians, a mainstore gacha event. There’s also an awesome eyeball hair accessory for it not shown here.

[Ephemeral-Repentless] Appliers Hud – Fresh&Faded – The Crossroads
A new round of The Crossroads opens today, get ready to be whisked through the themed worlds to get your shopping fix, check out this fab tattoo by Ephemeral which is brand new for the event and comes with appliers for all the major mesh bodies in fresh and faded versions.

*N*Rafflesia Arm L Dead – Memento Mori
*N*Rafflesia Back Dead – Memento Mori
*N*Rafflesia Body L Dead – Memento Mori
*N*Rafflesia BodyU Dead – Memento Mori
*N*Rafflesia Leg R Dead – Memento Mori 
Beautiful and unusual accessory set from Naminoke which comes in three colour options. The flowers are detailed and gorgeous with lovely vines that wrap around you in a delightfully creepy way. There are other pieces including head and eyes not shown here.

:Moon Amore: Dark Shreds Dress (Fatpack) Maitreya Exp – Memento Mori
I love this ripped and shredded dress by Moon Amore, the harness section is fabulous and it’s perfect for the spooky season! It comes in Physique, Hourglass and Maitreya fits with a colour change hud for the various elements.

Astralia – Vertebra heels (Maitreya) – Memento Mori 
Awesome bony heels by Astralia for Memento Mori, the hud has lots of options for shoe colour as well as several bone colour options.

an lar [poses] The Sapphire Series – Four – Soon @ We Love RP 
A brand new five pose set by An Lar Poses for We Love Roleplay which also includes mirrors.

**CC** – Soul Reaper Halo – The Nightmare
**CC** – Soul Reaper Hand Ward (l. hand) – The Nightmare
**CC** – Soul Reaper Hand Ward (r. hand) – The Nightmare
**CC** – Soul Reaper Spectral Fog Aura – The Nightmare
Spooky new particle set from super genius Cole Marie, I particulary love the hands in the spectral fog aura, so cool! The set also comes with eyes not shown here.



Frame & Coffin…
Kalopsia – ‘Till death do us part’ Frame – Salem
Kalopsia – Old Coffin – Salem
I can’t rave enough about these two pieces of awesome by Kalopsia for the Salem event. The frame is amazing and the roses have a few colour options via touch. The coffin is perfectly done, I adore the string light details.


Event Details…

Memento Mori – Open now! – websiteflickr
The Gacha Guardians – Open until 31st October – website – flickr
We Love Roleplay – Opens 4th October – websiteflickr
The Chapter Four – Opens 4th October – websiteflickr
The Crossroads – Open until 28th October – websiteflickr
Salem – Open until 31st October
The Nightmare – Open until 31st October


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