I’m wearing…

@ Indie Teepee…
an lar [poses] The Hermia Series – Three

@ The Crystal Heart Festival…
Clemmm+Aesthetica – GentlyRebel / All White
Clemmm – Mesh Cheek Dots / Powder / Tintable
Aesthetica+Clemmm – GentleHat / All White
.dami. Catch me sakura dress black s
.dami. Catch me sakura garter .black s

@ The Crossroads…
fri. – Lulu.Booties (Coal)



@ The Gacha Guardians…
02{I see the stars} halo silver .::Cubic Cherry::. RARE
03{I see the stars} halo onyx .::Cubic Cherry::. RARE
05{I see the stars} jewel silver .::Cubic Cherry::.
06{I see the stars} jewel onyx .::Cubic Cherry::.
08{I see the stars} trail A silver .::Cubic Cherry::.
08{I see the stars} trail B silver .::Cubic Cherry::.
09{I see the stars} trail A onyx .::Cubic Cherry::.

@ Indie Teepee…
[CIRCA] – “Dreamer Light Art” – Glitter Trail – White

@ The Project Se7en…
[235] Modern Moon Gacha, Rare 1. Moonlight Illumination

+Half-Deer+ Skelefish – Rez – Swim Straight
+Half-Deer+ Skelefish – Rez – Play Dead


Event Details…

Indie Teepee – Open until 24th July websiteflickr
The Crystal Heart Festival – Open until 28th July websiteflickr
The Crossroads – Open until 28th July website – flickr
The Gacha Guardians – Opens 1st July – website – flickr
The Project Se7en – Open until 30th July website flickr


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