Bubble Magic



Happy Friday everyone! I had the pleasure of taking a pic with the wonderfully sparkly ColeMarie Soleil today, we put on our Crystal Heart Festival finest and had a magical time!

I’m wearing…

@ Crystal Heart Festival…
*Cila*Ribbon Ballet Shoes White
+Half-Deer+ Princess Twinklefluff – Kitty Stardream Wand RARE x
ALTAIR* puella magi collar .white.
ALTAIR* puella magi homura ribbon .white.
Blues. Celeste (-roots)
Violent Seduction – Hime Senshi (Mercury)
Clemmm – Mesh Cheek Dots / Swirlie / Tintable

@ The Project Se7en…
[theSkinnery] Soojin (Catwa Applier) milk

Cole’s Corner – Eternal Moon Kit – Sailor Bubbles Aura

Cole is wearing…

@ Crystal Heart Festival…
darkendStare – The Cattening – Gabriel (Play)
RO – Bubblegum Princess (Pink)
[LCKY] Sugarmoon – (Pastel)
Violent Seduction – Hime Senshi (Chibi)

::Glitter Trash:: – Fishnet Tights – Ice Nyan
Insol: Skin “Sofia” – Fair
Cole’s Corner – Eternal Moon Kit – Crescent Moon Aura



@ Crystal Heart Festival…
SallieLanguage/Crystal Heart/Moon Seat
SallieLanguage/Crystal Heart/Bubble Pose Stand

@ Summerfest…
+Half-Deer+ Baby Kraken – Blueberry Slush (baby only)

{anc} happyendpark.pennant garland. (pink)
+Half-Deer+ Dream Lantern – Star (Blue)
+Half-Deer+ Dream Lantern – Star (Pink)


Event Details…

The Crystal Heart Festival – Open until 28th July websiteflickr
The Project Se7en – Open until 30th July website flickr
Summerfest – Open until 10th July

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