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The Crystal Heart Festival is almost here and I’m soooo excited! I have a couple of previews to show you today, first up is the lovely Lolita Hair by Amitomo. The texture is to die for, looks so soft and pretty, and you know how I love a good fringe, right? My eyes by S0ng and pretty choker by BunBun will also be at the event.

Also opening very soon is the new round of The Gacha Guardians, a store based gacha event. My mesh tears and blush are from Tamagosenbei’s Bubble gacha. I’ve been after some mesh tears for a while and I think these are really pretty, they have a bubble-like iridescent texture. The mesh blush is also a great idea, how cute is the red nose!

Please if you have time, pay a visit to the Pulse Fundraiser event, raising money for the Pulse victims. Lots of top creators have items at the event with the proceeds going directly to this cause, my Sakura Macaron by Sue Cream is just one of the items available.

I’m wearing…

@ The Crystal Heart Festival (Opens 30th June)…
{BunBun} Crystal Heart Choker
{S0NG} :: Chin~ White Eye

@ The Gacha Guardians (Opens 1st July)…
Tamagosenbei Bubble Gacha – Right side Tears Rare
Tamagosenbei Bubble Gacha – Left side Tears Rare
Tamagosenbei Bubble Gacha – Teardrop Rare
Tamagosenbei Bubble Gacha – Mesh Face Blush Rare

@ The Project Se7en (Opens 30th June)…
an lar [poses] The Wendi Series – Two

@ Pulse Fundraiser…
sue cream. sakura macaron (eat ver) 2



{anc} antique stage {whitewoodF+mistwhiteSLL}  24Li
{anc} cracked glass (mist) [crash-vend line] 2Li


Event Details…

The Project Se7en – Opens 30th June – website flickr
The Crystal Heart Festival – Opens 30th June – websiteflickr
The Gacha Guardians – Opens 1st July – website – flickr


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