That Friday Feeling!


Rainbow is ready to party!

It’s the last weekend of Vintage Fair so hurry on over there before it closes for all your nostalgic needs. I’m wearing the beautiful Tonya corset set by aisling!

Tentacio have a quirky new gacha set at Shiny Shabby, there are no rares in this set which is really cool! My eyepatch, tongue and the cake on my head are all from this set, the patches and tongues come in lots of pretty colours to collect.

A brand new event called The Crystal Heart Festival opens on 30th June, this is an event dedicated to all Mahou Shoujo anime and manga, the line up is amazing and I can’t wait to see what the creators have in store for us. I’m showing you here a small preview of Toiz Shiny Moon gacha set, the window and heart mobile, and La Baguette’s totally gorgeous body tattoo, Kanza, which comes in tons of pretty colour combos, I’m wearing Princess here (of course!).

Half-Deer are at Summerfest with these cute kraken babies, I say babies, I’ve made them hoooge for this pic! There are two versions, one in a tank and the baby only versions I’ve used here. The pretty rainbow cake on one kraken’s head is also by Half-Deer for The Arcade.

Speaking of Summerfest, look at these pool toys by katat0nik! They make me giggle whenever I see them, such fun! There’s lots of styles to choose from so I’m showing you three of my favourites here.

In case you need reminding, The Arcade’s current round ends on 30th June so there’s not much shopping time left. The neons, champagne and cakes are all from the event, full details in the credits below.

I’m wearing…

@ Shiny Shabby…
Tentacio – The Falling – rose eye patch pink
Tentacio – The Falling – rose tongue pink
Tentacio – The Falling – white cake

@ Vintage Fair…
.aisling. Tonya -Corset- {Maitreya}
.aisling. Tonya -Panties- {Maitreya}
.aisling. Tonya -Pasties- {L}
.aisling. Tonya -Pasties- {R}

@ The Crystal Heart Festival (Opens 30th June)…
[La Baguette] Maitreya Appliers / Kanza Tattoo ~ Princess

@ The Fantasy Collective…

@ The Kawaii Project…
Schadenfreude zoctus: cassie
Schadenfreude zoctus: vanie

@ We Love Roleplay…
.aisling. Everild Necklace
S&P Bellychain Valerie



@ Kustom 9…
Kalopsia – Cecilia’s Chair – White
Kalopsia – Cecilia’s Frame – Breath

@ The Crystal Heart Festival (Opens 30th June)…
[Toiz] 7. shiny window deco
[Toiz] 6. heart mobile

@ Summerfest…
+Half-Deer+ Baby Kraken – Princess Grapefruit (baby only)
+Half-Deer+ Baby Kraken – Blueberry Slush (baby only)
*katat0nik* (no pose – kitty guy2) Pool Toy
*katat0nik* (no pose – franken lady2) Pool Toy
*katat0nik* (no pose – clown lady2) Pool Toy

@ The Arcade…
+Half-Deer+ Purrfect Patisserie – Rainbow Heaven Cake x
floorplan. neon III gacha / melty heart
floorplan. neon III gacha / suggestive banana
ARIA – Bridal Parlour – Pink Champagne On Ice – Silver
tarte. lemon cake


Event Details…

The Arcade – Open until 30th June websiteflickr
The Fantasy Collective – Open until 15th July websiteflickr
We Love Roleplay – Open until 30th June websiteflickr
The Vintage Fair – Opens 10th June websiteflickr
The Crystal Heart Festival – Opens 30th June – websiteflickr
The Kawaii Project – Open until 10th July
Kustom 9 – Open until 10th July
Summerfest – Open until 10th July
Shiny Shabby – Open until 15th July


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