Naminoke are coming out with some lovely new releases this month. The berry accessory set consisting of the mouth accessory and head accessory in various colours, will be at H4NS, and the Queen of the Night set, of which I’m wearing the left eye, left head and neck accessories, will be out at The Fantasy Collective. Both events start on 21st June so get ready!

I’m wearing a ton of We Love Roleplay stuff including the beautiful Nealane Crown by Aisling which comes with an awesome hud for changing the metal and gem colours, and the full Shibari set by Moon Elixir which is absolutely stunning. The ropes come in several separate pieces so you can wear as much (or as little!) as you like.

My pose is from Kirin’s Cool for the Summer set at Summerfest. These are actually sold with a floatie prop but today I’m using one of Katat0nik’s fabulous Cloud Dragons from The Arcade instead.

My mesh eyes and forehead eyes with scars are a new release by Cureless at the mainstore and come in various colour options. The scars come in omega and Catwa appliers as well as system tattoo layer and of course you could just use the mesh eyes on their own if you didn’t want the extra ones on your forehead 😀

I’m wearing…

@ We Love Roleplay…
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Albedo horns (White)
.aisling. Nealane Crown
Moon Elixir – Shibari – Arms – Maitreya
Moon Elixir – Shibari – Feet – Maitreya
Moon Elixir – Shibari – Legs – Maitreya
Moon Elixir – Shibari – Panties – Maitreya
Moon Elixir – Shibari – Torso – Maitreya
Moon Elixir – Shibari – Tunic – Maitreya

@ The Arcade…
*katat0nik* (golden) Cloud Dragon

@ Summerfest…
Kirin – Cool for the summer Pose 5

@ H4NS (Opens 20th June)…
*N*Berry Hair Acce Red
*N*Berry Mouth Acce Red

@ The Fantasy Collective (Opens 21st June)…
*N*Queen of the Night Eye L
*N*Queen of the Night L
*N*Queen of the Night Neck

@ Tres Chic…
booN Lab.040 hair (Materials)

CURELESS [+] The Seventh Eye / FOREHEAD / RUBY
CURELESS [+] Seventh Eyes / RUBY
{anc} picnic / swallow tailed butterfly incarose
-[TWC]- Boy *Maitreya*


Event Details…

The Arcade – Open until 30th June websiteflickr
We Love Roleplay – Open until 30th June websiteflickr
The Fantasy Collective – Opens 21st June – websiteflickr
Summerfest – Open until 10th July
H4NS – Opens 21st June
Tres Chic – Open until 10th July


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