Inertia and I finally found some time today to do another shoot together, I really love taking pictures with her, the sets always turn out so beautifully even though the credits take ages!

We’re both wearing the rares from DAMI’s gorgeous new gacha set, love blossom, out now at Whimsical. The rares are one piece outfits consisting of skirt, cardi and pretty frilled collar. The rest of the set is made up of cute dresses so you really can’t lose with this one.

Also, as promised in my last post, you can see tons of keke’s goodies for Lost & Found in this shot. The cart with the bowls, cups and potted mint plants are all from this lovely little set, I’ve listed each individual item in the credits for you below.

The Little Branch have made some super cute mushrooms for the current round of Shiny Shabby. I love mushrooms and these ones are very pretty indeed. There are two versions available and they’re modifiable for size too.

I’m wearing…

@ Whimsical…
DAMI, love blossom gacha RARE ,BEIGE xs

@ The Fantasy Collective…
Doe: Beth (solid) – Fatpack

@ Lost & Found…
[Fetch] Found Necklaces

[CX] Wrapped Himo Geta Maitreya (1-White)


Inertia is wearing…

@ Whimsical…
DAMI, love blossom gacha RARE ,RED s

@ Shiny Shabby…
Genesis Lab – Kristen Mesh Head 2.0
.Entwined. Niada

@ CCB…
*:. Kotolier .:*:. “Hermia” HeadDress (Love)
[CX] Kage Geta F


We’re both using…

RK Poses – Summer Love



@ Lost & Found…
[ keke ] gas table
[ keke ] hard to find bowl 2
[ keke ] hard to find bowl 3 – mint
[ keke ] hard to find bowl w lemons – mint
[ keke ] potted mint 1
[ keke ] potted mint 2
[ keke ] hard to find cup 1
[ keke ] hard to find cup 1 – mint
[ keke ] hard to find cup 2 – mint
[ keke ] hard to find cups
[ keke ] hard to find cream & sugar – mint

@ Shiny Shabby…

@ CCB…
{-MK-} My little pond_plate B(1Li)
{-MK-} My little plant_Tokusa Yellow-G(1Li)
1. [[RH]] Maccha ice (B)
1. [[RH]] Yatai -Ice- (touch) [RARE]
1. [[RH]] Yatai Chair
2. [[RH]] Fu-rin Shelf [RARE]
8. [[RH]] Kingyo -aka-(Gold fish / Red)
10. [[RH]] MIZU FU-SEN -Water Balloon- (touch)
14. [[RH]] Uchiwa Display (Fan)
17. [[RH]] Suika (water melon) touch

@ The Mens Department…
Garden by anc bamboo 2Li
Garden by anc bamboo bush 1Li
-Garden- by anc  bambooRain/B 1prim

[ keke ] green willow leaves for ground – midi
Skye Wild Grass Type 6 brown


Event Details…

The Fantasy Collective – Open until 15th June websiteflickr
Whimsical – Open until 8th June websiteflickr
Lost & Found – Open until 1st June
Shiny Shabby – Open until 15th June
Creators Collection Box – Open until 21st June
The Mens Department – Open until 31st May


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