Here’s a lovely collection of odds and ends for you!

From Lost & Found I’m using many pieces from THOR’s fleamarket set as well as ChicChica’s Madison sandals and Schultz Bros Wine Cabinet. There’s so many delightful items to be found there, you really need to visit because it ends in just a couple of days.

The mask you can see is by Nefarious Inventions for The Mens Department and comes in lots of colour options. It’s really well made with lovely texturing, a perfect addition to my little stall here.

The cloth, mannequin and box of sewing supplies are part of Clavv’s Eccentric Tailor set at The Epiphany, a really charming set filled with unusual pieces.

My hair is Moon’s second new release for Uber which is now open. I love the thick braid and the daisies are optional.

I’m wearing…

@ The Season’s Story…
Clef de Peau Outlet.Chloe Dress.Ivory

@ Uber…
Moon. Hair. // Threads

@ No 21…
(Yummy) Eclipse Septum – Gold / Pearl



@ Lost & Found…
[Schultz Bros.] Wine Cabinet – White
..::THOR::.. Cordonnerie Old Sign
..::THOR::.. Recycled Paper Bags
..::THOR::.. Paper Bag + Sheets + feather
..::THOR::.. Scales Weights
..::THOR::.. Rusted Libra
..::THOR::.. Scales Weights
..::THOR::..Flea Market Table
:::ChicChica::: Madison Latte B Unrigged L
:::ChicChica::: Madison Latte B Unrigged R

@ The Mens Department…
[n.i] riot.army.green

@ The Epiphany…
C L A Vv. Eccentric Tailor – Big Cloth Display
C L A Vv. Eccentric Tailor – Mannequin
C L A Vv. Eccentric Tailor – Box of Needs


Event Details…

The Season’s Story – Open until 30th April flickrwebsite
The Epiphany – Open until 5th May flickrwebsite
Lost & Found – Open until 1st May
Uber – Open until 23rd May
No 21 – Open until 11th May
The Mens Department – Open until 30th April


Fleamarket Finds


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