A quick post today especially to show off Kalopsia’s new décor set for Uber, Madeleine’s Porch Set. I’ve used all the pieces here although you can’t fully appreciate the awning in this shot. I think you’ll agree that this is a gorgeous spring set, full of flowers and warm wood textures, so pretty! The bench comes in PG and adult versions, I’m using the PG one here of course and it comes with tons of pretty poses built in for couples and singles.

I’m wearing…

@ The Project Se7en…
*FG* Sakura Hair Bow [Left Side]

@ The Season’s Story…
“mignon.” -melody chan pom-pom flat. fat(Maitreya) RARE
[ContraptioN] Thick Lens Glasses *???* nose
[DUE] Kuala V2
[MALO] Cropped Sweater / Harem Pants

@ SaNaRae…
SOMEMORE / SaeBom Mesh Head – Sad RARE



@ Uber…
Kalopsia – Madeleine’s Awning
Kalopsia – Madeleine’s Watering Can
Kalopsia – Madeleine’s Bench – PG
Kalopsia – Madeleine’s Bucket Hangers
Kalopsia – Madeleine’s Ladder
Kalopsia – Madeleine’s Planting Pots
Kalopsia – Madeleine’s Potting Table
Kalopsia – Madeleine’s Wood Box


Event Details…

The Season’s Story – Open until 30th April flickrwebsite
The Project Se7en – Open until 30th April flickrwebsite
SaNaRae – Open until 18th May
Uber – Open until 23rd May




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