A new round of The Epiphany is coming soon and Death Row Designs have wowed me yet again with their new set, Voir Secrement, which includes the stool, pillow, chandelabra and mask in this photo. The masks in particular are amazing, there’s 11 in total, all completely different from each other and all beautifully made. I highly recommend you check them out if you like something a little bit different.

Nefarious Inventions have a fabulous set out for Gacha Guardians called Drafted. This is a wonderful collection of vintage military inspired items including the wonderful writing desk and the ashtray shown here. There are many other pieces in the set so go have a look at their main store!

Keke have released a lovely little gacha set called Spring Flowers at The Chapter Four. The set consists of several different flowers in delicate glass bottles, very beautiful as always from keke.

I’ve used a lot of flowers in my shoot today, the tulip vase is by Vespertine and was a recent 50 L Friday release, you’ll find it in the main store where there’s a colourful version also available. The flowers I’m holding are by Katat0nik, the Metal Flower Fan is out now at Collabor88 in several gorgeous colours. I’ve used soft here as I love the stem colour on this one.

Kalopsia are having a busy month with new releases in a lot of current events. The books are part of Jack’s Hallway Set at The Men’s Department and the bead lamp is from Leslie’s Vintage Set at The Chapter Four.

I also want to mention my beautiful corset by Belle Epoque which is out now at The Project Se7en. The Dahlia corset/panties comes in four pretty colours (I’m wearing Ivory here) and although you can’t see a great deal of it, let me assure you it’s gorgeous! Fits very well on my Lara body and I adore the cute little bows at the sides.

There’s a new round of Hairology opening tomorrow so get ready to go and snap up all the latest styles from your favourite hair designers. I’m wearing Acacia by Mithral Apothecary, a sweet little bob which comes in rigged and unrigged versions.

I’m wearing…

@ The Epiphany (Opens 12th April)…
DRD VS mask demoniaque c/m
[CX] Canidae Claws /Feet/ Maitreya Flat
[CX] Canidae Claws /Hands/ Maitreya Size 10
12. VileCult – Down & Dirty RARE Maitreya HUD

@ The Gacha Guardians…
Meva Salmi Bangle left Gold

@ The Project Se7en…
Belle Epoque { Dahlia } Ivory

@ Collabor88…
*katat0nik* (soft) Metal Flower Fan

@ Hairology (Opens 10th April)…
Mithral * Acacia RIGGED



@ The Gacha Guardians…
[n.i] drafted.writing.desk
[n.i] drafted.ashtray
[ zerkalo ] Hidden Gems – Altered Clock
[ zerkalo ] Hidden Gems – Vintage Paper

@ The Epiphany (Opens 12th April)…
DRD -bg Voir secretement stool (single)
DRD -bg Voir secretement cushion (only single)
DRD Voir secretement chandelabra 1

@ The Chapter Four…
[ keke ] spring flower 5
[ keke ] spring flower 4
Kalopsia – Leslie’s Beads Lamp – Brass

@ The Mens Department…
Kalopsia – Jack’s Books

{vespertine} – spring tulips – white


Event Details…

The Epiphany – Opens 12th April – flickrwebsite
The Gacha Guardians – Open now! – flickrwebsite
The Project Se7en – Open until 30th April flickrwebsite
Hairology – Opens 10th April – website flickr
The Mens Department – Open until 30th April
The Chapter Four – Open until 21st April
Collabor88 – Open until 6th May


Your creature


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