I’m back with some more We Love Roleplay goodies! My beautiful collar is by Salt & Pepper, called Joan. It comes with a colour change hud with six leather and five metal colours for you to play with and is OC scripted. There are Maitreya, Physique and Hourglass fits included along with a standard size and an unrigged version so you’re sure to get a great fit. You’ll also find this great Ayashi hair and the book stack, part of Souzou Eien’s Scholar’s Library set there.

From The Gacha Guardians I’m wearing a rare from darkendStare’s Plush Bunny Ears set, the Antique version. I adore the bow and button décor on these and the stitched look is really cute!

At The Project Se7en you’ll find this pretty dress by Miwa’s Airship, called Elise. I’m wearing the beige version here and I was thrilled to find it fit my Coco Doll pretty well, what a bonus!

My pose is part of evoLove’s new Spring set which will be out at Liaison Collaborative tomorrow. There will be three Spring poses available as well as a couple/friend pose called Piper which is really sweet.

I also visited The Mens Department this round to pick up some of these beautiful frames and broken glass by anc, it always amazes me how he makes even the most mundane of objects so beautiful and ethereal.

I’m wearing…

@ We Love Roleplay…
S&P Collar Joan XS-M (OC SIX)
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Nikki hair-fatpack

@ The Gacha Guardians…
darkendStare. Plush Bunny Ears – 16. Antique RARE

@ The Project Se7en…
miwa’s airship -Elise Dress #Beige Maitreya

@ The Liaison Collaborative (Opens 7th April)…
[evoLove] – Spring No2




@ We Love Roleplay…
~*S.E.*~ Scholar’s Library – 12 Book Stack

@ The Mens Department…
{anc} cracked glass (mist) [float-C] 2Li
{anc} antique frame [washwoodframe+hologlass] 1Li


Event Details…

The Gacha Guardians – Open now! – flickrwebsite
The Project Se7en – Open until 30th April flickrwebsite
We Love Roleplay – Open until 30th Aprilwebsiteflickr
The Mens Department – Open until 30th April
The Liaison Collaborative – Opens 7th April




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