Inertia and I decided to run with the wolves today in all our glorious savagery to show off Enfant Terrible and Wicca’s Wardrobe’s collaboration for We Love Roleplay, the Joyce outfit. We’re both wearing the corset and skirt in brown and you can see here how beautifully detailed the outfit is. I adore the cute little skirt and the belt detailing especially.

Also at We Love Roleplay is the Jutro headwear by Azoury, a wonderfully eccentric piece which is right up my street. It was super easy to fit due to it being resizable and unrigged and it looks fantastic, there’s something so creepy about not having any facial features, I love it!

My epic hammer is another We Love Roleplay item, this time by BAMSE. A steampunk inspired piece with intricate detailing, it comes in four colours, I’m using the Rust version here, I love that it’s a bit bloody too.

To finish off my look I’ve used some pieces from PFC’s Bones set at Fantasy Gacha Carnival, this set is awesome, perfect for my savage look today, the horn has a blowing animation when you click it too!

Check out Inertia’s weapon, it’s The Fuckernator (yes, you read it right!) by The Forge, this one is another We Love Roleplay item and you can’t get much more savage than a bat full of nails wrapped in chains!

I’m wearing…

@ We Love Roleplay…
Wicca’s Wardrobe & Enfant Terrible – Joyce – Corset Brown, Skirt Brown
AZOURY – Jutro Headwear – Snow
BAMSE – Steam Crusher – Rust

@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival…
PFC – Bones – Chest, Choker, Horn, Pauldron
NANTRA – A Song of Fire and Lightsabers – 4 (pose)

Slink – Physique Mesh Body, Casual Hands
Clemmm – Body Filth
Clemmm – Bloody Feet


Inertia is wearing…

@ We Love Roleplay…
Wicca’s Wardrobe & Enfant Terrible – Joyce – Corset Brown, Skirt Brown
Yummy – Woodland Hood, Faux Jawbone Necklace
Meva – Aster Boots – Brown 2
The Forge – The Fuckernator (weapon)

Antielle – Beauty Clinic – Cosm. Replacement Appliers RARE
Contraption – Masks – Tragedia – Wood
Contraption – Pseudo Cogitatione Crown



@ We Love Roleplay…
22769 – Street Kitchen – Kitchen Pot, Met Barrel, Bar Stool, Kitchen Cauldron
DDD – Moorside Bridge – Short
JIAN – Wolf Pack & Companion – Wolf Companion, Wolf Static – Look L, Look R, Howl, Stand

22769 – Damaged Cart, Supplies Barrel, Supplies Package, Supplies Bags


Event Details…
We Love Roleplay – Open until 29th February websiteflickr
Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Open until 7th March websiteflickr


Holding the bridge


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