There’s a brand new round of The Gacha Garden opening tomorrow, this is one of my favourite gacha events, the variety and quality of the gacha sets is always amazing. Don’t forget, with this event, for every 20 pulls of a machine you get the Seed of Inspiration (SOI) exclusive item for that set guaranteed! Here’s a quick run down of the sets I’ve used today.

{aii} have the Kami Guardian set from which I’m wearing the Seed of Inspiration items, the Talisman Blindfold and Talisman Hagoromo (shawl). There’s tons more stuff to collect in the set including staffs and hats, furs and a pet.

My hair is from Analog Dog’s Entwine set, this is Entwine 2 in Light Blondes which is one of the rares. I really love the twin braids, such an unusual style.

Next we have Astralia’s Garden Geisha set from which I’m wearing the Silver Kanzashi sticks and silver hairsticks. Other pieces to look out for in the set are fans and headpieces, the SOI is a lovely umbrella.

Darkendstare have an awesome set called Celestial Dragon which has ears, horns and tails in various colours. I’m wearing the Snowstorm ears and horns today. The tails are animated and come in starry and non starry versions.

My markings are from Evermore’s Moeagaru Akuma set and come in Maitreya, Omega, TMP and system layers, they are the SOI item from the set. The rest of the set is made up of horns in various colours.

My underwear is by Dead Dollz and is made to fit Maitreya Lara. I’m wearing the Abby Bra and Thong which are rare items, the set is called Single Vs Taken Night Out and also includes dresses and furs as well as a super cute bodysuit as the SOI.

Quirky has an awesome set too called Love Fast which comes in Maitreya, Physique and Hourglass fits. I’m wearing the common white harness, SOI harness and common white garter with the rare white stockings. There are tons of colours to collect and huds to change the metal options on the harnesses and garters too.

The poppies in my hand are by Monkey Girl, the hand versions come in several colours with a texture change option and there’s also a rare crown in the set.

Last but not least, my set today is the Striped Mocha Lotus Pond in Garnet, of course I’ve made it huge as I like to do but that makes it easier for you to see how gorgeous the flowers are! The ponds come in lots of colours and are very pretty.

I’m wearing…

@ The Gacha Garden (Opens 1st February)…
Monkey Girl – Poppies – For Hand Red
Analog Dog – Entwine 2 – Light Blondes
Astralia – Garden Geisha – Silver Kanzashi Stick, Sticks Silver L & R
DarkendStare – Celestial Dragon – Dragon Ears Snowstorm, Dragon Horns Snowstorm
Dead Dollz – Single Vs Taken Night Out – Abby Bra RARE, Abby Thong RARE
{aii} – Kami Guardian – Talisman Blindfold (SOI), Talisman Hagoromo (SOI)
Evermore – Moeagaru Akuma – Moeagaru Curse Markings – Maitreya
Quirky – Love Fast – Common Harness White, Common Garter White L, Rare Stockings White, Harness (SOI)

@ SaNaRae…
Enfer Sombre – Emi Skin – Porcelain – Catwa & Maitreya Appliers

@ MIX (Starts 1st February)…
An Lar Poses – The Colette Series – Three

@ Gen-Neutral…
Souzou Eien – Lotus Geta

@ The Secret Affair…
AiShA – Ainia Bracelet – White/Silver

Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara
CATWA – Jessica Mesh Head



@ The Gacha Garden (Opens 1st February)…
Striped Mocha – Leafy Pond – Garnet


Event Details…
The Gacha Garden – Opens 1st February – websiteflickr
Gen-Neutral – Open until 2nd February websiteflickr
The Secret Affair – Open until 31st January websiteflickr
SaNaRae – Open until 18th February
MIX – Starts 1st February (mainstore event)




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