Hi lovelies, today’s post is all about The Secret Affair which is open until 31st January, get your butts over there for some gorgeous fantasy shinies.

Lots of people have been raving about how fantastic the Elven Treehouse by Death Row Designs is, and with good reason! This build is gorgeous! dreamy and whimsical with beautiful curved staircases and various platforms to set out your goodies. The foliage itself is also very beautifully done. The collection has 8 items in total, here I’m just focusing on the build itself and the bed which I’ve added to the front platform.

My headdress is by Pure Poison, one of two rares in their Natalia gacha set, I’m wearing the white rare from the set but the common items are very similar and equally beautiful. The headdress is unrigged and resizeable so you’ll always get a great fit.

The side horns are by Zibska, part of the Daimhin set which also contains larger horns worn on the top of the head. My face jewels are from the other Zibska set at the event, called Solveig. In addition to the mask and chin pieces I’m wearing, there’s also a necklace and earrings. Both the horns and the jewelry come with colour change hud for plenty of mix and match options.

My particles are by Cole’s Corner, there’s a selection of sparklies to choose from and I’m wearing the oracle halo, oracle aura and oracle palm on my right hand, the halo is the easiest to see in this picture, it’s so soft and pretty, ideal for a bit of fairy sparkle! The floating stars are by E.V.E, the Dancing Stars Galaxy, I’m using both the white and silver in my photo.

The necklace I’m wearing is The Stardust Necklace by LAB737, a beautifully detailed piece with three bottles of stardust which shimmer very nicely. I’m wearing it over ieQED’s Odette pearl harness & panties set, which are unrigged and resizeable so very easy to fit to awkward dolly here.

I must also mention my pose props by Le Poppycock at Wayward Winter because the set is stunning! It’s called Upon a Winter’s Night and I’m using the Elysian Light moon and lamp.

I’m wearing…

@ The Secret Affair…
Pure Poison – Natalia Headdress – White – RARE
LAB737 – Stardust Necklace
ieQED – Odette Pearl Harness & Panties Set
Zibska – Daimhin L Sm and R Sm
Zibska – Solveig – Chin and Mask
Cole’s Corner – Oracle Magic – Oracle Halo, Oracle Aura, Oracle Palm R

@ Wayward Winter…
Le Poppycock – Upon a Winter’s Night – Elysian Light Moon & Lamp

Coco – Fashion Doll Body Pale, Mia Head, White Bodysuit



@ The Secret Affair…
Death Row Designs – Elven Tree House, Elven Bed


Event Details…
The Secret Affair – Open until 31st January websiteflickr
Wayward Winter – Open until 31st January website flickr


Pixie in the Moon


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