This is probably the first photo I’ve done in months without me in it! I wanted to show off this lovely build by 22769 for Wayward Market. The Little Winter Cottage is a wonderful old wooden building with a fantastic conservatory on the side. It comes with or without the snow top. You’ll also find the pretty gazebo and arch path by unKindness at the event.

Storybook have a lovely set out at the Winter Gacha Festival. The Shabby Holidays set includes the wall décor, blanket covered crates ,log snowman and RARE fireplace among other pieces.

The Forge are getting festive with the great Steamer Tree at Kustom 9. You can see it here on the upper balcony, it’s made from copper pipes and comes ready decorated.

In the conservatory you can see a gorgeous Christmas tree and pressies by Artisan Fantasy for We Love Roleplay, where you can also find the cute foxes by Jian.

keke are at Cosmopolitan with more sparkly goodness. The winter branch in a bottle next to the front door is just fabulous and there are also pretty tea lights and candles which I’ll show you in a future post.

Little Branch are at LTD December with more wonderful season change trees. The Bradford trees are the pale trunked ones you can see to the left and right of the building, the leaves are so pretty on these!


@ Wayward Market…
22769 – Little Winter Cottage
unKindness – Garden Arch Gazebo v1 Winter, Garden Arch Path Winter w/Floor

@ We Love Roleplay…
Jian – Red Fox Family
Artisan Fantasy – Christmas Tree 2015, Gift Boxes – Christmas

@ Winter Gacha Festival…
Storybook – Shabby Holidays – Starry Fireplace RARE, Log Snowman, Crate Brown Tartan, Crate Green Tartan, Deck the Halls Hanging

@ Tannenbaum…
DaD Design – Recycled Living Room – Vintage Tub Sofa
Ariskea – Twinkling – String Star 1

@ LTD: The Event (Opens today!)…
Little Branch – Bradford Trees, Winter Grass 1

@ Kustom 9…
The Forge – Steamer Tree

@ FaMESHed…
Little Branch – Conifers

@ Cosmopolitan (next round)…
keke – winter branch in big bottle w/candles


Event Details…

We Love Roleplay – open until 31st December websiteflickr
Wayward Market – open until 10th January website flickr
Tannenbaum Holiday Market: Open until 25th December websiteflickr
Winter Gacha Festival: Open until 31st December
FaMESHed: Open until 27th December
Kustom 9: Open until 10th January


Winter’s Dream


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