Boudoir are getting in the festive spirit with a ton of new releases, I’m showing off the Magical Winter Greenhouse today which includes the building and the seating, pallets and wooden tree here. It’s such a magical build, really very pretty.

Keke have a really pretty Winter Shimmer set for MIX this month, the set consists of the stars in a jar, stars in a dish, winter landscape (next to the knitting Jackalope) and the shimmer dust you can see behind me. So many pretty, shiny things!

cinphul have the wonderfully different Balmy set at Tannenbaum, the Bouquet and Cone packages on the pallet are both from the set. I’ve also used two of the Gotrik wreaths from Lost & Found with their pretty white lace.

My hair with snowflakes is the second of Blues’ releases for Tannenbaum, called December. A really pretty style which is quite messy at the front  and also falling nicely down the back.

The Arcade will hit us tomorrow and I’ve got a few previews for you including a few more of Half-Deer’s Jackalopes. They are adorable, aren’t they? Fancy Decor’s set this round is some beautiful cuckoo clocks, I’m showing you the Whitewashed RARE one here. They cuckoo on the hour or when clicked.

I’m sure you’ve noticed my fabulous antlers! They’re by M.BIRDIEstory, part of their Christmas Look set for The Arcade. The antlers are the rares in the set and there are three versions to collect as well as hair, leg and neck bands and bodysuits.

My gorgeous dress is another Arcade item, from Katat0nik’s Doliday Dress set. There are 12 to collect altogether, with fun designs such as figgy pudding and poodles! This is a fairly flat chested dress too which I love, it’s just such a cute shape.

I’m wearing…

@ The Arcade (opens 1st December)
M.BIRDIEstory – Xmas Look 2015 – Antlers1 RARE
Katat0nik – Doliday Dress – White

@ Tannenbaum…
Blues – December Hair
ieQED – Snowflake Necklace
Ingenue – Edmee Loafers & Twinkle Toes Socks
VCO – Zion Glasses – Silver

@ SaNaRae…
mpc – Holly CATWA Applier – 01 – Milk
se//mi – Fuyu – Legs White

@ My Attic @ The Deck (last day today!)…
Kirin – Himawari Pose Set – Pose 6

@ We Love Roleplay (last day today!)…
Bentbox – Sylvan Ears

CATWA – Jessica Mesh Head
Slink – Physique Mesh Body, Relaxed Hands



@ The Arcade (opens 1st December)…
Fancy Décor – Cut-Out Cuckoo Clock – Whitewash RARE
Half-Deer – Jackalopes – Knitter, Helpful & Fluffy Blanket (Floral)

@ Tannenbaum…
Fancy Décor – Christmas Tree Frame
cinphul – Balmy – Bouquet & Cone

@ Lost & Found…
cinphul – Gotrik – Wreath 1B and 2B

@ MIX (starts 1st December)…
keke – Winter Shimmer – stars in a jar, stars in a dish, winter landscape, shimmer dust

Boudoir – Magical Winter Greenhouse


Event Details…
We Love Roleplay – Open until 30th November websiteflickr
Tannenbaum Holiday Market: Open until 25th December websiteflickr
Lost & Found: Open until 1st December – website – flickr
SaNaRae: Open until 18th December
My Attic @ The Deck: Open until 30th November
MIX: Starts 1st December
The Arcade: Opens 1st December


Winter Wonderland


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