December is almost upon us so it’s officially ok to be excited about Christmas now, right? Tannenbaum Holiday Market has an absolute ton of gorgeous tree décor and ornaments for you so dig out the tree and get decorating!

Enfant Terrible is back in business with a bang, the gorgeous L’odeur du cuir gacha set will be released for The Arcade, opening 1st December. The pieces in the set are bunny masks, corset, necklace, bracelet and leg strap, all of them beautifully made with the whimsical details we all know and love from ET.

keke’s set for The Arcade is the beautiful Winter Things collection which includes the metal tree, pretty star candles and the rare item, the metal box of Christmas baubles. I adore this set, I love metallic Christmas décor rather than the traditional red and green so this set is perfect!

Don’t forget about Kira Kira which is still running, Naminoke have the beautiful Stardust set there which includes the cute crown I’m wearing which also surrounds you with twinkly stardust! It comes in two versions each of silver and gold.

Zibska has a wonderful neck accessory at The Secret Affair called Ailell. It comes in three parts which cover both shoulders and the back of the neck when worn together. I’m wearing just the left side here, having it in three pieces makes it so versatile and it comes with a lovely colour change hud with rich autumnal colours.

The wreath is part of cinphul’s Gotrik set at Lost & Found, there are two colours with two versions of each available. I love the fabric drape, cinphul is the best when it comes to realistic looking draping of fabric and I love the contrast between it and the stark twigs of the wreath.

I’m wearing…

@ The Arcade (opens 1st December)…
Enfant Terrible – L’odeur du cuir – Bunny Mask White, Corset, Legstrap White, Bracelet White, Necklace White

@ Kira Kira…
Milk Tea – Starlight – Cosmic Radiance (Lingerie)
Naminoke – Star Dust Crown – Silver 2

@ The Secret Affair…
Zibska – Ailell – Left

@ Tannenbaum…
Caboodle – Winter Socks

@ The Fantasy Collective…
Doe – Camilla Hair

@ We Love Roleplay…
Bentbox – Sylvan Ears

@ Skin Addiction’s Black Friday Weekend Sale (starts 27th)…
La Petite Morte – Ellen CATWA Head Applier – Tone 1

CATWA – Jessica Mesh Head
Slink – Physique Mesh Body, Relaxed Hands



@ Tannenbaum…
{anc} – Glass Ornament – Pod – Snow RARE
!Ohmai – Twine Ornament – Light
ARIA – Myrrh Handmade Vintage Bulb Bauble Ornament
Ariskea – Twinkling – String Star 1
Commoner – Gilded Modern – Himmelli Wreath
Fancy Décor – Wooden Snowflakes A, B & C
Kalopsia – Rustic Christmas – Twigs Star Light RARE, Glitter Leaf Copper

@ Lost & Found…
cinphul – Gotrik – Wreath 1A

@ The Arcade (opens 1st December)…
keke – Winter Things – Metal Tree Snow, Winter Star Candles, Winter Ornaments in Metal Box RARE


Event Details…

The Secret Affair: Open until 30th November websiteflickr
Tannenbaum Holiday Market: Opens 25th November – websiteflickr
Lost & Found: Open until 1st December – website – flickr
We Love Roleplay – Open until 30th November websiteflickr
KIRA KIRA: Open until 6th December – website – flickr
The Fantasy Collective: Open until 15th December
The Arcade: Opens 1st December





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