I know it’s not even December yet but with all the seasonal goodies starting to appear, it’s difficult not to get in the holiday spirit!

Tannenbaum Holiday Market opens on 25th November, I popped over to have a look at the place today and it’s so wintery and pretty! You really must visit when it’s open. Kalopsia has some awesome décor items there including the snow piles, wooden trees and the lovely vintage toys I have scattered about. The lovely wooden houses by JIM will also be at this event. They are small out of the box but I immediately got the idea of a wooden village so I was pleased to see they’re resizable.

Kalopsia are also at Lost & Found this month with more seasonal goodies. The chair, wooden signs, watering can tree, crackers and presents are all part of the set so be sure to check it out.

Half-Deer have a cute collection of snow animals at No 21 ranging from the sweet cat and dog shown here to a SHARK! yes! you too can have a snow shark in your winter wonderland!

Wayward Market is still on and there you’ll find this lovely wooden snowman from Hive as well as the Antique Garden set by Clustered which includes the fence and bench I’ve used. I also love this present I’m holding by RC Cluster, there are lots of different presents available and they are animated to look like you’re trying to work out what’s in there, a very clever idea and so cute!

The Fantasy Collective will open later today, jammed full of lovelies as usual. My head gear today is all at this event, the Sweet Princess set by Les Sucreries de Fairy which consists of the Crown, Horns and Necklace as well as a holdable cage not shown here and the Arel Horns by Cubic Cherry Creations.

Naminoke have some really cute items at Winter Wonder, the hunt prize is this sweet little bell ornament with angels that I’m holding in my mouth. Clicking on the bell gives you snowflake particles so you can have your own personal snow shower! At the same event they have a Christmas Ornament gacha set, the rares are these adorable Christmas dolls.

The Forge are also getting in the seasonal mood with the Angelic Staff gacha set at Kustom 9, I’ve used two of the rare Christmas staff as décor here, they’re highly detailed and totally beautiful to look at and come in tons of other colours too.

Last but not least is my pretty dress by Storybook at The Secret Affair. I really love this dress because it’s such a simple design but looks beautiful. The sleeves aren’t quite full length and are slightly flared and pointed at the ends and the slim band around the waist adds just the right touch of detail. I’m wearing the Antique colour here but there are lots more available too.

I’m wearing…

@ The Fantasy Collective (opening today!)…
Cubic Cherry Creations – Arel Horns – Bark
Les Sucreries de Fairy – Sweet Princess – Wood – Crown, Horns, Necklace

@ The Secret Affair…
Luminary – Noor – Ankle Bell R – Gold
Storybook – Serendipity – Antique

@ Wayward Market…
RC Cluster – Holiday Cheater – Red 2 (present with anim)

@ Winter Wonder Hunt…
Naminoke – Christmas Bell with Angels (includes snow particles)

@ Creators Collection Box…
S@BBiA – Plain Socks
S@BBiA – Wingtip Boots – Dark Brown

Truth – Amoret
Coco – Fashion Doll – Body Pale, Mia Head
S0ng – Anim – Blue Eye



@ Wayward Market…
Clustered – Antique Garden – Fence 1, Garden Bench “Snowy”
Hive – Wooden Snowman – Green

@ Tannenbaum (opens 25th November)…
“JIM” – Rustic House – Christmas, Plain & Snow
Kalopsia – Christmas Background Décor – Snow Décor, Wood Trees
Kalopsia – Vintage Toys Set – Bunny Foofoo – Sitting – Brown, Drum – Green, Puddle Duck – White, Spinning Top – Red

@ Lost & Found (opens today!)…
Kalopsia – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Crackerbox, Old Wood Chair – Dark/Red, Pile of Gifts, Watercan Tree, Wood Sign – Joyeux, Wood Sign – Noel

@ No 21…
Half-Deer – Snow Animals – Cat, Dog

@ Winter Wonder…
Naminoke – Christmas Ornament Gacha – Christmas Doll – Sit Green RARE, Christmas Doll – Stand Red RARE

@ Kustom 9…
The Forge – Angelic Staff – Christmas RARE (normally worn)


Event Details…

The Fantasy Collective – Opens today! 22nd November – websiteflickr
The Secret Affair: Open until 30th November websiteflickr
Wayward Market: Open until 10th Decemberwebsiteflickr
Tannenbaum Holiday Market: Opens 25th November – websiteflickr
Creators Collection Box: Open until 12th December
Lost & Found: Opens today! 22nd November
No 21: Open until 11th December
Winter Wonder: Mall open now! Hunt starts today! 22nd November
Kustom 9: Open until 10th December



Can I just open this little one?


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