All this yummy looking soup and bread is making me so hungry! Kalopsia have released a fabulous soup stand set for The Liaison Collaborative which includes the stand, large pots, mugs, crate pile, filled crates and pumpkin as well as a couple of other pieces not shown. This is a beautifully made set which suits the season so well, I really would like a nice bowl of soup right now.

The bread and towels are from Artisan Fantasy’s Bake Shoppe sets at Fantasy Gacha Carnival. These sets are packed full of lovely little pieces to build your own bake shoppe but I decided to use some of the lovely looking bread with my soup stand, after all you can’t have soup without lots of bread right?

The Gacha Garden is still going strong and I’m still in love with Jian’s Puff Pups, check out this adorable pair in their tiny little hats and scarves! They are texture change on touch too with plenty of colour options. The bench and string lights are from Fiasco and Cosmic Dust’s Oh My Autumn! set, I love the rustic wood used in the bench, it’s just perfect. The flower pot seat is from Kei’s Fairy Garden gacha and the fire pit and fern décor is from Pepper’s Changing Seasons Set.

Another set I really love is Amiable’s Let Me Have A Taste set. My headscarf, pot, mitt, ladle and pastel pots on the stand are all from this gorgeous set which also includes a cute outfit among other things.

Don’t forget to visit the brand new hair event, Hairology. My hair today is Mithral Apothecary’s release for the event, Arrowroot, a long style which falls down the back and over the shoulders. I decided to try reds today and just love this vibrant colour.

Wayward Market opens today so I thought I’d show you just a couple of new releases there, the hanging lights are by Cute Poison and come in gold, silver or black and my pose is from Exposeur’s Fall Fancy set which has five cute poses with mirrors.

The fancy trees in the background are another beautiful release by The Little Branch at 6 Republic. The Giant Maple comes in 3 versions and is season change on touch, the autumn and summer colours go so well together, I can’t wait to try out the winter version!

Last but most certainly not least, you can find this beautiful dress by !gO! at We Love Roleplay in many different colours. I’m wearing chocolate here, the lace detail on the cuffs is gorgeous and I really love the mid-calf length because it looks cute with boots!

I’m wearing…

@ The Chapter Four…
Genesis Lab – Annie 2.0 Mesh Head

@ Hairology…
Mithral Apothecary – Arrowroot

@ The Gacha Garden…
Amiable – Let Me Have A Taste – Kerchief, Ladle, Mitten, Pot
Jian – Puff Pups – Bundled Brindle & Bundled Chocolate

@ We Love Roleplay…
!gO! – Jagna Dress – Chocolate
Bentbox – Sylvan Ears

@ Collabor88…
ISON – Leather Knee Boots – Sand

@ Wayward Market…
Exposeur – Fall Fancy – 1

Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V3.4
Ikon – Triumph Eyes – Apex



@ The Liaison Collaborative…
Kalopsia – Soup Stand Set

@ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival…
Artisan Fantasy – Bake Shoppe – Baguette Crate, Round Bread Crate, Towels 1, Towels 2

@ The Gacha Garden…
Amiable – Let Me Have A Taste – Pot, Pots Green RARE
Fiasco & Cosmic Dust – Oh My Autumn! – String Lights, Bench
Pepper – Changing Seasons – Autumn Ferns, Autumn Firepit
Kei’s – Fairy Garden – Flowerpot Seat 1

@ Wayward Market…
Cute Poison – Hanging Lights – Gold

@ Collabor88…
Soy – Gingko Leaves

@ 6 Republic…
The Little Branch – Giant Maples

keke – Willow Shrub, Willow Leaves
Kalopsia – Flying Leaves – Orange


Event Details…
We Love Roleplay: Open until 30th November – website flickr
The Gacha Garden: Open until 30th November – website – flickr
Open until 30th November website – flickr
Wayward Market: Open until 10th Decemberwebsiteflickr
Fantasy Gacha Carnival: 
Open until 6th December – website – flickr
6 Republic:
Open until 20th November websiteflickr
The Chapter Four:
Open until 21st November
Collabor88: Open until 6th December
The Liaison Collaborative: Open until 30th November




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