As soon as I saw Soy’s bath set for the upcoming round of Gen-Neutral it got me thinking about how much fun bath time is when you’re a kid. I wasn’t your typical girl and much preferred playing with boats and stuff in the bath than anything of a girly nature and it just brought back some pleasant memories for me. The bath set comes in metal or white and has a ton of poses as well as a bath board with wine, bliss!

Enchantment will be opening soon too, the theme of this round is Peter Pan and this fabulous hat by Remarkable Oblivion will be released there in four colours, I do love a good pirate hat! My pose is part of ROQUAI’s set for the event and really invokes a sense of adventure to me, the poses are all artistic and unusual and well worth checking out. My trousers are by PFC and come in both male and female versions with a colour change hud and the sweet fireflies jar is part of Meche’s Neverland Nursery set.

A brand new event has opened for all you hair lovers (so that’s everyone then!) called Hairology. This event brings together a ton of awesome hair creators who will release a new exclusive each month. The hair I’m wearing is one of Damselfly’s new hairs called Simone, it’s unrigged mesh and is a lovely messy bob style with plenty of volume.

Another brand new event coming on 14th November is Kira Kira Twinkle Star Party which will be brimming with all kinds of cuteness, the pretty sparkles by Naminoke will be out at this event. They come in two colours and twinkle and sparkle away making everything look magical.

Have you managed to get in to Fantasy Gacha Carnival yet? The floating trees and stars in my set are part of Cubic Cherry Creations’ Aerial set. The floating tree is an ultrarare item and it’s oh so pretty! My little cat friend is from Culprit’s Caturday gacha set at The Gacha Garden, look at his happy little face! The whole set is super cute and very collectable. The last event to mention is 6 Republic and if you need a décor fix I highly recommend it. My little fleet is made up of the Décor Little Boats from Reverie’s California Kicks gacha set.

I’m wearing…

@ Hairology…
Damselfly – Simone

@ Enchantment (opens 14th November)…
Remarkable Oblivion – Admiral – Blue
PFC – Pan Pants
ROQUAI Poses – Peter 1

@ Collabor88…
Fashionably Dead – Tied Burnout Tee – Ivory

Coco – Doll Body, Doll Head 001D



@ Gen-Neutral (opens 12th November)…
Soy. – Bathtub & Shower – Fishtank – White

@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival…
Cubic Cherry Creations – Aerial – Floating Tree ULTRARARE, Stars in the bubble – yellow

@ The Gacha Garden…
Culprit – Caturday – Boat

@ 6 Republic…
Reverie – California Kicks – Décor Little Boats

@ Enchantment (opens 14th November)…
Meche – Neverland Nursery Set – Firefly Jar

@ Kira Kira Twinkle Star Party (opens 14th November)…
Naminoke – Star Dust Décor – Colour 1

Half-Deer – Bubble Brigade – Orange
Half-Deer – Tentacles
Ohmai – Ivory Gull – Stance 4


Event Details…
Fantasy Gacha Carnival: Open until 6th December – website – flickr
6 Republic: Open until 20th November website – flickr
The Gacha Garden: Open until 30th November – website – flickr
Open until 30th November  – website – flickr
Enchantment: Opens 14th November – websiteflickr
Kira Kira: Opens 14th November – website – flickr
Opens 12th November – websiteflickr
Open until 6th December


The Power of Imagination


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