Hello lovelies, after the busyness of all my décor posts in the last few days I’ve done a simple shot today to show off just a few fabulous items from Fantasy Gacha Carnival and We Love Roleplay.

Naminoke’s set for FGC is called Angel With Closed Eyes and the common items are these wonderful blindfolds with feathers both attached and floating around you. They come in 12 colours with two versions of each and the rares are cute little wearable angels in light and dark. I’ve added extra floating feathers to this shot using a piece from another Naminoke gacha set called Raven.

BAMSE’s offering for FGC is a fantastic jewelry set called The Moon. The set has bright side and dark side pieces, each of which has a necklace, tiara and septum in four colourways so there are plenty of pieces to collect. I’m wearing the dark side septum in black which is awesomely chunky and eye catching, and the dark side tiara.

My jacket is by OPOPOP and is called Draque, I’m wearing the black version of course, the leather texture on this is pretty cool and I love the stiff collar on it a lot too!

From We Love Roleplay I’m wearing Azoury’s latest piece of awesomeness, the Sorrow Headwear in Stark White. This unusual piece covers the eyes, just leaving the nose and mouth in view and has fantastic zip detailing. It’s also resizeable so very easy to fit even on my awkward doll head.

I’m wearing…

@ Fantasy Gacha Carnival…
BAMSE – The Moon – Dark Side Septum Black, Dark Side Tiara Black
Naminoke – Angel With Closed Eyes – Black
OPOPOP – Draque

@ We Love Roleplay…
Azoury – The Sorrow Headwear – Stark White

Coco – Doll Bodysuit Black Pattern, Doll Head 001V, Monster Limbs Nude
Moon – Polly Droll
Naminoke – Raven – Feathers Black

Pose used is my own

Event Details…
We Love Roleplay: Open until 30th November – website – flickr
Fantasy Gacha Carnival: Open until 6th December – website – flickr


Blind Horror


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