There’s so much amazing stuff coming to 6 Republic (which opens tomorrow!) I don’t even know where to begin! I’ve used a bit of a mixture of sets here and this is only showing a small amount of goodies from the event. I want to give this amazing skybox by Stockholm & Lima a mention because I adore the wood and brick interior. There’s also options to change the view from the windows, open and close the windows and even to change the weather outside. I chose the snow option as it makes my cluttered little space look even more cosy.

Soy has an awesome set called It’s Show Time which is based on an old theatre, I’ve used the theatre seat, spotlights and box of marquee letters here but there’s lots more pieces in the set including curtains and mirrors and neon signs. Nomad also has a fabulous set called Art Deco Industrial from which I’ve used the table lamp, couch and clock. This is a gacha set so there are lots of other pieces which I’m saving for another shoot!

I also want to talk about the lovely stuff from Belle Equipe which is a new to me brand. The table, stool, coffee and cupcakes are all from BE and clicking on the coffee or cake gives you a wearable prop! The texturing of the furniture is lovely, they really do look vintage and the stool has some cute sitting poses included.

I’ve used a few pieces from other creators too so you’ll find the full details in the credits. I must say I’m very impressed with everything I’ve seen so far and can’t wait to show you more.

I’ve also squeezed in a few bits and bobs from The Gacha Garden. My sleepy little Puff is a rare from Jian’s Puff Pups set and is absolutely adorable! You can click on him to change the pillow texture and fur colour and he has a lovely breathing animation. I also really love the guitar case with leaves by MonkeyGirl, part of the Welcome Fall set, there are some lovely pieces in this set, well worth checking out.

Now I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m wearing yet another new mesh head (yes, I have a bit of an addiction now!). Annie is the latest head from Genesis Lab and is available now at The Chapter Four. Her face is really cute with big eyes and pretty lips, she’s a blinker head and comes in Cappucino, Cream, Latte and Milk tones.

My sweater and scarf are also at The Chapter Four from M.BIRDIE’s Retro Mood Look Gacha. The sweater I’m wearing is the rare but there are also 5 common versions which are equally lovely as well as 10 different scarves to collect. I really do love this set, I just wish I had this sweater in RL too, the colours are so me!

I’m wearing…

@ The Chapter Four
Genesis Lab – Annie 2.0
Doe – Quirk – Essentials
Nikotin – Pipe – Gourd Calabash – Wood
Sweater & Scarf:
M.BIRDIE – Retro Mood Look Gacha – Knit M RARE & Scarf 4

@ We Love Roleplay
Bentbox – Sylvan Ears

@ Shiny Shabby
!APHORISM! – Taper Trousers – Grey

Body & Hands:
Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V3.4
Antielle – The Alchemical Transformation – Distilled Eyes & Shine
Boots & Socks:
JD – Neva – Sand
Kirin – Rini Pose 6



Soon @ 6 Republic:
Stockholm & Lima – Windy City Skybox
Couch, Table Lamp, Factory Wall Clock:
Nomad – Art Deco Industrial Gacha
Coffee, Cupcakes, Vintage Wood Table, Vintage Stool:
Belle Equipe
Industrial Lighted Arrow – Rusty:
The Hive – Windy City Set
Aged TheatreSeat, Aged Spotlights, Aged Marquee Letters w/Basket:
Soy – It’s Show Time Gacha
Vintage Bruxelle Rug:
N4RS – Kyoto Daybed Set
Carved Bear:
Kalopsia – Venice Beach Shack Café Set
Phonograph, Room Divider (Metal):
BALACLAVA!! – Kehoe Collection

@ The Gacha Garden
Sleepy Puff – RARE:
Jian – Puff Pups
Guitar Case:
[MG] – Welcome Fall
Moon Phases Chart, ENFP/INTJ Books:
Lark & Co – My Favourite Faded Fantasy
Hanging Plant:
YS&YS – Riciclo
Fiasco & Cosmic Dust – Oh My Autumn

@ The Epiphany
Record Crate, Record Pile:
Stockholm & Lima – Failed Adulting


Event Details…
6 Republic: Opens 6th November – websiteflickr
We Love Roleplay: Open until 30th November – website flickr
The Gacha Garden: Open until 30th November – website – flickr
The Epiphany: 
Open until 12th November – website flickr
The Chapter Four: Open until 21st November
Shiny Shabby: Open until 10th November


It’s not messy, it’s lived-in!


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