Although Halloween has now passed I’m still enjoying the dressing up part! Today I’m wearing a mixture of pieces from some of Boudoir’s Halloween releases, Dark Whisper, Halloween Princess, Moria Couture and Morticia. I do love that Boudoir’s outfits come with lots of separate pieces because I enjoy mixing and matching to come up with my own look.

The Gacha Garden is now open and the huge variety of sets available is awesome, it seems I can find pieces to work in any shot, today I’ve used gloves by Silvery K, trees by unKindness, books from Serenity Style, candles from Roawenwood and a jewelry box (which opens!) by LaCahute.

I’m also treating you to a few more previews of what’s to come at Fantasy Gacha Carnival. My pose and golden feathers prop is part of Eternal Dream’s Angel set and the book, orrery and armillary are from Random Matter’s Astronomer set.

My beautiful clockwork heart choker is by BAMSE and is available now at Cosmopolitan. This lovely comes in four colours and is a beautifully detailed piece.

Again I’m sorry for the lack of details in today’s post but I’m still feeling really unwell with my sinuses and horrible cough, got some new medicine today which is knocking me for six so hopefully normal service will resume shortly.

I’m wearing…

Body: Coco – Fashion Doll Body Pale, Mia Head Pale

Eyes: S0ng – Anim – Blue Eye

Choker: BAMSE – Clockwork Heart Choker – Gold (Cosmopolitan)

Headpiece & Chest: Boudoir – Moria Couture – Skull Wig & Chest Skeleton

Ribcage & Pelvis Decor: Boudoir – Morticia – Skeleton Ribcage & Pelvis Decoration

Flowers: Boudoir – Dark Whisper – Black Flowers Attachment

Gloves: Silvery K – Sweet November – Gloves – Champagne (The Gacha Garden)

Pose & Feathers: Eternal Dream – Angel – 08 (soon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)



Skeletons (worn but used as décor): Boudoir – Halloween Princess – Spine Skeletons

Tree & Stump: unKindness – In the Bayou – Bent Cypress & Cypress Stump (The Gacha Garden)

Orrery: Random Matter – Astronomer Set – Solar Orrery Gold RARE (soon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Armillary: Random Matter – Astronomer Set – Armillary Sphere Gold (soon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Book: Random Matter – Astronomer Set – Guide Book (soon @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Candles: Roawenwood – Steampunk Gacha – Steampunk Candle (The Gacha Garden)

Book Stack: Serenity Style – Recycled – Pile of Books (The Gacha Garden)

Jewelry Box: LaCahute – Opulence Jewelry Box – Dark Cherry Butterfly 1 (The Gacha Garden)


Event Details…

The Gacha Garden: Open until 30th November – website – flickr

Fantasy Gacha Carnival: Opens 6th November – website – flickr

Cosmopolitan: Open until 7th November


The Forgotten


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