Rainbow wonders if her shift will ever end…

Today I’m showing off the amazing Abandoned Morgue set from Sari-Sari for TAG! Gacha. This set is packed full of awesomely creepy decor and a rare skybox. I’m showing you all of the pieces here and you’ll find them listed below. The skybox is particularly cool with great texturing throughout. I also love the smaller decor pieces such as the bucket and broken trolley just behind me.

To complement my set I’ve thrown in some pieces from Death Row Designs’ Motel set, also for TAG! The camera, TV, phone, pin board and some of the desk items are from this set and I think you’ll agree they fit the setting really nicely. This is what I love so much about gacha events, they create endless possibilities for mixing and matching your decor down to the smallest detail.

I want to mention my outfit which is from M.Birdie Story, again, for TAG! (what an event!) This is part of their Halloween Costume set and I’m wearing the Nurse Costume with Convict Shoes. These outfits are excellent quality and super easy to wear with Maitreya with some alpha-ing. I love the bloody detail on the nurse outfit and to add to this I’ve used some pieces from Antielle’s High School of the Damaged set (TAG! again!) for some extra gore.

Other TAG! collections used in my photo are Clemmm’s Cornea Transplant, Cerberus Xing’s Heretic, Contraption’s The Mortician’s Personal Collection, Nefarious Inventions’ Turn and Cough, Deadwool’s Anatomy Model Set and 22769’s Abandoned Asylum.

I’m wearing…

Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V3.4

Skin: Random Matter – Brinley

Eyes: Clemmm – Cornea Transplant – White (TAG! Gacha)

Cuts & Scrapes: Antielle – High School of the Damaged – Rough Senpai RARE (TAG! Gacha)

Scar: Antielle – High School of the Damaged – 3 – Aniki Scar (TAG! Gacha)

Lips: Clemmm – Veiled Lips – Black (IDK)

Hair: Bold & Beauty – Taylor (The Epiphany)

Outfit: M.Birdie Story – Halloween Costume A – Nurse 1 (TAG! Gacha)

Shoes: M.Birdie Story – Halloween Costume A – Convict Shoes 1 (TAG! Gacha)

Collar: Cerberus Xing – Heretic – Heretic’s Fork – Corroded (TAG! Gacha)

Ankle Cuffs: Cerberus Xing – Heretic – Heretic’s Restraints (TAG! Gacha)

Tray: Contraption – The Mortician’s Personal Collection – Embalmer’s Tools (TAG! Gacha)

Pose: Kirin – Moca – Pose 6 (Kustom 9)



Skybox, Autopsy Tables, Morgue Signs, Anatomy Board, Apron, Body Cart RARE, Broken Trolley, Bucket of Junk, Counter Sink, Old Chair, Old Table, Records & Bottles, Surgical Light, Thermometer:

Sari-Sari – Abandoned Morgue (TAG! Gacha)

Memory Board, Phone, Psycho Desk Items, TV, Vid Camera: Death Row Designs – Motel (TAG! Gacha)

Drawercase: 22769 – Abandoned Asylum (TAG! Gacha)

Soprano’s Death Mask DISPLAY, Embalming Machine, Gainsley Embalming Fluid Bottles, Mortician’s Notes:

Contraption – The Mortician’s Personal Collection (TAG! Gacha)

Stool, Skull Specimen, Apothecary Case: Nefarious Inventions – Turn and Cough (TAG! Gacha)

Corpse Arm: Deadwool – Anatomy Model Set (TAG! Gacha)


Event Details…

TAG! Gacha: Open until 31st October – website flickr

The Epiphany: Open until 12th November – website flickr

IDK: Open until 10th November– websiteflickr

Kustom 9: Open until 10th November


The Morgue


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