This is my second entry for The Arcade’s photo contest and also an opportunity to show off some pieces from the absolutely hoooge Mystery Mansion set by Death Row Designs. The pieces you can see here are the Creepy Doll, Baby Carriage, Wiccan Pentagram and Attic Junkpile, just some of the many pieces available. As you can see they are all wonderfully spooky and covered in dust and webs, just in time for Halloween!

I’m also wearing a new release by Wimey for We Love Roleplay, the Hand of Evil bra, the skeletal hands you can see me wearing. This comes in four colour options and is resizeable for a perfect fit.

My pose is part of Kirin’s new Hinata set for Kustom 9, a lovely selection of various seated poses.

Apologies for the very brief post but RL is wearing me out right now, my normal wordiness will return probably sooner than you’d like!

I’m wearing…

Tentacio – Galatea (The Arcade

Hands, Legs & Hooves – Satyr Vamp, Bra & Thong – Silver, Head Vamp B, Body, Arms – Skeleton RARE

Hair: Tableau Vivant – Editorial – Western Wind – Ombre (The Arcade)

Horns: Half-Deer – Gefion Horns

Collar: Aisling – BBB Collar – Silver (We Love Roleplay)

Bra: Wimey – Hand of Evil Bra – Bone (We Love Roleplay)

Pose: Kirin – Hinata 3 (Kustom 9)



Death Row Designs: Mystery Mansion (The Arcade

Creepy Doll, Baby Carriage, Wiccan Pentagram, Attic Junkpile

Anc – Moon Light Lounge (The Arcade)

Baby Pigs, Ashtray Stand

Clock: Contraption – Grandfather Clock – Cycle of Sorrow – RARE (The Arcade)

Bat: Birdy – Hocus Pocus – Bat White (The Arcade)

Roses: Aisling – DIY Love Potion – Ritual Roses – Black (The Arcade)

Shelf Unit: Vespertine – Down The Rabbit Hole – Letterpress Shelf (The Arcade)


Event Details…

We Love Roleplay: Open until 30th September – websiteflickr

The Arcade: Open until 30th September

Kustom 9: Open until 10th October




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