She found the overturned carts exactly where the old farmer and his wife had said they would be, what a mess! They had been on their way back from the market town nearby when they had drifted from the path and got wedged between some rocks. Poor Rainbow spent most of that afternoon chasing the cheeky goats which led her a merry dance as she tried to corral them between the cart and some heavy chests and barrels.

By the time she had collected up what she could she decided it was too late to head back so she slung her hammock from a nearby tree and got a fire going. Jace would be arriving soon with the heavy farm horses to retrieve as much as they could from the wreck but that could wait until morning. Most of the foodstuffs had been carried off by animals anyway and judging by the fat and sleepy goats they’d also had more than their fair share.

Rainbow decided that she would have some stern words with the farmer tomorrow about taking to the road so late in the day, the stubborn old fool refused to acknowledge that his eyes weren’t what they once were and she was sure he’d probably fallen asleep in the cart to make this much mess. Still, they were a charming couple and Rainbow did everything she could to help them, remembering the times they’d taken her in, tended her wounds and kept her fed and sheltered.


If you haven’t visited We Love Roleplay this round I shall show you a few good reasons to! This beautiful skirt and corset are Salt & Pepper’s release for the event. The skirt and corset are sold separately with a 25% discount for the duration of the event. The wonderfully detailed corset comes with a hud to change the colour of the flower, leaves and pearls too!

You’ve seen these Moon Elixir boots before in another post but seriously, they are so good! I can’t get enough of these beauties. The necklace is also a new favourite of mine by LAB737, a lovely necklace of wooden discs which comes in Deer, Wolf and plain versions along with a set of textures for decorating the plain version yourself. It’s extremely well made and textured, you will definitely not be disappointed with this one.

The carts, barrel and chest are all part of 22769’s Carts set. The carts themselves come with lots of poses included and each piece is separate so you can make up your own arrangement. You can also find the cute goats at the event, they’re by Jian and come in static and animated versions.

A couple of other pieces to mention, first up is my gorgeous wavy hair, a new release by Moon for Kustom 9. This hair is just perfect for a fantasy look, I’m in love with the loose curls. The hair is all pulled over the shoulders and sits really nicely. I love the varying lengths at the front and the way it rests on my shoulders.

I’m wearing a couple of accessories from Totally Top Shelf to complement my look, the Floral Diadem is by Distorted Dreams and my wolf bracelet is from Bliensen + Maitai’s Royals of the North gacha set. My circlet is by Independent Objects for Fair Play, the Mearwen Circlet.

Location: Pegasoi


I’m wearing…

Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V3.4

Head & Appliers: Genesis Lab – Emily 2.0 Emotions RARE (Kustom 9)

Eyes: Clemmm – Cosmetic Doll Eyes – Coal

Ears: Mandala – Simple Elf Ears

Hair: Moon – Atlas Hands (Kustom 9)

Circlet: Independent Objects – Mearwen Circlet (Fair Play)

Diadem: Distorted Dreams – Floral Diadem (Totally Top Shelf)

Necklace: LAB737 – Rune Necklace – Deer (We Love Roleplay)

Armband: Coquette – Fairy Arm Band (The Gacha Garden)

Bracelet: Bliensen + Maitai – Royals of the North (Totally Top Shelf)

Corset: Salt & Pepper – Corsage Becca (We Love Roleplay)

Skirt: Salt & Pepper – Skirt Becca (We Love Roleplay)

Bow: Storybook – Heartseeker

Quiver: May’s Soul – Battle End – Belt

Boots: Moon Elixir – Thigh High Adventure Boot – Faun (We Love Roleplay)

Pose: An Lar – The Silver Series – Four (We Love Roleplay)



Carts, Barrel, Chest, Sacks: 22769 – Carts Set (We Love Roleplay)

Goats: Jian – Chester the Goat (We Love Roleplay)

Campfire: Jian – Camp Anawanna – Fire Pit

Hammock: Toro – Campuyo Hammock – Earth

Mushrooms: A.D.D. Andel – Mushroom Fairy Ring

Grass: Alirium – Itchy Grass

Rocks: HPMD – Rocks in the forest

Trees: The Little Branch – Apple Tree – Dark


Event Details…

Fair Play: Open now! – website – flickr

Totally Top Shelf: Open now! – websiteflickr 

We Love Roleplay: Open until 30th August – websiteflickr

The Gacha Garden: Open until 22nd August – website – flickr

Kustom 9: Open until September 10th


The Rescue Mission


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