Genesis Lab have done it again! Yet another gorgeous head released for Kustom 9 in gacha form, the very lovely Emily. I’m wearing the rare Emotions version and I love her a lot. She has a very soft face with wonderful lips and I found that I could wear this with system eyes very easily which is a bonus.

Also at Kustom 9 you can find this new hair by Mithral Apothecary, one of two new releases for the event. I love the relaxed ponytail style that looks soft and flowing and frames the face wonderfully. Half-Deer are also at Kustom 9 with their Winged Cats gacha. These babies are unbelievably cute and look so happy flapping about here and there are lots of different cats to collect. The fluffy clouds are also at Kustom 9, part of Kirin’s new pose set for the event.

Moving on, IDK opens today and I’m wearing se//mi’s release for the event, the Genten tattoo. I love the simple but unusual patterns, it comes in fresh, faded and worn and with Maitreya, Slink and Omega appliers too!.

Alchemist are at Fantasy Gacha Carnival this round with the wonderful MoonStone Gacha. The rare in the set is this fantastical Fantasy Balloon which comes with built in poses and movement on touch. It really is a beautiful thing as you can see with intricate detail and textures in typical Alchemist style.

The gorgeous tapestry is part of Fancy Decor’s offering for LTD, the folds and drapes in this piece are wonderful! Their other pieces for the event are a table, altarpiece (which opens up on touch), candles and rugs. Please go check them out as they’re all very beautiful.

My pretty sandals are by Pure Poison at the birthday round of Collabor88, hopefully the crowds will have died down a bit by now so you all can get in and browse. These sandals come with versions for Slink, Maitreya, Belleza and TMP so you’re sure to find an option to suit you. As well as the flats they have a heel version with all the same options.

Last but not least my little cross is by Le Morte, I love that it’s a forehead piece, very unusual. This piece comes with colour options for the different parts so you can match it to your outfit!

Location: Ippos


I’m wearing…

Body: Maitreya – Mesh Body Lara V3.4

Head & Appliers: Genesis Lab – Emily 2.0 Emotions RARE (Kustom 9)

Eyes: Clemmm – Cosmetic Doll Eyes – Coal

Ears: Mandala – Simple Elf Ears

Hair: Mithral Apothecary – Thistle (Kustom 9)

Forehead: Le Morte – Prayer (Suicide Dollz)

Head Wings: Half-Deer – Empyrean Head Wings – Snow

Bracelets: Alegria – Ethereal Bracelet – Gold (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Tattoo: se//mi – Genten (soon @ IDK)

Bra & Belt: May’s Soul – Acham Set (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Underwear: Zibska – Merel 01 (Apply Me)

Sandals: Pure Poison – Artisan Cloud Flat Sandals (Collabor88)



Hot Air Balloon: Alchemist – Moon Stone Gacha – Fantasy Balloon RARE (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Clouds: Kirin – My Sweet Clouds Poses & Prop – Little Clouds Optional (Kustom 9)

Tapestry: Fancy Decor – Hanging Tapestry (LTD)

Cats: Half-Deer – Winged Cats Gacha (Kustom 9)

Moons: {anc} – I’m Planet – Wrapped Melt Moon & Melt Moon (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Paper Cranes: Infiniti – Make Me A Bird – 3 – Extra Birds (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)


Event Details…

IDK: Opens August 16th – websiteflickr

Kustom 9: Open until September 10th

Suicide Dollz: Open until August 21st

Fantasy Gacha Carnival: Open until 12th September

Collabor88: Open until September 6th

LTD: Open until August 24th

Apply Me: Open until August 20th




2 thoughts on “Above

  1. You look absolutely stunning, dear Rainbow! And thank you so much for mentioning the system eyes; some of my favorite eyes didn’t come with mesh versions (or I deleted them early on – oopsie!) and one of my big sticking points with mesh heads is that they only seem to work with mesh eyes. Love that you take the time to note the little details like that. You’re wonderful! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much Ever, I do struggle with the eyes more than anything on mesh heads so it’s nice when the good old system eyes work. I dread to think what the shape looks like underneath with all the slider adjustments though hehe! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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