A quick post today as I have to be in work at 4:30am tomorrow! I don’t know how I’m going to manage that right now as I’m a total zombie in the mornings and struggle to get up at 6am every day!

Anyway, enough of my moaning. I want to tell you all about the fantastic new jewelry set by The Plastik for The Fantasy Collective. The Hyace set consists of a necklace, earrings and studs, all of which I’m wearing because they’re bloody gorgeous! The set itself comes in four colour options, I’m wearing the black (of course!) the other colours are white, dark wood and light wood. Each set comes with a hud which has 30 colours to choose from for the flowers and the necklace ribbon. I’m sure you’ll agree this is a fantastic deal and gives you options to match these to any outfit so make sure you get on over there and grab some! Also by The Plastik is my bracer, out now at The Secret Affair. This comes in male and female versions and many many colours and as you can see it’s wonderfully detailed.

The shelf set is also at The Fantasy Collective, it’s by PPK and comes in a green version too. You can also get an ornately carved wardrobe to match.

Also, look at this awesome helm by Lost Junction for the current round of Genre, it’s right up my street. You can click to change the colours of the horns, mounts and base separately for lots of options, perfect if you’re feeling a bit demonic like I will be tomorrow morning I’m sure!

The flying keys are another awesome release by Half-Deer, this time for The Wizarding Faire which ends pretty soon so you need to hurry! This is a gacha set with a ton of different colours, the two I’ve used are commons from the set, Raven and Ebony. You can attach them or rez them and they will flutter happily about looking fabulous.

Some goodies to mention from The Epiphany, in particular, May’s Soul’s La Parca set. I’m wearing the red bra and the skull companion and you can see the skull staff tucked in behind the shelves there. This is a beautifully made set and skulls are cool! I’m also wearing Yasum’s Ball Top in Night from their Slave Ball Dress gacha, this is a sheer, below the bust top with lovely intricate straps and back detail.

My bible is by Le Morte at the current round of Suicide Dollz, this wearable accessory comes with a colour change hud for the various parts, something a little bit different but very cool!

Location: Ippos


I’m wearing…

Body: Coco – Doll Bodysuit – Black Pattern, Doll Head 001V, Monster Limbs Nude

Eyes: Clemmm – Cabin Eyes – Snow

Helm: Lost Junction – Malcontent Helm (Genre)

Headdress & Upper Bracelet: CLOCKHAUS – Leafs Headpiece & Bracelet (The Fantasy Collective)

Necklace, Earrings & Studs: The Plastik – Hyace Set – Black (The Fantasy Collective)

Book: Le Morte – (S)aint (Suicide Dollz)

Lower Bracelet: Tabou Irresistible – My Hands Wings – Black (Manga Fair)

Bracer: The Plastik – Tehgrius Bracer – Noir (The Secret Affair)

Top: Yasum – Ball Top – Night (The Epiphany)

Bra, Floating Skull and Staff (behind shelves): May’s Soul – La Parca (The Epiphany)

Pose: !bang – Stand 459



Curtain: Random Matter – Fairy Lights Drapery (Indie Teepee)

Shelves: PPK – Alchemist Shelf – Brown (The Fantasy Collective)

Keys: Half-Deer – Magical Flying Keys – Ebony & Raven (Wizarding Faire)


Event Details…

The Fantasy Collective: Open until 15th August – websiteflickr

The Secret Affair: Open until 14th August – website – flickr

Genre: Open until 10th August – websiteflickr

Manga Fair: Open until 9th August – websiteflickr

The Epiphany: Open until 4th August – website – flickr

Indie Teepee: Open until 24th July – website – flickr – facebook

Wizarding Faire: Open until 25th July

Suicide Dollz: Open until 7th August




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